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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Salvaged Kitchen Cabinets

 Yesterday I showed some of my favorite funky chic kitchens.
Today I'm going to go further and show salvaged funky cabinets and other storage solutions in kitchens.
I loved some of the comments from yesterday's post. 
Most of you were inspired. A few couldn't imagine working in a kitchen such as these.
One commenter loved the pretty things displayed above the stove but said
that it was impractical because of the kitchen grease that would accumulate. 
I hadn't even thought about that. 
I have a shelf of pretties above my own stove.
I don't have any problem with them getting grease on them...since I never cook with grease or oil.
I might sauté with a little olive oil or butter or balsamic vinegar but that is rare and it does 
not cause a greasy film on anything in the kitchen. 

So, personally I think it's ok to have pretties in the kitchen.
I adore those cabinets above. 
Just adore it. Notice the small electric stove top?
This would by a tiny kitchen in a tiny cottage.

 The black wire spice rack is the star in this kitchen. 
I was inspired by a rack like this when I came up with my own spice rack.
I actually wanted a little wire spice rack but came up with this instead.
It's the perfect size for the space I had available.
It's very handy to have a spice rack right by the stove.
I know many said it was a mistake when I installed it there.
They said spices should be kept in cool dark place but I use them up pretty quickly
 because they are always in sight. 
So it has not been a problem.
Just look at this row of cabinets and hutches! This makes for delightful kitchen cabinets.
Here industrial shelving does the trick. I'm really a fan of these shelves anyway.
I used to have some of these in my old office with seagrass baskets on them.
They looked pretty awesome.
Anyway...even though all this stuff is exposed in this kitchen...it still looks very nice. 
This kitchen really has shelves. Those there at the right remind me of the old metal bins
you used to see at hardware stores. 
This kitchen is too rustic for my own use but I do think it looks divine.
These shelves look like they'd be super easy to build. 
Love the industrial cottage vibe.
A pretty dresser in the kitchen is a welcome surprise at Maple and Magnolia.
A big sideboard makes for an excellent kitchen cabinet.
 This is kitchen of one of the girls of Vintage White Market.
She added the vintage turquoise cabinet to her kitchen.
Her whole kitchen is an amazing hodgepodge of salvaged items.
It includes a vintage stove and fridge which I love...want...need!
This kitchen is created from antique Indian cabinets placed side by side 
with a counter top built over to unify them. 
very nifty
Look how great a wood pallet looks on the wall for a dish cabinet!
Again...too rustic for my actual use but I really like the way it looks.

Just shows kitchens can really be anything these days. 
I love how bohemian and artistic these kitchens are!


NnN said...

I love having a framed mirror behind the cook top, and everyone asks if it gets greasy...and I just say, 'well, I DO clean it!' :) There is nothing to it...just regular cleaning! LOL I think that we all do a few things that we love, but may require extra work. For me it is worth it. Some things are, some aren't, and differs for everyone. I say if you love it, and it works for you, that is all that matters! Love your blog!Rosie

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Great post and super fun kitchens. I love your spice racks they are fabulous. Hugs, Marty

Unknown said...

Very cool collection, Nita!

Laurel Stephens said...

I love your darling spice rack! What a great idea.

Curtains in My Tree said...

those are all so great to see.
I like how brave some women are to arrange there kitchen's thinking out side the box for sure

Unknown said...

Keep the inspiration flowing. I have Pinned a few of these to my boards. Thank you for sharing.xo
Tabatha {ChicByTab}

An Urban Cottage said...

That old sideboard is gorgeous!

20 North Ora said...

Nita - Great post. My favorite thing in the whole post is your spice racks. I found the silver pieces and am going to make some of those. LOVE THEM!!


mapleandmagnolia said...

Love em all! Especially your spice rack! :)

Amy Chalmers said...

The creativity is what is so interesting to me. YOu can have a kitchen and you don't have to spend oodles on new cabs. think outside the box like these people! great post Nita.

Unknown said...

I had the same thought yesterday - with any cooking at all everything would get greasy. You don't have to use a lot of grease in cooking - you need a great hood over the stove (God forbid you don't have one at all) and yes, everything's going to get coated with grease sooner or later. (Usually sooner.)

If you don't mind cleaning - never mind. But for people who cook a lot it's not practical to have "grease catcher's" over/near the stove. It becomes a pain in the ass and practicality overrides pretty at some point.

Much as I love it - I gotta go with practical in the end.

Scribbler said...

I had totally forgotten it was you who made those cool spice racks from the silver casserole holders. I still love it.

I like that use of the industrial racks in the kitchen -- always wanted to do that.

BTW, Pinterest will not let you pin some things lately, have you notice? I tried to pin the one with the indian cabinets and I got a message that other pinners had reported that it contains a link to spam or a site with objectionable content. Has anyone else noticed this? I also got this message on a photo from someone else's blog this a.m. as well as yesterday.

Great collection!

Teddee Grace said...

Love the three hutches side-by-side. I only saute with olive oil and am constantly cleaning my stove top and the vent hood and everything in the general vicinity of spattered oil even though I use a spatter guard over my skillets. You should post a blog on how you keep that from happening!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Perfect post! I love that huge turquoise cabinet!

Buttonchief7 said...

yesterday's pics were cool. But these are even more so. The owner's taste are so much more interesting than all these expensive, white designer kitchens.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Ooooh love love love!! The pretty dresser was my fave thing of all. You know I have my chippy cabinet fronts, but I made sure to coat them with some poly before I hung them so I could wipe them down. It has worked well for 12 years now. But I'm pretty sure that most people clean a LOT more than I do :) I'm actually painting my kitchen cabinets, the lowers, RIGHT NOW but had to have a break so I came to visit. It's a secret but I will tell you they are going to be my favorite color, heehee. And I just might be really rad and paint the knobs on my jennair stove the same color :) Hey that's an idea, why don't you find some old beater stove that still works great and just paint the thing? I can only imagine how many fun ideas you could come up with!! A turquoise stove would be the best thing ever.....

Cindi Myers said...

I read this post the other day at work and I would have sworn that I left a comment!
Anyway, my favs are the Industrial one with the wire shelving and also the one with the big sideboard.