Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Bungalows

 Last week, Mom and I went to see a few houses on the Parade of Homes tour.
It included a few bungalow styled homes by
For this house you came in the front door to a center hall.
Nothing like how actual bungalow floor plans are.
In 1920's bungalows you enter into a large living room space with dining room and kitchen beyond.
Personally, I hate walking into a small hall. Really hate it.
I want to walk into a big room.
To the left was a front bedroom or office.
I'm kind of crazy for that daybed thing. I'd love to build one of those in my den/office.
 Down the hall past the kitchen to the living room.
I do love the style of windows they chose for this house. Just right for bungalow style.
 Living room is open to the kitchen through a bar.
 I like this kitchen but I'd like it a lot more if it were white
 The bathrooms were kind of boring.
They are nice but boring to me.
The walls in this house were painted Sherwin Williams Sea Salt.
I must say in was the perfect shade of pale ocean blue.

A little mudroom included.

Here's another McCaleb home we toured.
 These are called bungalows and they have some bungalow influences but they are not
what I'd call true bungalows. They have modern floor plans inside.
I still prefer a true 1920's style bungalow way over these.
I prefer the actual bungalow floor plans from the past.
But these homes are much better than many being built around here today.

This kitchen was white with a black built in.
Still inside this home...nothing about it says bungalow.
 I liked the fireplaces in these homes. Many new homes have really ugly fireplaces and these are nice.
Although a true bungalow would have a fireplace with built in shelves on either side.
 and another home....
Love the turquoise trim used on the windows and the orange swing.
 This is a lot of fireplace..which can be used from either side.
 I wish I had a photo of this kitchen.
 office space - I really like the shape of that desk.

 I found this kitchen on their website. It's a very fun one, isn't it?
Love that blue subway tile. I'd never do it...I love all white too much but this is really bright and fun.

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vintage girl at heart said...

Too modern for me but some of the elements are nice. You and your Mama always have fun adventures!
I bet the weenies would like that daybed only lower to the ground and with steps unless they decided to hang in the cubbies below. :)

Heather said...

Bungalow exteriors are a step in the right direction--maybe the interiors will catch up soon. My house is a 1970 ranch that wants to be a bungalow. :) Our floorplan is closer to the traditional bungalow floorplan than these new ones. I like having separate, distinct rooms over having everything opened up. Love that last kitchen picture!

Laurel Stephens said...

I love that two way fireplace!

Sonia said...

I love the new bungalow style...even though not exactly historical. We have visited the bungalows in Arbor Creek by a different builder and I fell in love with one of the plans. I love the white kitchens too! Thanks for sharing..I really do think we have great builders in OK compared to other states I've lived in.
Miss Bloomers

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Fun home tours, Nita! The one thing I noticed was that there was no interior window trim other than the sill in a few of the rooms, which I suppose cuts costs when doing the finish work. I do like the exteriors of the homes and that's the style I'd choose if I were to build a new home. Like that's going to happen! Thanks for sharing!


Junkchiccottage said...

These are very pretty homes. I love the two way stone fireplace. That is gorgeous.

Kit said...

I agree with you, I don't care for the floor plan. We lived in a bungelow once and it didn't look like these. But the homes are still very nice. :) Kit