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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fall Container Gardens

I love a great big cement urn planted with fall abundance.
Cabbages are absolutely a must.
coleus does nicely but the first frost will wipe it out
pumpkins should be included
this all white fall display does me in
mums, cabbage and ivy surround an evergreen
more mums and cabbage
the addition of grasses add height

personally, I think a few pansies is a must

So....over a month ago my friend Jeff gave me a huge cement planter.
A gorgeous planter...it's a monster.

It had been his wife's, my friend Shannon that died a year and a half ago.

Jeff decided to sell their home and move into a smaller place
and he wanted me to have the giant concrete planter that always sat out front of their porch.

I was very happy to get it and had thoughts of all the wonderful things I'd fill it with 
this fall.

It looks similar to this one shown below....but....


But...it is still in the back of my SUV.
I can't get it out.

I think the thing weighs at least 100 pounds! perhaps more.

Jeff and I tried to put it in the back of my car a month ago but a neighbor of his
happened by and he lifted it all by himself!

I bet that man has a hernia now. 

Jeff lives near a military base and the man was in the military and 
I think he just grabbed it thinking it was about 50 pounds and then was too proud to 
say he couldn't do it.
I tried to help but he wouldn't let me.

So...now it's been riding in the back of my car for at least a month.

I tried nudging it a couple of times...I can't even scoot the thing.

I need a ramp, I think. Mom says she is bringing one next week and we'll tackle it.

I'm hoping soon I'll be able to fill it similar to those above.


Unknown said...

I can only imagine how heavy that planter must be! Wow! And to think that guy lifted it alone. I know you are anxious to get it out and work your magic in filling it before cold weather. Good luck! Vicki in Louisville KY

Scribbler said...

How nice to have something that belonged to your friend to keep forever. You and your Mom don't hurt yourself. Maybe you could ask a weight lifter at a nearby gym to help you get it out of the car?

Sonia said...

Oh Nita ...you picked the prettiest fall containers! Can't wait to plant pansies and mums but I want a wait till the first of October so they will last until Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see your container all gussied up! Happy Fall!
Miss Bloomers

donna baker said...

All urns so beautiful. I don't decorate for fall anymore; no one ever comes to the farm to see it, but I did put a fall wreath on the door and a couple of pots of asters out.

Anonymous said...

How sweet of him to think of you and give you this urn! You will always have memories of your friend this way, even if it stays in the truck!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Great inspiration! I haven't done any fall planting yet... I hope we'll see yours soon. I can't help you, though, I already have a hernia!

Kit said...

LOL!! I can't wait to hear how you get it out of your car. Kit

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I think you need to bake a batch of cookies and bring them to a nice strong neighbor right before you ask for help hoisting that planter out of your car, Nita! When we moved out of our last house, I actually left a beautiful concrete planter behind because I could not get myself to move one more heavy thing! I hope the current owner is enjoying it. Fabulous inspiration photos, but up north it's not worth investing in fall plants. We've already had 2 hard frosts!

Simply Suzannes at Home said...

Oh my gosh! Those are the prettiest planters I've ever seen. I actually think they're prettier than Spring and Summer urn planters. Wow!
I feel inspired to plant beautiful Fall flowers now! Thanks so much, sweet Nita!
Have a great Sunday,

vintage girl at heart said...

I am happy to hear that you will have your dear friends planter. I know it means a lot to you and you will be able to dress it up every season for years to come and remember her. Can't wait to see what you do with it for Fall!
Hope you are able to get it out safely.
(We were in OKC yesterday and if I would have known I would have had my Husband unload it for you)
Happy almost Fall!

Amy Chalmers said...

You will have to be careful not to break the thing...i think you need more help than just your mom!! Can't you trouble a guy in the neighborhood? Pretty containers, i loved the all white too.

Candy S said...

First of all, the containers full of the fall beauty are fabulous. It takes a lot of planning to get everything planted to be just right for the fall. My containers all look rather wimpy. This has been one of the coolest summers on record here in Ohio. I may break down and go buy a few things at the greenhouse. Secondly, how hysterical to have a giant concrete planter stuck in your car. I am sure you will get it out and filled with beautiful fall plants, but until then it has to be a pain in the backside (of your car that is).