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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Open House Sunday VIII

Tudor - Colonial?
built 1936
I don't know exactly how to classify the style of this home. 
This home has been on the market a little while, hence why the grass isn't green.
So I went looking for a photo on the county assessor's page that showed it with a green lawn.
I found this which shows the yard at it's best.
But then I found this photo of it taken in 2004.
Which version do you like better? I have to say I kind of like the creamy white version best.
Although I wonder if the stone accents were painted also...they must have been.
The stone does indicate it should have a more earthy color scheme.
Nice porch
Decor is pretty drab in here but it's a nice room.
This room has the same problem as my kitchen DID have. Too much black tile.
Except this is way worse than mine was. 
It would take a while, like 12 hours but that backsplash could be fixed with my white vinyl solution.
I think the countertop would not be so bad if the backsplash was solid white.
I'm loving this railing but for the first time in the history of mankind...
I actually think something painted white should be painted another color. 
Especially, since the outside is done in such earthy colors. 
Black or oil rubbed bronze?
Pretty built in vanity under the windows. 
I'd hang a over the top an ornate mirror centered in front of the windows.

Sunny Cottage 
in California
built 1928
This place just looks like fun. Like you'd drink margaritas and pina coladas every weekend here.
More black tiles.

That's a bit of a climb.

Have a Happy Sunday and be back here later tonight for my
You can link up anything from your house that illustrates taking something old and mixing it with something new. It might be an old piece of furniture you've painted in a new way. 
It might be something new that you've bought to mix with your old things. 
It might be something in a very modern style to go with your antiques.
Also you can link up anything that inspires you to mix as long as you give credit from where the photo came.

See you then!


Ricki Treleaven said...

I agree...the creamy white exterior is prettier. At first I thought the California house must be is Sausalito, but it is in the Hollywood hills. It is so cute, but what is with the steps? Are they leading down to the house? Is it a treetop deck? I need to go back and read the listing....

Claudia Fabiana said...

Wow, I love the first house. It looks good in white, which I would prefer if I lived there, but the darker colors add a lot of character. The stairway and railing are beautiful, and I agree with you about the kitchen. Would love to see a mini-makeover of that kitchen.


Cindi Myers said...

I love the look of the first house when it was creamy white but I don't care for it at all in the dark tone. Too drab and depressing.
I do like the second one but I even had to go to the listing to search and make sure...I'm so surprised! It doesn't have a pool IT NEEDS a pool.

The enchanted home said...

I like the lighter version of the first house, it looks much happier and more updated, and the green grass makes a MAJOR difference! I think the inside looks like it has good bones but could use a little TLC, I would also paint the iron stair railing black, the white makes it look way too "patio-ish
"in my humble opinion. Other than that it looks like a good solid home as does the second one, whose sunny open interiors were a pleasant surprise!

Amy Chalmers said...

I couldn't believe it was the same house. I had to look three times. It is so much better in the cream color! And you are right about all of your notes: hang a large mirror between windows over vanity, paint stair rails, but I would remove all of that kitchen tile...! Or hire some one to do it. The second house did have a fun vibe.

Cindy said...

I always enjoy your Open House Sunday, you pick some great houses. The first one was very pretty, so sad to see it with a dead lawn. I loved the creamy paint job. The second one was a very fun one! Loved it, I could live in that one! Especially the library room, I adore that room.
Hugs, Cindy

The Sterling Cherub said...

First house: much better in the lighter colors. I cannot for the life of me figure out why whoever owns that home would not at least water the lawn! The landscaping appears to be ruined (even the bushes are dead!) and that is going to cost a lot of $ to re-do on a lot that size. It's a beautiful home, regardless (other than that kitchen, which makes my eyes hurt. Your kitchen with the black and white is MUCH nicer than that one!).

Second house: Knew instantly it was in California, for some reason, I can always recognize the quality of our "light" -- it's very bright and clear. Very cute Laurel Canyon home, but way too hilly for my tastes! I'm in Los Angeles in flatter terrain, and while the canyons around here are gorgeous, I'd rather be in Bel Air or Malibu if I have to deal with hills! LOL! Can you see the reason why I will never be able to buy a home in this area? That is a 928 sq. ft. home for more than half a million dollars! Ridiculous; real estate here is SO EXPENSIVE, and you literally are going to spend over a million $ for a "decent" home with some space to it. The home in Oklahoma is much more reasonably priced. Oh, and those steps lead down to the garage, which is pretty common with homes in the canyons. Wonder how much it floods when it rains here?

Thanks for showing these listings! You picked some good ones!