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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HGTV Design Star

Vintage Green Kitchen
I happened upon this kitchen the other day online and just had to share.
It's amazing! Original tile - original cabinets.
Notice how they installed a dishwasher but kept the look of the cabinets.
I know this look isn't for everyone but if my house had 
it's original kitchen and it looked like this....I'd so keep it.

Now on to Design Star...

Did everyone watch the kitchen challenge last night?
I was so disappointed. 
This year they had professionals to install their cabinets and flooring.
And it was done as a white box challenge.
This I'm sure because they have screwed up people's real kitchens so badly in the past.

This is the Global Kitchen. 
I actually liked this one best. 
It needed white bar stools and the green backsplash that they didn't finish would have been 
much better as a white backsplash.
It included this terrible bench and Tyler got sent home for it.
He was so excited about this bench too when he picked it.
This one won. It was suppose to be a farmhouse kitchen. 
There is not one thing that looks farmhouse about this kitchen to me.
They got raves for the industrial light pendants. 
I like them too and they would work in a farm house kitchen. Which this is not.
Contemporary kitchen. This one got slammed for it's heavy styling. 
I agree too much stuff. 
At least this one mixed up finishes a little with the white modern chairs and the wood table. 
The judges loved the light fixture. 
I hate that the tile backsplash does not go all the way up to the bottom of the cabinets 
but that might be just because he ran out of time.
This is suppose to be a loft inspired kitchen. 
Really? Nothing about this says loft to me.
I hate the wall colors.
Meg got big points for this peg board wall.
Uh....no....absolutely not...unless you want your kitchen to look like your garage or 
a retail space.
Although...Julia Childs had this in her kitchen.
Julia Childs' kitchen.
So I guess Meg watched Julie and Julia.

You can see many more photos and read all about the challenge here.
I really found it kind of shocking that there wasn't a white kitchen among the bunch.
I see much better kitchens every day on the blogs.
But you know this. Every day we see fabulous stuff here.

HGTV is really lame...as example....

After Design Star HGTV premiered 
"Donna Does Dallas"...I mean "Donna Decorates Dallas".
Donna Moss

This was a new show with host Donna Moss, a past Design Star contestant.
Did anyone see this? 
I could not believe my eyes. Is this show a joke? 
Is it suppose to be a reality/decorating show?
I think it's suppose to be serious because it was not funny but the decorating....oh...my!
She decorated a doctor's master bedroom. His wife's idea. 
He thought they were just getting a new blanket. (his words)
(I thought..."you poor sucker")
The first viewing of this room...it was like french chateau meets medieval castle in the very worst sort of way.
I wish I had photos.
(I did a search online and found nothing)

It was way over the top. Too much of everything.
Yes, it needed to be redone.
And when Donna and her team were finished? 
It was even MORE over the top...much much worse.

Now it is french chateau meets medieval castle mixed with bordello dungeon.
I could not believe it. Of all past design contestants....why did they pick her for her own show?

It was truly terrible. A reminder why I don't watch HGTV any more. 
Really...I only like Emily Henderson's show "Secrets From a Stylist".
and these two?
The Novogratz?
I think they get far more credit than they deserve for their designs.
Yes, we know there will be original art in the space and they'll
use neon signs and lightboxes. And some kind of wild wallpaper.
Each and every time.
Plus they creep me out because they have matching dimples which makes them 
look like brother and sister. 
And then all those bratty kids. 
And he dresses like a hobo and I am convinced that she does absolutely all the work.
I have to say I do like her.
But last week they said life was hard because they were so busy and one of their son's is an elite athlete.
So they travel a lot for his basketball games.
He's 12. How elite can he be at 12.

Don't even get me started on Antonio...
This picture pretty much says it all.
Except there should be a pink goose in the background flying by.

Sorry for such a negative post but these are things that have really been bothering me about HGTV.
Shouldn't that channel be a place to tune in to see the very best of the best?
It should be inspiring instead of vomit inducing. 
And I haven't even mentioned the endless hours of house hunters....

Really I don't watch any more except Emily and Design Star and every time I watch 
Design Star I wonder why I did. I guess because some how Emily came out of it last year.
I don't even know how that was possible.


LeAnn said...

What a great post! I have a lot to say...so here goes...first I totally agree with you about the kitchens last night, totally disappointing. I don't feel there is anyone on this season with star quality, but maybe that's just me. Antonio..paaaleeze take his show off. I love Secrets of a Stylist and I thought I was going to like the Novogratz but I'm not so sure. I didn't even watch last Saturday because they were doing a school. I really wish they would do new episodes of For Rent and The Unsellables. Those are fun and I wish they would bring back Freestyle. Did you ever see that one? Don't get me started on House Hunters and people complaining because the bathroom doesn't have double sinks or the color of the room is horrible or the master bedroom isn't big enough....ugh! Anyway, whew, I feel much better now that I vented.

Enjoy your evening.

LeAnn said...

Oh and I almost forgot, I watched 5 minutes of Debbie does Dallas and that was 5 minutes too much and yes if I had a vintage kitchen like that, I would definitely keep it.

Ok, I'm done rambling now.

Carol D said...

Couldn't agree with you more!! HGTV used to be my favorite network, now I don't watch it at all. They used to have fun shows. Don't get me started either on the endless stream of House Hunters episodes. Really, people don't buy a house because they don't like the wall color, because it's not "move in ready", Huh???????

Renee said...

Ha! I have to agree with you 100% I did like the first kitchen and the light fixtures in the Farmhouse (NOT) kitchen. Meg's pegboard...I was wondering to myself, "what is so original and cool about that?" And don't get me started on that stuck up Kathy (the previous TV announcer)...my sis and I are convinced they keep her on the show because she causes so many problems (NOT because she's talented). I don't like the Novogratz show...I noticed the dimple thing, too. The Debbie Decorates Dallas show was turned off after 10 minutes.

Gypsea Nurse said...

Instead of long winded post...
"DITTO" to Renee's comment.
She was right on target!
Great post!

Cindi Myers said...

Sometimes I hate Blogger, I left you a comment but it's not here!
I was laughing because your post is SO FUNNY even though I have NO IDEA who these people are! I don't have cable and you almost tempt me to get it so I know what's going on but...nah, I'll just read your blog! The designs and decorating that YOU feature are much prettier than those shows!
And that pegboard? Well, it was probably cool in the 50's but I agree, it looks like a garage.
I do adore the first photo you showed. Original and cool. Not a cookie-cutter decorating job.
:) - Cindi

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on HGTV. What is up with Design Stars? The worst rooms ever and the judges....are they blind?

the gardener's cottage said...

hi nita,

i don't watch this show or any other design show anymore. we turned off our cable 3 yrs ago. i'm glad you did this post though because it reminds me just why i don't watch tv in general. i agree with you, there are so many talented bloggers here doing great things on very limited budgets, why watch these lame shows anyway?

so i'm with you all the way!

Kathy said...

I have to say I love everything Sarah Richardson though...don't you?

Anonymous said...

Love your post, Nita! Well said! I used to watch almost nothing else except HGTV. Now I watch very little. I'm so sick of House Hunters, House Hunters International and Property Virgins. Can't stand Antonio and Design Star ----- well, it is just plain awful this season. I wish they'd bring back some of the really good shows from the past like Country Style, Lofty Ideas, Freestyle, and Decorating Cents just to name a few. I've gone so far as to e-mail the network TWICE and complain about the programming but nothing ever changes. One of these days (in the near future), I won't be watching HGTV at all ---- EVER. Jana in Texas

Karen said...

First that vintage kitchen is gorgeous and second I cant stand design star and I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get Antonio and I sure don't want his treatment ugh.I watched one episode of the Novogratz...uh not my thing and house hunters... well I cant turn the channel fast enough when it comes on. I do love the many incarnations of Sara's House and I still love Candice Olsen.

Terry said...

Sorry but I couldn't take secrets from a stylist! I did think the latest kitchen project was a flop. I still watch HGTV..thankfully there's Pinterest and great blogs for inspiration!

Diane Writes said...

Hello Nita! I'm not into kitchen design. I am a typical observer and every time I read your post, I learn something new a about the principles of desigining.

I love the idea of the peg board wall. It gives easy access but you are correct. If not properly managed, your kitchen might look like a garage and worst so cluttered and unorganized.

Have a great day!

Nita Stacy said...

Looks like all of you feel the same as I. Yes, I do like Sarah Richardson's show. But have a hard time catching it because I'm not on HGTV hardly at all. Yes, I loved Freestyle and I most of the time enjoyed Decorating Cents. Last year....I kept thinking....well I can't wait for their Halloween specials and Christmas specials..of which they had none and they didn't even have Holiday Windows! My absolute favorite. I love seeing how all the windows are decorated in New York City at Christmas. Candice Olsen is good....although I'd rather see more of a mix of old and new and she seems to do all new. But she has done some really beautiful things in the past.

Did you see the episode of Antonio's Treatment where he took this woman's adorable 1920's spanish cottage and turned it into a Mexican carnival or perhaps it was a Day of the Dead celebration? If I had been her...I would have cried and cried and cried but then I never would have allowed him into my house much less let him decorate it.

He has some skills but they are best left to decorating tattoo parlors and motorcycles.

Becky in SC said...

I enjoy your blog...never commented though. During the past couple of years I've slowly pulled away from HGTV, I thought maybe I was losing my decorating mojo...but after reading this post, I realize it's not just me that doesn't really care for HGTV any more!! For starters, I despise reality TV, and it seems that is the direction HGTV has taken lately.
Anyways, thanks for a great post.
♥ Becky in SC ♥

An Urban Cottage said...

This is a very funny post. Design Star IS really bad; it's really quite shocking. Have we raised our standards from all the beautiful blogs?

I can't even stand Emily Henderson because her deductions from the design diagnostic seem so completely random, they're not anything a normal person could use. "You like the art deco clock so that says you're crazy. And you like purple so that says you like drama. I call your design style 'Crazy Drama Queen." I like her rooms but her theory just falls a little flat I think.

Novagratz? Predictable.

Antonio? A nightmare.

Nuf said.

Sunny Simple Life said...

That is truly a retro kitchen. We still have original everything but do have dishwasher and a new floor. I am prepping it now to paint it close to its original color. This was hubby's grandma's house he told me the walls were aqua to match the blue atomic burst tiles. Funky I know but cheaper than putting in a new one and it is in such great shape.

Sunny Simple Life said...

I and I totally agree with LeAnne. Young people come into homes and if it doesn't have a closet the size of my house and granite or whatever they will not even consider it. We always just wanted a well built house in a good neighborhood. Are they spoiled or what??

Shabby Marilyn said...

Your funny! I have given up on HGTV for quite a while! I don't even know the new people, everytime I try to watch it is bad!
I use to love watching at Xmas time. I tried last Xmas, Nothing??
HGTV needs to check out the great blogs and figure a show from blogger ideas!!!! Design by Bloggers!!!

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

I am so glad that you spoke out about just how awful HGTV has become. I don't even watch it anymore. I used to watch it 24/7 and really enjoyed the programming. Now it's just stupid shows about staging and selling homes and poor designers.

I wish they would bring back Kitty Bartholemew and decorating cents.


Nita Stacy said...

Steve -
I agree Emily's style diagnostic is so contrived. Sometimes she just ignores what they have picked. The only thing I can think is I'm sure she interviews them extensively and comes up with what she thinks will work for them. But I hate that portion of the show. It's very boring to me. Just say...he's fun loving and likes clowns...she's serious and reads books so I'm designing a room called Circus Library!

Lisa said...

I totally agree with you too! Remember when you actually learned how to do things on hgtv??? not anymore!! can't stand the house hunters, etc and I about spit out my drink when I saw the title "donna decorates dallas" yikes!

Debby said...

I agree. HGTV used to have such good shows. Where have they gone. I love Design Star but this year has not been as good as years before. I love Emily and picked her to be the winner. I am sick of House Hunters. What happened to Cash and Carrie......I liked that one.

And Donna decorates Dallas.......I turned if off after five minutes.

Kristie at The Decorologist.com said...

I love your honesty in this post. You are spot-on. I actually missed this episode and am going to watch it later tonight, but last week's was so lame and that's pretty much my expectation of this show and its designers. It's more about getting a "diverse" group of people/personalities than it is about getting true design talent. I watch it to mock it, and I enjoy doing that :) There are so few good decorating shows on HGTV anymore, and if I have to watch one more House Hunters I might have to stick a fork in my eye . . .

Jill Dodson said...

I totally agree Nita. Nothing inspiring or exciting and I too thought the pegboard was tacky, and don't get me started on Cathy, puhleez! I am not keen on the Novagratz either. I love Sarah Richardson but I tend to tune in at 10 at night and always get lame reruns of house hunters complete with the always totally unrealistic buyers (not to mention lazy) comments like, "But we'd have to paint" I cant handle hgtv anymore! Thanks for venting as it was very necessary!

Cindy said...

Hi Nita,
There was a rooster, a jar and a ladder in the "farmhouse" kitchen. Perhaps they thought that would cause people to see it as "farmhouse".:)
You're right we see much better kitchens on blogs belonging to people who are not designers.
I don't have a TV, I find it so boring whenever I'm at a hotel and turn it on for entertainment, and I never find it to be very entertaining. I used to enjoy HGTV, but who can take hour after hour of House Hunters and none of the houses are ever decorated, huh? How does that fit in?
I understand your reason for the negativity and have to agree!
Hugs, Cindy

Cindy said...

OH! I forgot to say that I LOVE that vintage kitchen and the hidden dishwasher is genius!
Thanks for letting me have my say!

Jill Dodson said...

I will give kudos to "Income Property" I have seen some interesting things on that one and he always turns some tragic space into something incredible. Also can't ignore the fact that he is a cutie :)

Molly said...

THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS! I used to love HGTV and would watch it to pass the time on my treadmill. I have to say that I have retired watching HGTV (and using the treadmill.) I found that House Hunters + Running for 30 minutes = what feels like 60 minutes of torture.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Donna Does Dallas was over the top. She had more d#@ bling on her. I really don't remember her on HGTV. So, tell my why do these HGTV Design Star losers get their own shows. Sorta takes the thrill out of the competition because they could still end up with a show.

Upscale Downhome said...

Thanks for putting it out there, Nita. I guess we've all been thinking it but not saying it. I read all the comments so far and they have cracked me up. The whole House Hunters thing irritates me when these young couples won't purchase a house because it doesn't have stainless steel appliances and granite. Grow up! I agree about the design start kitchens last night. Everything you said was "spot on". Hopefully HGTV will read our blogs and look for some fresh ideas for some fresh shows. Loved the post!

. said...

I'm so glad someone else feels the way I do!! I thought it was just me.

I use to only watch HGTV and anymore I rarely watch it. The House Hunters over and over again pretty much drove me off! And all the real estate shows....how about at least a few decorating shows?

I still like Candice. I do like Emily. The Novakratz, I'm not sure yet. I like Curb Appeal.....but that's about it. I don't like David since he moved to Miami...his designs are a little too Miami nightclub anymore for me...which is sad because I used to like his show.

I miss my old shows like Decorating Cents! Sure some of the rooms were awful, but at least it was fun...and they were decorating something! :)

june said...

Hi...first time commenter here! Love your comments about HGTV. I actually sat through the entire episode of "Donna." Wow. The only thing I can guess is that they're trying to lure the Jersey-loving crowd by showing the tv viewers that there's competition for craziness down in Texas (and I'm a Texan so I'm allowed to say that!). I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who thought that bedroom was hideous. Like another blogger, I too, thought I was losing my design sense.

24 Corners said...

Great post Nita! When 'designers' on HGTV start designing kitchens like the wonderful retro one you've shown here...then I might start watching it again....and ditto for 'showing' houses that have kitchens like this one...like you said, it's time for inspiration again, thank heavens for blogland...where would we be without it?!
I do like some of the International House Hunters though...mostly the ones in Europe.
xo J~

(I fear for the Food Network too...they've been dumbing down some of the shows and it makes me sad...more Ina type shows where you actually learn how to cook please...I miss those.)

Sheree said...

Wow - you hit the nail with the hammer! I used to love HGTV- thought maybe all this new stuff was my dislike! So glad to read your post! I am a HGTV -ex! Wish they would bring back Decorating Cents!
You go girl with your comments.

Erin said...

I completely agree about HGTV. Every time I turn it on its House Hunters. i miss all the shows they had in the early 2000's that made me LOVE that channel. Like Decorating Cents, Before and After....
I do like Candice Olson and Sarah Richardson's shows so I think those need to be added to the inspiring shows list. :o)
P.S. I miss me some Million Dollar Decorators. That show needs to come back ASAP!! haha! :o)

gertie @ The Old Block House said...

I used to love watching HGTV, but anymore I tape the shows that I have half an interest in and watch them in ten minutes or less.

Emily Henderson's show has grown so much this season. The latest episode was vastly improved.

My kids even critique the contestants on Design Star. If my teen boys can see how bad it is, why can't someone producing the show?

Into Vintage said...

All I could thing when I saw that pegboard wall was someone's tool shop in their garage. She stopped short of drawing the outlines of the pots and pans on it ... Design Star seems to be falling flat for me this year. I've always wondered why the designers have such a tiny amount of time to complete a challenge -- who can do their best (or even just good) work like that?! But I'll keep watching because I want to see who wins.

privatdetektiv said...

I noticed one thing in your blog that is, there are unique chandelier in each and every room. Second one is my favorite and looks vintage. I really impressed with exquisite work.

A Sense of Design said...

LOL...sorry have to get off the floor laughing so hard!!! We have a lot of these shows in Australia too and I just shake my head and think you crazy Americans!!! Seriously I am glad I started reading blogs to realise that we are all the same and there are some that have style and some that dont!!! You Miss Nita have loads of style!!!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Nita, those were the most suckish kitchens. Ever. (With the exception of the one you posted at the beginning....I love that the homeowners have maintained all the original tile and cabinets in the kitchen....it is lovely...) My fourteen year old could have designed something better!

I am so frustrated with HGTV now. Every gosh darn time I try to watch it either House Hunters or House Hunters International is on. As if anyone can sell a home and move right now. Really???? I have a theory: The National Board of Realtors owns those STUPID shows and the network. I hardly even watch HGTV anymore, and I used to LOVE it. Seriously, look at HGTV's viewing schedule, or better yet, print it off and highlight all the House Hunter episodes and see how much that show is on!!!

*sorry for the rant*

~Ricki Jill

Dee said...

I am so glad to see someone not be so sweet about everything on their post. Design Star is really not ever good this year. I must say, I haven't seen the Novagratz show yet, but they look like they have fun and it isn't boring, same ole same o. Antonio, is fun too. Over the top but fun! I get so tried of seeing boring rooms... safe rooms. Why do designers do the same thing over and over again. Aren't we suppose to be able to do any design style well. That is a good designer. HGTV likes to find a designers style and make them do it over and over again. I guess I am just seeing things so differently. It seems as though people are drawn to a designers style and so the designer does the same thing over again but in different colors!! This drives me nuts! I want to see a show with a designer that does every style of decorating. Now isn't that a concept? And not with a touch of modern in the style either I hate that! Okay I will stop there.

Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, laughed hard on this post! I never watch HGTV as it is all about selling houses it seems. Or buying houses...I agree with sissie, I loved watching Kittie Bartholmew on decor. I like Emily but sometimes wait till the end cuz I hate style diagnostic portion, so stupid. What kind of socks are going to tell you how to decorate a home? Not real life. Gimicky and dumb. I am amazed that the programmers haven't figured this out yet. Did you know that there are production companies that come up with the ideas for the shows, shoot the pilots and then present them to HGTV? I went to the HGTV offices in NYC for a luncheon for bloggers and they picked our brains to see what kind of shows we liked and would want to see...I guess they weren't listening. Then I saw the HGTV lady who ran the lunch on twitter talking about the programming. I was tweeting she should do a show that visits Design Bloggers homes for great decorating ideas. She actually tweeted that you must send your ideas to a production company~~ So HGTV is actually a kind of middle man peddling others ideas of great shows!! How bizarre!

Malena said...

I thought I was the only one who's sick of house hunting!! They should rename it HHTV. House Hunting TV. Enough already! And I though all the kitchens were bad. Ugly. There used to be more useful stuff on HGTV, more enjoyable. Like Decorating Cents. Yeah. Gimme some ideas on redoing a room on $500 or less. There's going to be a new show - The High-Low Project. I watched the pilot episode and voted on it, critiqued it, whatever they called it. Did not give very positive feedback. I'm not a Sabrina Soto fan. She reads everything. Da dada da da dada. And I'm not sure the room was that affordable. I want my OLD HGTV!

HollyM said...

You hit the nail on the head: "French chateau meets medieval castle meets bordello dungeon." Perfect analogy!

TEXANS do NOT decorate like this! But then, most of us don't live in McMansions within gated communities of pseudo-European castles and faux Taras.

And if we DID decorate like this, we would drag ourselves down to Hemispheres and buy the whole place out for far less than what this must have cost the poor neurosurgeon (who should schedule a lobotomy for his nutso wife since she hired this hack of a 'decorator').

As for HGTV . . . *sigh* . . . I'm confused as to why 'design' and good taste are no longer even kissing cousins on this channel. Antonio is simply ridiculous; the Novogratzes are creepy and without discernable talent; David Bromstad does the exact same Florida Colorful schtick every time; Candace has her moments of dumb like the photo of a woodpile she enlarged and used as a mural for a wall the other night (a woodpile??); and Genevieve has a habit of modernizing and painting over vintage fireplaces and built ins that drives me, the purist, up a dang wall.

If I hear one more Gen X or Y whiner on House Hunters complain about granite, stainless, and dual sinks in a bathroom, or God forbid, having to actually pick up a paintbrush, I may scream.

And House Hunters International? Merely emphasizes to me how nice it is to be living in a country with modern amenities . . . like kitchens and bathrooms!

Bridget said...

Glad to know I am not the only one that is sick to death of House Hunters......I mean really, every night at prime time????? Rarely watch anymore for that reason.

Connie said...

Nita, this whole blog response needs to be sent to HGTV. If they truly want to know what their viewers (or former ones) want to see then they should take a hint from this.
It's all about the money. House Hunters only requires driving from one empty house to another and walking through. They'll probably keep showing it every hour for that reason.
It was one of the only channels I watched and now I given up on it.

Lorraine said...

I ADORE the vintage green kitchen.

Unknown said...

I've watched Julie & Julia and I don't think it was peg board but nails in the wall which I think is cute, especially when her husband outlined and painted shapes for each item so that it could be put back in its spot. The peg board is just plain obnoxious.

Vicki V @ blestnest.blogspot.com said...

I used to watch HGTV a lot but don't anymore--too many episodes of House Hunters. I caught Debbie Does Dallas and gagged. Is this what HGTV thinks a talented designer is?! I liked the before much better than her after. That heavy Texas look is just not me, I guess. But then again, I'm not a native Texan.

Room Fu said...

Omg, I said the same exact thing about Julie & Julia in my blog post about that episode! Great minds think alike.


Sandy said...

I'm DVRing Design Star. I didn't care for any of the kitchens enough to even want one. They all looked alike to me (dark, dark wood cabinets...ugh!) and very unfinished. What's a "global" kitchen anyways??? It didn't look "global" to me whatever that is. The so called farmhouse kitchen was "not". I would have loved to seen a white kitchen or at least some color in the cabinets. I think Meg is a good designer but I hated her peg board - I don't like to see pots and pans and stuff hanging. And Cathy with all her cluttered junk (she thinks she is good at staging) all over the kitchen...everyone is tired of fighting with her. Tiled back splash would have added so much to the finished look of all of these kitchens but no one had enough time to complete the tiling. I would have put in a bead board back splash for the farmhouse kitchen. Oh, well, it's only my opinion.

I'm watching Sarah Richardson's shows on HGTV. She has several running right now. I can't get enough of her. And I love Tommy too.

Don't care for any of the other designers on HGTV except for Candace. I'll watch the re-runs of "Design to Sell" with Lisa and Clive. But I read that one is not being produced any more. Lisa and Clive should have their own show!

I like "Curb Appeal: The Block" and "Income Property" with adorable hosts/designers/contractors John and Scott.

I just read a post about "Room by Room" with hosts Matt and Shelby. They were the first DIY design show on HGTV and ran for 14 years. I miss them!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you. I don't think I like anybody as of yet in this years designstar. The only Design star I like is Emily Henderson.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Bordello dungeon is a great descriptor for the crimes committed on 'Donna Does Dallas'.
I watched that show in horror and thought 'I'm witnessing the utter decline of Western Civilization, and it's on HGTV!' Had to remind myself that a few good things remain in Texas. But this show especially pointed to the lack of art, design, and aesthetic education in this country that has led to appallingly bad taste.

I agree with the comments that HGTV show quality is worse than it was, and the better shows mostly come from Canada.
That said, I will defend Antonio's show. His solutions are 'out there', but consistently creative and he seems to understand construction and technology. He also uses vintage & salvage elements well. Emily's show is fun, and better now that they're using a voiceover actress, and her annoying voice isn't heard as much.

Diana Taylor said...

I agree with what most have said. I used to watch HGTV all the time. Now the only shows worth watching are Sarah Richardson and Candace Olsen. I can't stand the judges' comments on Design Star. Haven't seen anything good yet on that show this year. I see many more beautifully decorated homes and get more ideas for my own home from all the talented bloggers. Now my computer is my friend!

Sally@threeblondeboyz said...

I have to confess I will be watching 'Donna decorates Dallas' - simply for the entertainment factor. I have watched so many bland boring shows, it was a refreshing change to sit glued to my seat, casting shocked glances at my husband (who was spluttering into his coffee) I wrote my own post about this show & took screen captures, but I don't know how to create links yet :( Keep up the good work, I love your blog, Sally =) xx

first aid wall cabinet said...

Well, I am not into kitchen design. I am a typical observer and every time I read your post. I learn something new a about the principles of designing. The idea of the peg board wall is awesome. It gives easy access but you are correct. If not properly managed, your kitchen might look like a garage and worst so cluttered and unorganized.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Hi Nita!

I am slow....! I am just reading this today! I caught an episode of Debbie doing her Dallas bling thing yesterday by accident. I had not seen it before but a client's husband told me about it last week and asked me what I thought!

WELL.... omg. I was appalled. I applaud you for speaking honestly about it here. I googled the name just now .... wasn't sure I had the title correct... wan't to tell my sister to try to watch it -- which was when I found YOUR post!

Well her "style" is not
very versatile. Can't see that show lasting very long.

Thanks for sharing!Didn't know she was a Design Star former contestant.

descuento ropa said...

You all are such a great home designer. I learn something new a about the principles of designing. I'm watching Sarah Richardson's shows on HGTV. She has several running right now. I can't get enough of her. Tommy 's character is great.

David Richy said...
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