Friday, February 6, 2015

Make it a Beauty!

So last week I told you about the roses I got in the mail from 
in exchange for a little post on my blog about the flowers.
Well, I was very happy to give a rave review.
The roses came on Wednesday via Fed Ex and I photographed them 
on Friday. They looked fantastic...very fresh.
But when Wednesday rolled around this week and they still 
looked super great...I thought "Hey, I better give another review!"
Here it is Friday again...and a week and two days from receiving my
roses...they still look better than many I've bought locally.
So I snapped a few photos to show you.
Usually, when I get roses...I'm lucky if they last a day or two.
These are the freshest roses I've ever received!
I've never had roses last this long...ever.

And you still have time to order for Valentine's Day!
Click on the link below or the one on my right hand sidebar 
under sponsors.

I picked up that cute little tray with my words to live by
last week when out shopping with Mom.


Stacey said...


vintage girl at heart said...

wow they really look wonderful! i love to dry mine too. where is that cute tray from? enjoy this wonderful weekend weather! i am going to a chicken auction in newcastle. first for me. :)

Cynthia Myers said...

Wow! Amazing and still beautiful.

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

At this rate they still may be fresh on Valentine's Day, Nita! I hope you're enjoying your new job!

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