Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Candles


I had the day off on Tuesday and Mom and I went looking for Christmas.
That involved a trip to North Pole City.
If you aren't in the Christmas spirit a trip there will surely put you in one even if you go in July.
So many beautiful trees and and Christmas decor items.
I hadn't been in a long time.
I didn't go at all last year... too busy.
But Mom and I vowed we wouldn't miss it this year.
I wish I'd taken my camera cause there were so many great things and ideas.
But one thing I was infatuated with were these new faux lit candles by Luminara Candles.
We came around a corner and found a victorian styled tree with these candles upon the branches.
I was enthralled! They look just like the real thing.
They also had them in pillar candles too and in several colors.
The flame is light weight thin plastic that glows and moves just a like a real flame.
They honestly look like the real thing.

Of course I had to come home and look them up on the internet.

You can buy them online.
The little flame dances around just like a real one.
According to the website this technology was developed for Disney Theme Parks.
It also says that the led candle will last like 240 hours on two batteries. 

Want to see them in action?
Check out this video.
You can also see them in action at
These tapers to sit in the window are exceptionally nice.

So...I'd never seen these before and thought you might be as enticed by them as I was.
They are expensive so none came home with me but I would think it's just a matter of time
till they show up in a less expensive version in discount stores.

I'll have to wait for that.
But I was truly amazed by them.

I didn't receive any compensation for blogging about them.
I just wanted to share something cool.


Laura said...

I don't know that I would get the pillars or candle stick kind, but the ones for the tree? Oh my yes! I would love to have that on my tree! I'd even start putting up a tree again just to have them! :-)

Thanks for sharing this!
~*~ said...

Hi Nita, I saw these just recently and was in love, but I didn't see the tree ones! Those are amazing. I saw you commented over at Joan's -- I hope your number is drawn!! I always enjoy what you have to say and show. ;-)

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I love those Victorian style candle lights! So pretty!

Amy Chalmers said...

love these candles Nita! I love the ones in the tree and the window candles looks so cute, but you would need a nice big window sill in an old house for them to look perfect!

Cindy said...

Those candle flames do look real! I would love to have a set of those, I hope they come out soon and I would kept them out all year round, I love candle light!

Dewena said...

They are beautiful, and I am so afraid of fire that I would love some like these.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

The ones in the tree have such a traditonal Victorian look, I love them. I bought two candles on batteries at Ikea, but I haven't tried them yet, I had quite forgotten about them, since I bought them way before Christmas, until i read your post!