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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Turquoise Cabinet

Well, I finally finished painting and distressing my little cabinet in the living room.
I bought this like three years ago with the intentions of painting and it's taken me this long to get to it.
I might distress it more. I tend to not like things in my house super distressed so not sure.
My intention was to distress it more but the paint was stuck so tight it was taking tons of sanding 
and I just said - "that's enough"
I sanded for like 5 hours one day and still wasn't done. 
I sanded so much that I sanded my finger print off on my index finger and was not 
able to open anything by touch on my iphone!
For three days!!!!!
Super annoying.
Did you know that some people because of jobs they have had have no finger prints?
Yep, they wear them off.
It can be a job that you work with paper a lot...like a secretary or an accountant.
So for a few days I was afraid I'd removed my identity!
I still had two hours of sanding to do...but the rest I did with a rubber glove on.
That's the before. Ick. I am not into those kinda colors at all. 
Mom loved it and I would have given it to her but honestly, she does not have room for it anywhere.
I already gave her one sideboard I bought several years ago that was black and 
she didn't like it that I was going to paint it and said she wanted it. So I gave that one to her for 
her soon to be (I hope) breakfast room.
This photos shows up close the finish. The actual color is somewhere between this photo and the first photo. I don't know why I couldn't get the color to photograph more accurately.
I am fully aware that Fall is over and everyone is on to Christmas but with all I have going on at the moment I decided to go ahead and post this while I had a chance and then post again later decked out for Christmas. I can't wait to see it with my Christmas things on it. I think this photo shows the color most accurate.
It's brighter than I intended but I do like how cheery it is.
I used Waverly Chalk paint because it was cheap and I'd read good things about it. Plus you can buy in the middle of the night at Walmart which is how I like to shop. I was very happy with the quality of the paint. I mixed the color using blue, yellow and white plus a little brown craft paint thrown in. I might distress it a little more. I might tone the color down a little more with a wash and or I might leave as is. I have not waxed it yet. I'm waiting to decide if it's done or not.
 I picked up this adorable pillow at Michael's in October. I could not resist it. Michael's has been having incredible sales. This pillow I think cost me $9.
Now if you think I've been ignoring Christmas...I have not.
I have decorated two trees so far .... just not for me. 
I decorated a 9 foot tree for a client last week. What a chore! Just cause it was so tall!
She had great ornaments and enough of them. I was worried she wouldn't have enough.
My friend Toni who is a designer I worked with at the store and who recently quit same store because of crazy management came along and thank goodness she did because it took the two of us 6 hours to do the tree together. I also did the mantle.
I wish I'd taken photos but I was so tired and ready to get out of there I totally forgot. Plus the whole family had gathered for a pre-Thanksgiving night and I felt like I needed to get out of the way.
It was beautiful though. It was a Balsam Hill tree and she had all Balsam Hill ornaments in clear glass, white, cream and gold. Very tasteful. But not very creative for me. It's like you couldn't screw that tree up...with it's monochromatic theme. 
Very tasteful
Then on Sunday my BFF, David wanted me to come over and help him with his tree.
I had helped him shop for ornaments last month...making him buy way more than he thought he needed and keeping him on track with his theme. He was all over the place.
He wanted help finishing the tree up. When I got there I was like "Where are the rest of your ornaments?" He was like "I saved them the tree is full."
"Oh, no"...I said..."You need way more." I had told him you have to tuck the ornaments into the tree as well as on the branches. So he retrieved left over ornaments. About 150 and we went to town. 
Then several trips to the store for ribbon and floral picks completed his tree and he was happy.
It then looked as a tree should. He was happy. I was happy. I went home. 
I still could have put another 150 more ornaments on this tree.
This is David's first tree in his first house.
My first tree in my first house was like 3 feet tall with ornaments I made.
Still no tree up at my house however. 
Thanksgiving I spent with Mom and Peggy. That's my Mom, Alice in the floral top on the left. We ate at Ingrid's Kitchen. They have a huge Thanksgiving buffet every year. Peggy is an old family friend.
We spend every holiday together.
I am still caring for my sister's little Isaac who had back surgery a week and a half ago.
He is doing great but is a handful. He's very smart and strong willed. He has figured out how to get out of his crate. Which is exasperating! But I really can't complain. He's super sweet and all the weenies get a long just fine. It could be worse. 
I just feel like I'm practicing the fine art of dog juggling.
It's hard making sure he doesn't run out the back door on his own. He wants to so badly. But he's not allowed to yet.
That above is Maisie, I rescued her two years ago.
She's about 11 and very scrappy. She acts like she is 3. She loves Franklin and Franklin loves her.
She's very independent. I'll write more about her later. She came from a situation where she was living in the backyard and never got to come inside. Her name was Heidi at the time but had been also Fiona and Fifi. She'd been in rescue situations a couple of times. 
I renamed her Maisie because she didn't know the name Heidi at all. She learned Maisie immediately.
It took a year for her to feel secure here. She's a happy girl now but she had anxiety at first.

Well I tell more about her later.

Next week Isaac goes back to back doctor. I know he's doing very well. He is walking fine. Doing everything fine but I have to make sure he doesn't over do. He is not allowed to run or wrestle with the others. Not sure how long he'll stay here. He seems ready to go home but he gets better supervision here than he will at my sister's. 

Sorry, to go on so....can you tell I'm alone a lot these days?
No one to tell all to.


Debra@CommonGround said...

I think your gorgeous blue cabinet is perfect. just the right amount of "distressing". funny about people losing their fingerprints... I better check my husband to see if he's who he says he is! ha. adorable weenies, you're a good doggy mom and care superviser. Be sure you post your own tree when you get it up!

Briana P said...

God bless you for rescuing Maisie.

Your mom looks lovely in red.

From your photographs I think that your sideboard came out looking great. I like it much better now than in its original state.

Belinda said...

It's always so nice to see COLOR on your blog! I'm looking at houses and I hate how anything that's been "updated" is usually just neutral. Especially the ones that are all gray. Blah!

Also, thanks for sharing about the weenies! Can't wait to see more stories about them!

Jessica said...

I am with Belinda! I like color. I can't do the gray neutral even at Christmas. I would be so blah feeling.

Love the color of that sideboard. And you do such a great job of distressing to just the right point.

fm4re said...

Oh I love the color and I tend to gray with red and blue! I love have a mixture of woods, grains, and finishes. I have my mother's dining set from 60 years ago and have it split up around the house. Haven't the guts to paint it or re-stain so updated by moving the pieces around.

Good to hear about Ingrid's as another option for the holidays.