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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Garden Rooms

Saturday Dreams
Garden Rooms
I'm obsessed with them at the moment.
Or the creating of them, that is.
The inside of my garage could become this.
They can be pretty and inside as this one is
Or simple and out in a greenhouse
This poolside one would be perfect on the back of my house.
This one too.
I have the space...I just need furniture and lots of plants and lighting.

With my newly developing sink hole in the backyard...there is a silver lining.
I've been wanting to dig out some patches of earth to create two stone patios.
One underneath my little back pergola and another to the side of my deck.

I had wondered what I'd do with the dirt.
Problem solved...I now have a hole the dirt can go into.

Perhaps it was meant to be.

I've been out shopping for patio furniture too....I feel like I can't make it one more year
without a proper settee and chair on the back deck. 

I ponder and ponder the ones at Pier 1 but then tonight I went by 
The Home Depot and was pretty smitten with this one and it's matching chair.

See the collection here

Prices are good and include cushions.
I don't think the cushions are as nice a quality as Pier 1's but they'd do for awhile.

Then I went by Lowes and saw this....
Really nice! 

But no way can I afford this. 

See this collection here

So I'll keep dreaming and planning.
I did buy some ferns today....the beginnings of my outdoor oasis.

Are you dreaming of your perfect outdoor room?

all photos from my Garden Rooms board on Pinterest.


Danielle said...

Lovely rooms. I can imagine reading with a glass of lemonade in them! x

Sonia said...

Gorgeous garden rooms and i love the furniture you are looking at! I still have a patio set from Target I've had for years and I need some new cushions and an umbrella. Oklahoma winds broke my last one! Thanks for your sweet visit and comments!
Miss Bloomers

Dewena said...

I hope your garden room will take form, one settee and some pretty cushions at a time, plants added in, and eventually you'll be ready for interesting objects that I bet you'll find all over your house to relocate there. Then it will be time for you to put your feet up out there and sip something cool and laugh at the antics of the weenies.

It will make a new woman of you, Nita, so go for it!

Bente said...

Such beautiful rooms. The last one is my favorite.

Have a great weekend


Tara Dillard said...

'Sets' are rarely put into any of my plans.

The French nailed it centuries ago, field gathered and painted the same color.

Comfort & function & beauty.

Chandeliers, ceiling fans, sofas, chairs, drink tables, coffee tables....

Ideally cushions not needed.

Color. Choose the right colors. HUGE.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

KellyMellyBoBellyBananaFanna said...

i'd love to do something like that first space with our garage. love.

Unknown said...

You are great! Most people would be in a tizzy over having a sinkhole and you turn it into a blessing! Love the garden rooms you shared. Hugs, Patti

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

I like the Martha ones at HD. Keep your eye open for a sale and then snatch 'em!

Amy Chalmers said...

HI Nita! Day off today and first thing I did was come see you over here. GArden rooms one of my obsessions, just because this house doesn't have one I guess. But you have some great alternative examples. I am amazed you have a sink hole!! THat is very scary....so lucky it wasn't under the house. How are the shutters coming along?!!!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Have you considered turning the hole into a pool?
I'm so dreaming of a garden room... My garage could become one, after days of work and a new roof!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Nita. WE have the Martha Stewart chairs and we love them. they are super comfy. One thing I liked about them is that when the time comes to recover them it will be really easy but they are holding up very well. I bought towels in the same green to protect the cushions from our dust and cat.