Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garden Chandelier

I found this little chandelier today at the Renovation Station which is OKC's 
Habitat for Humanity Restore. 
It was $10. I pulled the wiring out and soon it will have candles and plants in it.
Not sure if it is staying at my house or my friend's house.
She has been looking for a chandelier for outside. 
This is not really the type she was looking for but I bought it for her just in case.
If she doesn't like it...I'll add it to my garden stuff.
I'm kind of hoping she doesn't like it.

Today, I am guest blogger over at 
It was so sweet that Laurie asked me to do a guest post there.
Come over and say hi.


Cindi Myers said...

I have some chandeliers that are similar to that and I've thought about selling them but then I just can't make myself! I adore them too much!
So I'd say Keep It! LOL!
I'm off to Laurieanna's now!
XOXO - Cindi

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Oh wow, that would look fabulous as a garden chandelier! Great find.


Ricki Treleaven said...

Nice find, Nita. I will link over in a moment!

Cindy said...

Oh Nita, That chandelier is just darling! I love it! It would look wonderful in your yard if your friend doesn't want it.
Hugs, Cindy

"Create Beauty" said...

What a fabulous chandelier for a garden!!! Can't beat that for $10!!! You find wonderful treasures...

~ Violet

gertie @ The Old Block House said...

Love this! Now I'm going to have to give the chandeliers at the thrift store a second look.

Please post a pic when you get the candles and plants in it. I'd love to see it!


Amy Chalmers said...

I have never seen one like that before. YOu must show the after when you are done planting.

My Galveston Cottage said...

love your chandelier. what a great find!!

Ivy Lane said...

love it! please...if you do put some candles and plants on/in a pic of it!

What a great deal! could be really neat spray painted in a bold color such as red or poppy..depending on the outdoor decor you are introducing it to...

Happy Sunday!

red ticking said...

really pretty... x

Bonnie@ The Hopeless Romantic said...

She has to love it , its so cute! It will look awesome with candles..Im looking for a "candelier" for the back porch. Hope i find something with some personality..........Bonnie

KTbee said...

it is so handy for me to follow your blog now that i'm living in OKC! =P i'm gonna have to check out this Renovation Station sometime!

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

I love it...can't wait to see it with your plants and candles added.