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Monday, January 19, 2015

Mod Mix Monday #179 Take Two

So at work..I've had a running disagreement with several of the other designers about 
the use of pastels in decor. You know I love them.
They hate them.
(they are wrong)
Apartment Therapy just did an article listing pastels as a hot trend from 2014 that is 
still going strong into 2015.

I don't care about trends...pastels done in a fresh way make me happy. 

Besides that apartment above is in Paris...and we all know how chic Paris is!

I shared my favorites from last time's Mod Mix Monday last week but it was mid week
so here they are again. Please link up your posts below.

Thanks so much for all your kind words of support from my post on my year in review.
I love blogging and I'm really missing not being here more.

Your comments made me want to keep going when I feel like "What is the point?"

This week was rough. We lost our little Daisy.
She was sister to my Violet.
She was only 14...I hate that our little dogs don't live longer.
That is Daisy on the left with her sister Rosie. Rosie is a full sister but one year younger.
These photos were taken when Mom was at my house two years ago recovering from heart surgery.
Those seem like good times now.
Here are all of them in the bed...only one missing is Franklin.

I still remember the day we brought Daisy home. She was only 7 weeks...she grumbled all the way to the house in the car.
She was grumbling the day she died. Knowing that grumble meant she was not happy...
just about kills me.
Their little lives are just too darn short.

Sorry to be sad.....I'm really struggling the last few days.
Wondering why I do any of the things I do and does it even matter?

I'll be better next week. I hope.

Let's get to the party...
 Orphans With Make Up shared her top blog posts of 2014.
Karen of Somewhat Quirky Design shared her favorite projects of 2014.
 Marianne of Macca took photos of first snow.
Just lovely
Redo It Yourself Inspirations gave us an after Christmas tour.
This photo made me laugh out loud. A monkey riding a weenie dog like a horse.
I think that is the perfect end to a perfect Christmas.

Please join in this week's Mod Mix Monday!

Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your individual post not to your entire blog.

If you link up...I'd appreciate it, if you'd follow me.


Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I'm so sorry to read about your little Daisy. I know how sad you must feel. I do hope you'll find a little comfort in knowing you gave her a happy life. I'll keep you in my htoughts this week. Hugs,

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Daisy. We lost our last 2 fur babies when they were only 10 years old. Because of that, we chose to remain pet free because the loss of our dear Savanna so too much for us to bare.....
Thanks so much for hosting!!


Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss of sweet Daisy. Our oldest dog is failing and it is painful to know we'll lose her soon. You're right, they just don't live long enough.
As for your feeling like the things you do have no worth. Your blog is so beautiful and inspiring. I always enjoy opening it up to see what new thing you have to share. You are touching thousands of people but if it were only one, that is enough.
Also, the other designers at work are just wrong! I've heard many major designers say that pastels are back. Here is a link you may enjoy from Cote de Texas. http://cotedetexas.blogspot.com/2015/01/2015-trends.html
You are a wonderfully talented woman Nita and I appreciate all you do to inspire the rest of us.
Blessings to you,

Pam Richardson said...

Thank you for the party Nita! So sorry about Daisy. Hugs and Blessings,
Pam (www.everydayliving.me)

the cape on the corner said...

I am so so sorry for your loss. our pets are our babies, our family. thinking of you.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I'm so sorry for your loss of Daisy.

A Whole Lotta Magic said...

Losing a pet is so painful, Nita. Just give yourself time to grieve and don't worry about it. It takes time, I know.


ratherkooky said...

Sorry about the loss of your beloved pet. We lost both of our dogs in one year and it has taken a while before I could ever think about having another. Now we are the proud owners if a rescue dog . Pets open your heart, don't they? Hoping you have better days ahead.

Laurel Stephens said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your little Daisy.

DD's Cottage said...

I am so sorry to hear that you lost Daisy --I know how hard that can be. Lots of love from me in CA!

Notes From ABroad said...

Oh bless her heart she was so sweet .. I am sorry for your loss. It is always heartbreaking when we lose our little pets. I have been thinking about getting a puppy as soon as winter is over .. your post made me think about dachshunds :)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Oh Nita, I'm so sorry for the loss of your dog. They take up a place in your heart that's hard to fill when they're gone, so it's no wonder you're feeling blue! I hope the other pups give you extra kisses to get you through.

I don't have many pastels in our home, but I do like the fresh appeal of a room with pastel accents. Thanks so much for hosting again this week, and take care.

Ann Marie said...

Hi, Nita, and thanks for continuing you offer this lovely party. I understand the hole left in one's psyche when a pet passes away. I'm sorry for your loss.
As for pastels, other creative people appreciate them:
"I believe in pink." - Audrey Hepburn (actress)
"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love." - Conor Oberst (singer/songwriter)
"The direct. colorful nature of pastels is ideal for capturing the qualities of immediacy, spontaneity and sparkle." - Patricia Greenwell (artist)
Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey www.irisabbey.com

"Create Beauty" said...

Hello Nita,
I agree with everyone here, your blog brings beauty and interest to our lives! I appreciate you, taking the time to blog while holding down a full time job. Thank you.

I feel your pain over losing sweet Daisy. It's possible to love a dog as much as one can love a human, and a dog is a daily part of our lives and it leaves a huge hole when they are gone.

We lost Dazzle 2 weeks ago and the first few days were so painful. I told her (and myself) that having her even for the 8 short years she lived was worth the pain of saying goodbye.

With time it doesn't hurt so much, as you know, but Daisy will always be missed deeply!

We invited a new pup into our lives this weekend. Looking forward to his arrival renewed our hearts. One always needs something to look forward to, and the 6 weeks we had to say our goodbye's to Dazzle really were emotionally draining.

Since we only had one dog, and he is turning 13 this spring, we decided to get 2 puppies..... the female is joining us this coming Saturday.

I learned that having another dog to love is the best thing for me, but not everyone can do that. The joy of their lives shared with us has to be worth the goodbye's, but I understand that some cannot allow such pain again. There is a beautiful book written and illustrated by Nancy Tillman that was so meaningful to me, it's called, "The Heaven of Animals". It can be found on Amazon if you are interested.

Just know that my heart goes out to you and I am praying for you as I send this note to you.

With great sympathy,

Tarnished Royalty said...

Aww, Nita, I'm sorry about your Daisy. I hope you can remember the good times with her and that that will bring you some comfort. Hugs, Ann
Tarnished Royalty

Adam Hazlett said...

Nita, I am sorry for the loss of Daisy.
How is your mom taking the loss?
Our little Elvis is almost 15 and I can tell his mind is starting to get cloudy.
He'll go out back and just stand still looking left then looking right then left again.
I have to eventually go out and carry him back in.
He spends most of his day asleep on his chair. I dread the day when he won't be there anymore.
As for the things you do or your blog not mattering....I want you to just perish the thought right now.
I remember reading your fist posts when you started your wonderful blog...All you wanted to do was share your love of design, decorating, and your storybook home with all the people out there who would understand your passion....well Nita you found us! And without this blog you wouldn't have. We've all been through the hard times and the really hard times of great loss with you and the wonderful times as well, we all think about you often and think of you as a friend.
Please don't let the blog burden you down. But when you feel like sharing we will be here waiting to relate to your stories as if we were coming in the back door sitting at your kitchen table and talking about things. It does matter to have friends which is hard for so many these days.
Your pal,

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your treasured baby. I recently lost my baby girl and I know how much it hurts even though you have more babies at home. I love the photos and the little one with the white face cracks me up with her funny little cute face! Hugs.


I'm sorry about your sweet baby, it's so hard, I know. I sometimes can't get over it and it's been 4 years this April.
The pic with your cuties is adorable.
Thank you for the party sweet friend.

gai said...

Adorable pups. Sorry for your loss.

Thanks for hosting.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I am so sorry to read about Daisy. I know they just don't stay long enough with us. When My little pug died I was miserable for the longest time without her.
Your babies all look so cute piled up around your Mother.
I know the other doggies will miss Daisy also.
My heart goes out to all in your house xoxo


Unknown said...

Nita, I am so sorry about your dog baby passing. I lost my 15 yr Schnauzer last year so I know how sad it is. Thank you for the party!

Unknown said...

So sorry about your loss. Your dogs are all so beautiful.
P.S. Thanks for the feature (take 2).
Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

Allyson K Designs said...

Nita, you find the most beautiful photos to share. I have been benefiting from your postings for years now.
However, when you post about your dog family, I'm on hyper-alert. Your writing is lovely and I feel both your joy and pain.
I think you've amassed an exception group of followers: design AND animal lovers.
Thank you,
AllysonK Designs

Lydia Holden said...

I am very sad about Daisy, she was so good dog, but Head up. Life goes on.
Moving out cleaning Ashford

Candy S said...

I am so sorry that you have lost your dear pup Daisy. I have read through the comments of sympathy with tears rolling down my face. I don't know if the tears are for the loss of Daisy or for My sweet little cat Baby who passed before Christmas. I know that the pain of this loss goes deep into your soul and will not ease in a day or two. But I do know that the wonderful memories of this dear pup will overtake the grief one day and you will smile when you think of her

Don't you dare think that you do not make a difference. Nothing can be further from the truth. You touch so many people and bring beauty into the lives of total strangers that stop by to stay awhile to visit and enjoy your beautiful pictures and the wonderful reflections that you put into words to share with us. You may not ever know who those people are or ever even see a comment from them but you have touched their lives just the same, just as you have touched my heart so deeply today.... Candy

Allyson K Designs said...

Dear Nita,
I wanted to share this blog with you. Another precious dog lost.

I've been there and can't imagine, now that I've lost both parents and my husband, what I'll do when my black lab best friend goes.

Redo It Yourself Inspirations said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss of sweet little Daisy. I'm sure Rosie and all of your fur babies are missing her along with you. The emptiness must be painful, but take comfort knowing she was loved and happy. You gave her a wonderful life. Sincerest thoughts go out to you during this difficult time. Take good care, and hug your babies.

~ Robin

Donna said...

Hi Nita,
I know it's so hard to loose a beloved pet. No matter how old they are, they never live long enough.
I have to tell you that your blog was one of the first I found after discovering the blogosphere several years ago. It caught my eye because of your pretty house (love that fireplace!). Wow! I realized that there were other people out there who like to fix up their house with vintage finds. However, I keep coming back not only for the decorating ideas
but because you write with an authentic voice. You're honest about the fact that life isn't perfect but there is still beauty to be found. Your blog does make a difference. You've made us laugh, you've made us cry and given us a ton of inspiration!
As for not accomplishing anything last year... You decided to take a risk to find a new job in order make your life better. The job didn't work out but you picked yourself up, dusted yourself off and found another good job. THAT'S HUGE!
But a new job doesn't leave much time or energy for anything else. I can relate because while I don't have a new job I do have a new knee and recovery from surgery has certainly put a damper on starting any fun projects. The important thing is that we survived a tough year.

vintage girl at heart said...

oh no so sorry to hear about daisy...i know how you feel. we had a loss last week too and i am so depressed over it.
just know she had a wonderful loving life with y'all.
love pastels especially the sheberts. do they count?
i will be thinking of you and your mama and daisy...

An Urban Cottage said...

I'm so sorry to read abut Daisy. You're right, I wish we had more time with our pets. The time seems to go so quickly. I know it seems odd, but even having a few animals in the house, the loss of one creates a noticeable quiet in the house.
I hope you're feeling okay.

Cindi Myers said...

Oh Nita!
I am so so sorry!
I'm catching up on my blog reading and I'm sorry I am so late getting here.
My heart felt sympathies to you and your mom.
I know how hard it is to go through that loss and no words can make it better.
Last month two of my favorites boarders, dogs that I had taken care of regularly for years, passed away. They weren't even my own and yet I feel a hole in my heart.
and then I read about you questioning making a difference and doing your blog? Jeez, it seems like you and I are always on the same page. I've been really struggling and feeling very depressed and finally I blogged about it and you and so many others responded and lifted me out of that dark place.
Please never question how loved you are and how greatly missed you would be if you stopped blogging.
I need to know that I'm not alone with my single woman dog lover struggles. LOL!
I adore you girl! You are so funny and so strong. Don't ever doubt that and remember, Spring is around the corner!
xoxo - Cindi