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Friday, August 19, 2011


Out Back at Night
Last spring when I planted this sweet potato vine I promised myself I was going to keep it trimmed 
so it would not be as wild and crazy all over the deck as it was last year.
Well, it was a nice idea but it's quickly taking over again. 
And it was such a mess to clean up after it died.
The corners of my deck have open planters and it just takes one large sweet potato vine plant to fill each planter. 
Big bang for little bucks.
This chiminea a friend gave me when she got a stone fireplace built in her backyard and didn't need it any more.
I've yet to light it...it's been way too hot.
I'm too paranoid of fire to light it anyway. 
I'll probably just put candles in it.
Violet loves to hunt for locusts in the vines.
She's quite good at catching and eating them. ick
So pretty yet a dangerous carnivore when it comes to locusts.
I feel like I haven't gotten to enjoy outside very much this year because its been so darn hot.
So I'm looking forward to cooler days in September.


Unknown said...

So pretty what time are cocktails? I could sit out here all night

PAINTORDIG.blogspot.com said...

It has been so hot here I haven't been outside much either and I feel like I have missed summer. My dogs do the same thing every once in a while, but before long they are friends again.Your deck is beautiful.

Sunny Simple Life said...

How lovely your deck but scary about your doggies. Our dog will go after our cat sometimes. The cat hisses and then the dog goes nuts. It scares the heck out of me when they do that. I cannot believe your sweet potato vine. Ours do not grow that much here for sure.

Moe said...

I am going to try not to show this to my mother because I know she would love these pictures! She wants to create a beautiful back yard (I mean don't we all!) Once I get the two kyaks & left over wood pile out of our back yard at least I'll have a start on mine!!

That is so scary about your little pups! It has to be disappointing to because you know they are well behaved & know what not do to! I wonder what happened. I hope your little talk with her convinced her to calm down. I hope they become friends again...

Happy Friday, none the less!

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Enchanting! I love the twinckly lights.


Olive said...

So pretty at night Nita. The Weenies are perhaps tired of the heat also? My sweet potato vine is taking over also but the deer came through the garden and nipped at it and my dragon leaf begonias. Thank God they did not eat my huge watermelon growing nearby that we are going to harvest this weekend.

Amy Chalmers said...

I love your dog life stories. Girls rule! Oh well, I know that it was probably too hot out and he just snapped and she had to take him down a peg. Nita, for all the heat, your deck looks very green , way more than I thought it would! It looks pretty enchanting out there with the lights all dangling in the trees~I'll meet up with Patty and I can bring the margaritas..how is 7pm?

the gardener's cottage said...

love the photos of your garden nita but the dogs? omg. they need their own blog, forget that, they need their own tv show!


Bring Pretty Back said...

Inside- outside- ~ I want your home!!! Nita, it is SO me!
On probation! HILARIOUS!!!! Love the whole post!
Hugs and have a pretty day!

Belinda said...

Poor Newman!!!

Be glad that Violet only hunts locusts - one of my dogs dug up a mole and brought it up on my front porch this morning. Glad they're taking care of the mole problem, but not real fond of dead rodents at the front door!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

My chi chi's get into fights every once in a while and it scares me to death! They act like they are going to kill each other and then after I separate them they go back to each other and start cleaning eac other's ears! So gross, but funny. WE have a chimanea too but we also have a firepit....I think putting candles in yours is a great idea considering how close it is to your wood deck. Your patio looks very pretty with the twinkle lights too! ~ Hugs, Patti

Cindi Myers said...

Oh I love it! Your backyard looks so magical. I like that you can see inside and the magic continues!
Adore the twinkle lights! :) I have several strands of "blue" ones that I keep meaning to weave through the trees and along the fence.
So are the dogs able to walk down the deck and into your enclosed backyard?
Does your fence just go to edge of the back or around the side? Noisy aren't I! Just wondering since I'm building more fencing and enclosing more of my yard....
Dogs! I tell ya, after this horrible thing with Rosie, I've got the terriers bugging big old Blue. They started to "get into it" the other night in the kitchen. I had just filled a glass full with ice and pop and I was SO tired that I just turned around and threw the whole contents of the glass on them all! Boy, that stopped it quick! I love them but they do drive me crazy sometimes!
So...Sally is the boss of your dogs, just make sure you are the boss of her! :D
XOXO - Cindi

Stacey said...

I am with you on the too hot to go outside sentiment. Sheesh!

Poor Newman! He has been bullied by a girl. Give him extra hugs. :)

Cindy said...

Oh poor Newman. Dogs are so funny aren't they, almost like humans. Your patio is so pretty in the dark, I'm sure it is even nicer in the light!
I love the sweet potato vines.
Hugs, Cindy

Unknown said...

Poor Newman. Tasha went after Bella over two years ago and Bella is still holding a gruge over the fight. I hope Newman gets over his hurt feeling soon.

I love your deck, it looks so lush.


Debra@CommonGround said...

This looks like a place I'd love to just come and hang out! really pretty and cozy!

very merry vintage style said...

neat pictures. I know--it's been too hot, or too many mosquitoes to enjoy the outdoors. I can't wait for fall either!

Vicki said...

I love the night time shots. The patio is beautiful. Our bassets over the years have had fights now and again. Sometimes food related but at other times seemed to be a battle for the alpha position. I found a bit more exercise and frequent reminders throughout the day that they had to obey me and not each other helped. Best of luck! Stop by for a giveaway if you get a moment.

Dawn said...

Nita, I love your blog. That photo of the first bedroom is amazing and just what I could do to my bed room if I had the funds. My bedroom is one of those 23 by 23 massive rooms with french doors and a gas fireplace but I am better at decorating small cozy spaces. I just don't know how to make it cozy. I wish you lived nearby. Anyway, I love reading your blog but I also read other people's reactions to your post. I cracked up when cindi said in response to her dogs fighting that she threw a glass of ice water them.My 2 dogs and 3 cats drive me crazy with their constant whining but they are getting along pretty good. I was in the middle of a dog fight one time and you are right it is scary..and not acceptable. Have a great weekend darling. Your back deck is cozy and delightful. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

Comeca Jones said...

What a a relaxing space. I add candles to my chiminea gives the feel I want without having a full fire. I use six tall white candles from the dollar tree.You will love the it!

24 Corners said...

Oh, poor Newman...I wonder what set Sally off. I just read about all the pup's, and I had to pick myself off the floor becuase Miss. Ginger loves to have her neck and cheek kissed too, AND...has her very own song! What is it about Doxies that make you want to sing to them?! Hers is a rap song that my nephews (3&5) have helped to refine, and she loves it! I still can't believe that yours have their own songs too...amazing!

Hopefully you'll have a lovely autumn and be able to use your wonderful deck more often...it's been to cold to be outside here, silly summer weather.

Give Newman a kiss on the cheek for me...hope he 'feels' better soon!
xo J~

(really loved reading about all of them...you captured the Doxie personality, and their special personalities perfectly!)