Saturday, December 14, 2019

Open House Sunday

Oh My!!!!! A pink Spanish Bungalow!!!
 built 1928   1,524 square feet
I ran across this home the other day on Zillow and just fell in love.
This house might tempt me to sell mine and move in to this one.
This house has been totally redone and is staged to sell. 
They bought it last year for $85,000 and are now asking $329,000.
 An earlier photo on google maps shows it used to be white and very very run down.
 It's in the Lincoln Terrace neighborhood which is east of me - over by the medical community and the state capitol. This area of town has many beautiful homes, many many of them still to be fixed up.
 I just love that they chose to paint it pink. And just the perfect shade of pink too.
I'm going to have to do a drive by to see in person.
 I'm rather amazed that this house is staged all in shades of pink on the inside as well. 
The placement of furniture is not good in this room but I'm sure it was placed in a way to show off how much room there is. I love everything about this room except the unfortunate vent in the ceiling. I would have found a way to avoid that.
That's a new mantel. I wonder what the original looked like.
All the finishes in this house are very modern but feminine. 
So of course I like them even if they are more modern than I usually like.
 Odd placement of furniture...but we'll let it slide. 
Of course room needs a rug. But lets just focus on the house.
 I am not fond of the dining room light and it's hung too high but that's an easy fix. 
The dining room furniture is all wrong but I'm sure they were doing the best they could with what they had available.
 But imagine this room with a white tulip table or even this table but with white modern chairs.
 Looking at these photos made me remember when I first move into my own vintage cottage and I had so much open space. I truly need to get rid of things. I need more open space.
 Pretty little office.
 Always love when there are big french doors to another room.
Gosh! I'd love to decorate this house!
 Hall is same as mine but mine does not have all that storage. 
This house is only about 100 square feet bigger than mine.
 Ok, let's see what you think about the kitchen. I
 love the choices made but I don't know that I could live with them.
 That backsplash! Ok, it's pretty wonderful but I could not live with it. 
Nope...I'd need a white tile backsplash. 
Although I love how this mimics the Spanish vibe of the house.
 A young woman would love this though I think. 
I do like the appliances chosen.
 So fun..So pretty..but I just couldn't. 
Well, I could for a while but then I'd want it more neutral.
 Bedrooms do not have furniture in them.
 But this!!!! I love this sooooo much. Except that toilet. That is the kind of toilet my bathrooms have and I hate them. I keep thinking they will get changed but so far it has not happened but it will. 
But that tile!!!! goodness that tile!!! It's looks like a birthday cake!
I'm in love. I had to look it up after I saw this and it's an
Annie Selke tile
Just scrumptious. I love this tile.
 Yes all of it. Around the windows too. I want to redo my bathroom and when I do...
its going to have lots of tile.
little side porch - so sweet. I can imagine the weenies running out there to see what I am doing.
 A cedar pergola on back. Just right for this house.
 It's pretty on the backside. If I had this house I'd have fun planting cacti around it.
There is a house in my neighborhood that's yard is all cactus. 
I hate it.
It does not go with the house. 
The house is an English Tudor and it simply does not go. 
But this house would look nice with an arid landscape.
Looks like the house next door is Spanish in style too.

Good thing I can't afford to move...this one would be tempting. 
See full listing here.

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Joanie McLaughlin said...

I am in love with this house too! I love the pink and agree with you - the bathroom tile is amazing, but the kitchen tile is too much. Still.....lovely home!