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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Open House Sunday

Hollywood Forever Cottage
built 1922
Do you recognize today's home?
It's none other than the cottage of Kevin Beer of the blog.... Hollywood forever, Kevin

I've shown bits of Kevin's cottage before and Lord knows it's gotten its share of press
but I thought I'd give a tour of it today in honor of the final episode of Kevin's show, LA Shrinks
on Bravo.

At the end of the home tour...I have an interview I did with Kevin about the show.
If you haven't been watching...you can go to the Bravo website and
watch the first three episodes - here.

These episodes will give you the gist of what is going on and I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy the finale
on Monday night at 9 central time 10 eastern time.
It's going to be a good one....Kevin and his long time partner, Greg are getting married!

The show is actually about Dr. Greg and two other therapists in Los Angeles - hence the name.
It follows their lives for a few months as they help their patients deal with personal and emotional issues while the doctors themselves try to figure out their own personal problems.
Everyone needs therapy on this show as I guess we all do.

Early episodes featured sexual problems but it quickly moved on to issues of child abuse and it's repercussions, prejudice against people of size and issues of self awareness and how we
sabotage our own happiness by our repeated patterns.

Pretty deep stuff but it's presented in a light hearted and interesting way....
That's Kevin on the left and his partner Dr. Greg on the right.
The main focus of the show is on Greg with Kevin playing his doting other half, often shown at home.
I know Kevin leaves the house a lot but the show doesn't make it appear so.

Here is a photo of these two taken years ago....they've been together a long time.
I'm assuming that is their kitchen before they renovated it but I could be wrong...
it could be a past place where they lived.
I'm sure Kevin will leave a comment and let me know.

Ok, back to their house...which is the biggest star on the show.
I enjoy seeing it as much as Kevin and Greg.

built in 1922 (1,200 square feet)
The decor of this home is all Kevin's doing.
It's a mix of both of their backgrounds, Hawaii, Houston and Old Hollywood.
Kevin is an acclaimed designer, artist and a dealer of antique and vintage decorative arts. 
He designs residential and commercial interior and exterior spaces as well. 
If you aren't following his blog...you really should.
He shows bits of old Hollywood, art, flea markets, decor, and his travels.
I've been following for a very long time and have read every one of his posts.
Inside the fenced walls....an elegant set of original windows looks out over the garden.
Kevin has such a flair for pulling together such interesting elements.
I love the touches of turquoise everywhere...but it's definitely a masculine home.
See the turquoise glass here and there that bring the room to life?
I love this settee overflowing with turquoise pillows.
The pillows make what could be a stuffy piece of furniture fun!
Nothing like a big ol' Chesterfield sofa. We see Kevin lounging on it in the show.
Of course I love all the period details of this home.
Note the interesting architecture of the wall above the mantel complete with vintage sconces.
Wonderful old portrait oversees the bar.
See the turquoise shingled wall through the french doors?
Outside is a tropical paradise.
Kevin painted these stairs last year in variations of blue and turquoise.
Just perfect for this home.
Just delightful stuff everywhere.
A small birdcage becomes the ceiling light fixture.
A turquoise kitchen lies beyond.
Love this tropical niche.
Pretty serene blue bath. Note the shell and coral mirror.
This house is just like Kevin's works of art. Humor and curiosity mixed with great taste abound.
The master bedroom. Ok, I'd like to know why this poor cat is wearing a cone.
I've never seen a dresser anything like this.
What gorgeous wood!
Another bed looks out over the garden.
Back down to the kitchen. 
Isn't it cheerful? Feels like the tropics.
This is Kevin's back studio.
Some of the curiosities Kevin has created.
Another piece created by Kevin.
A space to invent curiosities.
Back outside...isn't it wonderful? Full of succulents and moss and old concrete.
This is the grotto. Oh...I want a grotto.
Isn't it amazing at night?
This house is so elegant yet relaxed....it's worn and shabby in just the right way.
And I love the pops of color throughout.

Isn't this patio inspiring? It's like a vacation right out their door.
More old concrete statues lend to the vintage atmosphere.
I think this is sooooo brilliant. Kevin suspends chinese parasols in the tree to create shade on the patio.
So colorful and fun.
And there is a roof top deck! They have drinks and watch movies up here.

You can see more of Kevin and Greg's home at
Hollywood Forever, Kevin - see his right sidebar and their is a complete tour at
Apartment Therapy.

Their home has also been shown in

Dr. Greg actually gave a tour of the home on Bravotv.com. Watch it below.

And finally Kevin was very nice to oblige me an interview about LA Shrinks!

My Interview with Kevin

Me:  How long did you film to create the episodes for Bravo? 
Kevin: First of all Nita, I love your blog. My God! how do you do all that tech stuff. I've been reading it since the beginning and I'm always amazed by your talent and your style. So thanks for asking about the show. Filming took about 2 months, in and out of the house. You try it, it's not for the weak of heart. BUT REALLY FUN! 
(Thanks for being so sweet. I could only hope my house would be as amazing as your's. And I can do this tech stuff because I'm not doing a TV show...I live in Oklahoma...life is boring here) back to the interview

Me:  How has being a new Bravo-lebrity affected your life? Are you getting recognized from the show? 
Kevin: I have to say, it's nice to have a driver. Crazy I know, of all things!  Yes, on occasion I do get recognized. What really touches me is when a middle-aged person, or more so, a middle-aged gay man stops me and tells me how much the show means to him and how great it is see someone like himself represented. I am always moved by this and I thank them so many times, it gets embarrassing. Being an older gay man, it pleases me to know I can represent in a small way an age group that you don't often see.
(A driver! Who do you think you are NeNe Leaks! I never ever thought a driver would come with a Bravo show, automatically.)

Me:  Did filming put stress on your and Greg's relationship ? 
Kevin: Some how, in some way it brought us closer. Greg and I have been together for almost 24 years so for the record, did we fight?, a big yes!, did we make up, a bigger yes!

Me:  Did Greg feel like it showed his profession in a favorable light?  
Kevin: I can't answer for Greg, but I believe politicians, therapist, and religious leaders should be brought down from their pedestals and shown that they are just human beings, just like you and me.

Me:  Did you two plan your wedding to be a part of the show or did that just happen? 
Kevin: The first day of shooting, the scene when I was cooking breakfast, Greg kept bringing up the subject of marriage and in my mind I was thinking, where is this going? We had been together for so long, what was the point, and it's not even legal in this state, so there was a big, why!

So by the time you see us on the patio eating, Greg and I decided let's do it. It's all in the editing, what takes 5 hours to film, shows up to be 5 minutes.  

(Well, I could have told you someone was going to have to get married on your show. Most Bravo shows end their season with a big wedding. I'm not surprised at all. I think Nene Leaks got divorced just so she could have a big Bravo wedding next year.) 

Me:  How has the show impacted your life in a positive way? In a negative way? 
Kevin: The show is really Greg's story and how one can deal with childhood abuse. It's emotional and hard to watch at times, but that said, it's brought his family closer and shows the healing process. Our story as a couple is woven throughout the base story, which I think they do a pretty good job of showing. One of our worries as a couple was that we'd come across as really boring. I hope that wasn't the case.
(Nope, you guys are not boring at all...but I could have gone for lots of scenes of you shopping at flea markets and I did note that Greg said at one point that he hated antiquing even though you love it.) 

Me:  Have you met Andy Cohen? (head of Bravo TV and host of "Watch What Happens Live" a talk show on Bravo)
Kevin: No, hopefully someday. 
(I was hoping during the season, Greg and the other two stars would be on "Watch What Happens Live" and you'd be the guest bartender. That was my dream. I dream big.) 

Me:  Would you do the show again after having experienced Season 1 or in other words will there be a Season 2? 
Kevin: For sure, I would love to do a second season, as of today, no word from the big boss, but keep your fingers crossed.
(I surely hope so....or better yet...give Kevin his own design and decor show too! That would be soooo good.)

Here is a clip from the upcoming Monday night's episode.

I'll be watching!

Wasn't that nice of Kevin to grant me an interview?
My first celebrity interview.


Tara Dillard said...

Oh my his editing skills are pure pixie dust.

Adore the use of exterior old shutters at the gate and back door.....

Don't watch much TV, so...thanks for introducing me to this show.

Gorgeous cool spring day. My best girlfriend coming for lunch, she works from London now, boohoo, glad to get her in person.

Hope you have a great day.

Garden & Be Well, XO T

Thehouseofhampton said...

Hi Nita,
The show is great! When I'm in Hollywood I always keep my eyes open for Kevin. I love his blog too. Wonderful photos of the home. Thanks for the post.

An Urban Cottage said...

This was fun, Nita. And congrats for snagging the interview with own reality star Kevin.

It's been nice getting to know Kevin (and Greg) if only a little bit through the show. I didn't see their magazine spread so it was nice to see a little bit more of their house too.

Looking forward to the last episode!

ANNE said...

I love your house tour posts!!! I may not always stop to comment, but I always take the tour! Thanks Nita!!

Scribbler said...

I love your house tours, and don't know how I have managed to miss this blog. I am going to rectify this right now!


Oh Nita..what a fantastic and gorgeous home!! You share the most fabulous homes and decor. Have a great week.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Nita, Nita! Where should I begin? Thanks so much for the interview, it was really fun talking to you. Your blog, like I've said before and I'll say it again is an inspiration to all of us.
You asked about the old photo of Greg and I. Well, that was taken in my old apartment in West Hollywood about 23 years ago. It's so sad! you can see my hair color has changed but not my favorite color blue.
All the best, Kevin
PS. I am still driving my old Honda Element.

Ricki Treleaven said...

LOVED the tour....their kitchen is *to die for* :D

Has HGTV contacted Kevin for his own show? I wonder if they could handle two shows as a couple...that would be hard.....

Thanks for posting the videos, too!!!

the gardener's cottage said...

nita this is my favorite open house sunday ever!

i love kevin and happened to be watching tv when the show aired. i couldn't believe it was him! it was great b/c i never watch tv b/c i think there is nothing to watch and lo and behold...

so i love his house, love those parasols in the gardena and swear one day to copy him. i love his blog too. and of course he is drop dead gorgeous so that doesn't hurt either.

thanks for the interview guys, it was great!


Cindy said...

What a fantastic treat this post was! I love, love , love that house and all the artistic touches. Their story is beautiful too. I haven't watched the show much, but you did an amazing job interviewing them and sharing here. Bravo! Cindy @ sunsetcoasting.blogspot.com

Adam Hazlett said...

Fabulous post Nita!
Love that tiki head cookie jar!
Just a great interview too!
You do have an incredible blog!
Keep up the great work, OK can't be that boring!
Your pal,

NnN said...

I am new to your blog and just love it. This house...oh my, where to begin. So much personality in it...I WISH I was that bold! :) I loved every room, every touch...wow!!! The corals, blues...so inspiring. Thanks for showcasing this house, it made my day!