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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Yard of the Month

October's Yard of the Month in Edgemere Park is this cute little tudor.
This yard is at an advantage because it's owner owns his own landscaping company.
But the amazing part is that usually someone in the business puts his own house last but this is not the case here.
Much has been done to this yard. 
This is how the home looked before they did the yard renovation.
and after!
pots on the front porch
more pots on the porch

 A large variety of plants sprinkled through out. 
And they don't have a sprinkler system so each night it must all be watered.
A process that takes 45 minutes.

 Here you can get a view of everything filling the bed.
 I love the pops of red from the coleus.
very large rocks used as border edging
This is the backyard which is still a work in progess. 

 Here flagstone was set vertical rather than horizontal.

That's a lot of vegetation...isn't it?

Oh how I hope someday I can have him come to my house and do some work in my backyard.
I wouldn't want this look necessarily.
I'm happy with my little cottage backyard it just needs a little help.

In news with me. I accepted a position at Thomasville/Drexel Heritage in Sales & Design.
I start either Friday or early next week.

I'm hoping this job will be a much better fit for me than the last.

When I took the other job last spring my hesitation was that I didn't really like their furniture
I didn't think much of it was anything I'd want in my own home.

I showed my favorite pieces here but the customers that came in the store were not into 
that sort of furniture.

The Thomasville Drexel Heritage stor is much higher end.
I will probably never ever be able to afford anything in that store but that is ok
cause I don't need furniture but I'd love to help others pick out furniture for their own homes
and this place has really gorgeous stuff.

I'll share some photos of what they have soon.

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Pat said...

Good luck on your new job!! Sounds lika a much better fit. Hug the pups for me.

lucy said...

The best on your new position Nita. You're so talented! You are going to do great and enjoy it too :-)

Scribbler said...

Congratulations on your new job! It sounds like something you would like much better than the first one.

I have bought those brands of furniture over the years, and some of the vintage pieces I have bought at estate sales are, too. I can attest that it is good furniture.

Our Thomasville store went out of business here in Bham, and we never have had a Drexel Heritage store. When I go to NC, I usually hit their showrooms.

You will have to let us see the inventory!