Sunday, April 28, 2013

Open House Sunday

Sweet Spanish Cottage
built 1931
Ok, this cottage is wonderful. I love both the architecture and the way it's decorated and the gardens.
This home was built the same year as my own cottage.
It starts with a pretty front yard garden.
I love the detail of the porch.
The humor and style of this home begins on the front porch with an orange bench.
The purple front door opens to a stylish home.
I love the furniture choices made through this entire home.
Love the low sofa mixed with asian inspired stools for a coffee table.
Very pretty fireplace and I like the beams painted white.
Look at the shape of the arched doorway going into the dining room.
It mimics the shape of the porch. 
I adore that rug in the dining room mixed with a traditional table and white modern chairs.
That painting is fabulous too.
Notice the original sconces and light fixtures were kept in the home.
Love that.
One whole wall is a built in bookshelf in the living room. 
I love the way they've styled it. 
Interesting items and books.
The books are arranged according to color.
I love this look although I'd think it would be pretty hard to find the book you need. 
Another shot of the dining room. Notice the arches here.
I've never seen any like them. 
Look how thick the walls are!
It's not a very big room. But there is plenty of storage in the furniture pieces they have chosen.
This is probably the only room I'd want to make major changes too.
The gray cabinets are pretty but I'd rather have white just because this is a small galley kitchen and 
I'd want this room to be light and bright like the rest of the house.
I'd change out the tile too and do a solid surface for the counter tops.
Wouldn't take much to make this kitchen super pretty.
Black and white floor. I used to like these but after having lived with one...I'm not such a fan.
Now, look at the darling breakfast nook!
This is perfection except for that light fixture.
It needs a cute chandelier immediately. 
Nook in the hallway. The arch matches the doorways in the home.
This desk would have been where the phone was originally.
I'm assuming this is a middle bedroom turned sitting room.
Hallway includes a linen storage closet. I love those.
Serene simple master bedroom.
Love the drapes, rug and the blue bedspread.
Baby's room is simple but has everything a baby needs.
Ok, I'm crazy for this bathroom.
Love the original vanity.
Also love the arch over the tub. I like the choice of black and white toile and stripes in here.
Cute towels too. Pictures over the tub is a cute idea.
The yard is really special. Pea gravel patios abound.
Can't you just imagine the crunch as you walk through?
Love the big blue pot, purple flowers and orange tree.
A wonderful spot to dine outside. 
Only thing needed here are french doors from the house to the outside.
I'm surprised that has not been done.
How about this space?
I adore those outside sofa bed things with the canopy.
Wonderful wall fountain too!
Doesn't this cottage have so much going for it?
It's quaint, stylish and fun!

See the full listing here.

Hope you are having a great Sunday!


Cindi Myers said...

It must be fate that I just now took a break from working outside.
I was thinking that I might just gravel everything and here's your post with pea gravel! That's a sign if I ever needed one!
I love most of the house except the nursery. I would have done Dove Grey with Elephants. A baby needs elephants and tigers and bears.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

What a super cottage. I love that it still retains most of it's oroginal architectural features. Love the gardens. Hugs, Marty

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

You have done it again, another fabulous house! I know this is so much work for you, to find a great home to showcase every week. I have learned soooo much about architecture and design from reading this every week! I always love hearing your perspective and it has opened me up to looking at different types of design!! Which is totally helping me appreciate my mod and contemporary daughter's taste :) What a great series this is, I love love love it.

Unknown said...

This is a great house to feature. I love those beams and archways too. Great house. Wonder what the asking price is?

Patricia said...

I love Spanish-style cottages and this one is particularly beautiful.

My only differing opinion is that I LOVE the tiled kitchen countertops! How wonderful that they haven't changed those to the ubiquitous granite. I have made the decision to remove the granite in my kitchen and replace it with tiles and sealed butcher block. I also plan to go back to white appliances... can't stand trends and fads!

Cindy said...

That is a perfectly adorable cottage, I would like to see retro/antique furniture in it, though. I love the bathroom, too and the yard.