Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tip Top TeePees!!!

Who would think teepees would become a thing?
This lace version had me at twigs and lace tablecloths...well yes...please.
A little trip around Pinterest shows so many variations on the teepee theme.
There is one for everyone.
A perfect shady spot for kids to play.
A secret hideout in a child's room.
I'd like to have that one above in my backyard for me and the weenies.
 via upscale when done up all in black and white.
Storybook time is all the better in a frilly teepee.
This one all covered in living plants takes going green to another level.
Now this is glamping!
A big one inside for the kids makes a rainy day fun.

So I got my settee painted today. 
Yikes! It's ugly in this old photo.
The old black paint was just flaking off everywhere.
I brushed it with a wire brush and paint was just flying off.
It was everywhere and I was worn out from trying to clean it.
I washed it afterwards and left it to dry over night.
I was really starting to wish I'd never started this project.

I was doubting it would even look good again and I was wishing I'd just saved
the money I'd spent on this to go towards a new outdoor wicker settee.

But today after three cans of black spray paint...I have to say it's looking very good.
I'll put it back on the porch, style and show here.
I didn't realize I'd bought this way back in February!
Time flies! That is for sure.
It is not my fault it took so long to do this though...first it was too cold and then
seemed every day I had off, it rained.

I can't wait to show it to you!


DD's Cottage said...

I love all the tee pees! I made one for my daughter when she was young. Glad you got your wicker sofa done!

Scribbler said...

I would have been totally in heaven as a child with one of these. I used to create a makeshift hideaway with the bedspread and a couple of chairs. I guess I thought no one knew I was there, if I couldn't see out! I think the idea of having one in a kid's room is great. I don't know how they would hold up in high wind and rain like we have frequently here.

That one made of greenery is a great idea, though.

Connie said...

Looking forward to seeing your porch bench make-over.
These tee-pees are so much fun . . . Who would have guessed.
They make you want to go out and build one:) This might be a fun project when our granddaughters visit. Thanks for sharing.
Connie :)

Brenda Pruitt said...

Think the teepees are part of the "back to boho" movement?

Jeannine520 said...

I have 3 year old twins, I guess I NEED one of these teepees!!

Cindi Myers said...

I like the last Teepee best.
Blue might need one!
I'm excited to see you Settee!

Tea in the Library said...

Love all the teepee! Glad you persevered with the settee. You the vintage charm will be worth the work.Although I go through the same thought process. Every. Single. Time. Angels to you! Susan