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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Yard of the Month - September 2014

 This home is Yard of the Month for Edgemere Park in Oklahoma City for the month of September.
I personally have wanted this home to get yard of the month for several years.
The yard is always gorgeous, month after month. 
The design of this home is somewhat similar to my own.
 I love love love that big window. I so wish my own home had a window like this. 
 This house has lovely faux iron balconies....all dressed up with window boxes
full of caladiums and impatiens.
 The home owner had just put out some decorative pumpkins.
 I know this photo is blurry...sorry about that. I was losing the light. I did these in the evening.
 Lots of hosta at this house. 
 more pumpkins
I love this big tree in front with variegated ivy growing up the trunk.
They keep it trimmed back so that it doesn't take the tree over. 
Here's looking up through the limbs of that big tree.
This tree was planted by the home owner thirty years ago. 

The weather here is just spectacular this week....days in the 80's.
Truly lovely fall days.
I hope you are having nice fall weather.

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Pamela said...

What a beautiful home Nita! I love seeing your neighborhood. Thanx for partying at THT.

Stacey said...

So pretty! I really miss Oklahoma in the fall. Believe it or not, it's so much more fallish there than here in Dallas. I did talk to my girlfriend yesterday and she said you are still getting heat some but dang...it was 94 here Saturday!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Oh this is so wonderful! I could do this same thing under my tree in front. Now I just need to *do it!* Hope you are enjoying fall up there, like Stacey said, it's still a little steamy here :/

Sonia said...

What an adorable home and the yard is so pretty. I love your neighborhood! Happy Fall!
Miss Bloomers

Cindi Myers said...

I really REALLY like the choice of flowers in the window boxes.
Perfect against the black trim.
This yard definitely deserves the Award.
Sorry that I've been absent for so long. My laptop died and I for some reason have difficulty staying on top of my fav blogs without it.
Using my phone is just not the same.
Luckily I now have a new (to me) laptop and hope to stay more current.
xoxo - Cindi

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I like the understated elegance of the home with just a few pops of orange pumpkins for fall. I love the big window on the front of that beautiful old house, too.

Adam Hazlett said...

When I first saw the first picture I thought, "YAY Nita got yard of the month!!!" Then I started reading and thought "no wait that's not her house, it's a little different"...but it sure does look like yours. It is a very nice yard!