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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Three Little Pumpkins

All in a Row
 In the kitchen window...just a little reminder that it's pumpkin time.
 This summer the virginia creeper grew all over back side of my house because I had so many 
plants I was watering (it got the run off) and because we had a mild summer.
I've just let it grow but it's taking over my kitchen window. 
At some point...I'm going to have to trim it. 

But I've enjoyed the wildness of it.

Here it is October 30th and I still have not had a pumpkin cappuccino yet!
Each year my sister and I anxiously look for the pumpkin cappuccino banner to go
up on 7-Eleven.
As a rule I never go in 7-Eleven or any other convenience store except to grab a quick
pumpkin cappuccino in the fall.

Starbucks is better...yes...but 7-Eleven's is cheap.
And I like cheap.

So I saw the banner was up one day about two weeks ago and
called my sister to let her know.

She said..."I know...I'm sitting in front of one right now...drinking my first!"

Myself..I've yet to have one, it's been too warm.
But this week it cooled off and it's on the agenda for this evening.

If you think I've had great restraint in avoiding this treat, consider
that I've had pumpkin ice cream twice in the last month!

I love pumpkin flavored anything in the fall!


Adam Hazlett said...

Love that your have a little something up for Halloween and a creeper peeking in the window....it's a good thing.

angie said...

süße kleine kürbisse, eine tolle deko!!! liebe grüße von angie

DD's Cottage said...

I love anything Pumpkin flavored too. Have you been to Trader Joe's and seen all the pumpkin stuff?

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Did you know you can mix a can of pumpkin with a cake mix (nothing else) and bake a wonderful cake? No eggs, no oil... I posted on it recently if you interested. It's wonderful, promise.

Cindi Myers said...

I've had pumpkin coffee from McDonalds several times this Fall and I'm eating Pumpkin cream cheese on my pumpkin bagels and just about the time I'm getting sick of it, it will be gone!
I never go into a convenience store unless something is wrong with the pump and then I'm silently upset that I have to go inside. Seems like there's always some random weird guy that loiters around talking to the clerk. Seriously, I think every place has one and it just creeps me out.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

And wasn't that mild summer wonderful? I love pumpkin ice cream. My favorite ice cream place here serves Carrot Cake Ice Cream and it is heavenly - lots of the same spices etc as pumpkin. Sorry I didn't get a chance to visit with you while I was in OKC. I promise I'll call at Christmas time.

Junkchiccottage said...

I am with you on loving anything pumpkin. Yum! Happy Halloween.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

That picture of you window is lovely, very farmhouse chic. It's been warm here for October, so I'm not really in fall mood either.

rush said...

We just bought our first half gallon of egg nog this evening, and it's 10/31! Happy Hallow...errr...Merry Chri...ahhh...never mind!

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your Virginia Creeper makes such a lovely window treatment in your kitchen window, Nita! Happy November and go out and get your pumpkin cappuccino today!


vintage girl at heart said...

love that we have had such a wonderfully long warm spell. the flowers, plants and insects have been such a joy. i am ready for fall but will miss the blooms and greenery.
love your sweet pun'kins all in a row.
my fave treat is pumpkin pie this time of year although i try to hold off as long as possible because i can eat an entire pie myself! get to 7 eleven and grab that drink...it is finally cold out!! brrrr.
((i received my pillow too)) :)