Sunday, June 14, 2015

Open House Sunday

In My Neighborhood
built 1929
This house is on 30th and Robinson in Edgemere Park. (That's my hood!)
It can be your's! In addition to the open house that I'm having here...there is an actual open house
at the home from 2 to 4 on Sunday (today).
I've driven by this house thousands of times and never thought it was anything special.
 This is how it has always looked since I've lived in the neighborhood.
It's a great house once all the brush was cleared away and it was painted.
It's got a great big wrap around porch which I'm envious of.
 There are many things I love about this home and wish my own home had been so clean and bright upon purchase. 
I really covet those windows! So wish my house had those!
 It's got a great original art tile fireplace and I love it that they kept the original gas stove in place as 
it would have been back in 1929.
 I'm loving the color of the walls and all the white trim.
Oh...if my house had been all painted all the way through like would have been a dream.
I was foolish and liked it that I hated all the paint color sin my home cause then I'd have fun changing it.
Wrong...10 years later and I still haven't painted all the rooms and the rooms that I have painted...
I'm repainting!

Notice the great big floor grates? I really dig those. My house had floor furnaces - long removed but you can still see where they had been.
 Original wedding cake chandelier is such a 1920's detail! 
And it's unusual that the dining room has a high ceiling in this house. 
Usually the dining rooms don't...just the living room.
I'd like to have that in my own home.
 Sweet little breakfast nook with a phone nook included. 
Usually there is a built in cabinet in this room. But not this time.
 The kitchen has been totally redone. I would have loved to see what the original kitchen looked like
cause I love original cabinets but I'd be happy with this one.
I adore the white marble countertops.
 Only thing I'd want to change is I don't like dark grout. I'd want to change the grout.
 I have a thing about cabinets over the stove too..I'd want a pretty hood there instead. 
But that is an easy fix.
 But all in's a darling little kitchen.
 Nice bedroom...really like the windows in this home.
 Bathroom has been redone. I can't complain about anything here. 
I'd put up a fabulous Venetian mirror over the sink and call it done.
 Another bedroom.
 And another
 Backyard is a little lacking but everything else is so well done...
you could focus on making this wonderful since the house is turn key.
 It's a good size yard.
 Install some french doors somewhere here and add a big patio and this all would be awesome.
I think those garage doors are super cute! I'd LOVE to have some like them. 
Mine are hideous!

Well, if you are looking for a great house in a historic neighborhood - this is a nice one!
I know if I wasn't all snug in my own home...I'd be tempted!

See the full listing here


karen@somewhatquirky said...

I wish!

Scribbler said...

What a neat little house! I wonder if anyone was actually living there in that 2012 photo.

Loads of potential in that back yard -- you are right, pretty blah right now.

I know I probably committing sacrilege in the world of blogs and interiors, but I hate subway tile, especially with the dark grout. Otherwise this is a very nice kitchen. Did a developer take this over and just do this to sell, I am guessing?

I always enjoy your tours through these houses.

Donna said...

This is a great house. I love the curb appeal, porch, garage door and lovely windows. The back yard needs some TLC but it looks like they did something interesting on the side of the house with a patio and fence.
Is the front walk new? A small detail but the way it curves as opposed to coming straight out from the front steps really adds to the curb appeal.
The people who renovated this house did an excellent job. They managed to update it while keeping the vintage charm. Good work!
I wish I could find a house like this in my neighborhood!

I have to agree with Ellen about the subway tile. I'm not a fan. It's the one thing I would change.

Thanks for the tour.

Cindi Myers said...

I love every single thing about this house.
I'm planning on eventually putting in subway tile
and I'm thinking of dark grout too.
I think it will look great with all the black in my house.
So, to each their own.
I am curious though, the people who hate subway tile, I'm wondering what they would like in place of it.
Seriously, I'd love to know before I put mine in.
I think that's my biggest fear, that I will get it done and then find something I like better.
Thanks for a great Open House!

Tea in the Library said...

I agree with the comment about the grout. I'm so-so on so much white subway tile. But maybe it being so empty is throwing me.