Thursday, June 30, 2011

Million Dollar Decorators

Let's Review
I'm sorry...I've been lax and have not given you weekly updates 
on Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators.
This was last week.
Yes, other things happened but this is all I remember 
or care to remember.

On to this week....
Mary helped Nathan decorate for an Indian themed party.
Nathan decided when he went to India that it was a waste of time 
to feel bad for how impoverished 
the people of India are because as a whole they 
seemed happier than his Beverly Hills' friends.
Mary said Nathan should wear a turbin to the Indian Party.
This party was shot by Elle Decor announcing his Indian stuff 
for sale on One King's Lane.
Nathan and Mary love each other. 
He calls her Mam and she makes him wear stupid hats.
I said Mary was the Evil Queen last time...
but I've changed my mind.
I think she just has a harsh delivery. 
I think she actually finds humor in everything but the way she 
says things it comes across as mean.
Rumor is that the character of Karen on Will and Grace was based on her.
I can see that.
This woman, the wife of the Max Factor heir is wicked hateful....
I'm pretty sure she is a vampiress. 
But they are working on her beach house and vampires usually don't live at the beach. 
Too much sun.
She is incredibly mean to our Kathryn.
This is Kathryn shocked by what is coming out of her client's mouth.
I have to say this whole exchange reminded me of myself and my last boss.
But this is Kathryn Freaking Max Factor heiress/wife blood sucking freak! 
I'm sure if this weren't a tv show, Kathryn would have walked out ages ago.
This client is so disrespectful.
Jeffrey and Ross have a meeting about a restaurant design...
"Well, it's not bright yellow" says Ross about a bar stool the client wants.
(I understand you, Ross....a pop of color is everything and can make or break a project)
This guy, their client, has just questioned paying three times 
more for bar stools that are yellow.
He's shocked by the cost but probably more shocked to realize 
that he is attracted to Ross and therefore must be gay. 
I bet they get the yellow bar stools.
And this guy is probably not gay....Ross is just irresistible to all.
Martyn decorated Daisy Fuentes's apartment. 
So far nothing he has done on the show looks 
anything like the work we see from him in magazines. 
He must be saving the good stuff for his real clients not his show clients.
This episode he actually says the words..."lacquered goat skin".
That apparently is what Daisy's coffee table is made of. 
Really? How is that even possible? 
And if it is possible...why oh why?
Jeffrey and Ross take a bath.
Go away Jeffrey...

I want to be alone with Ross.

There also was some decorating....


Ivy Lane said...

love the show... the bath ...well..I think that was a tad over the top... T.M.I....

JoAnn S. said...

rofl lol lol absolutely! yes! yes! yes! hugs JoAnn

Holly said...

Nita, love this post, the only thing wrong with it is there are just not enough pictures of Ross. Does the man have a bad side? I'm not sure, I'll have to go and look at him again....and again...and again. And yes, Jeffrey needs to go away.

Ricki Treleaven said...


Nita, you are too funny. I still have not seen the show, but if I were lucky enough to have Kathryn Ireland decorate *anything* for me, I would be grateful. But there are those psychopathic psychic vampires that do suck the life out of you.....I bet they can live at the beach....and as far as Ross is concerned, well he looks so much like Jason Lewis that it is not even funny....what is the show about again? I have so lost my train of thought.

Daisy Fuentes has a loose screw...Lacquered goat skin makes me want to hurl....

Great post, and I will definitely look for this show.


Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh, and by the way, I love your Independence Day header. *cute*

Amy Chalmers said...

You know, Ross doesn't do anything for me..maybe because i have 3 sons close to his age, so I don't even go there! Laughed at this one, you have to do a recap after each show and tell it like it damn funny. Love Mary more and more, always love the real and genuine article, Kathyrn, I am liking Martyn more as well, and Nathan is kind of boring...nice but boring. Mary was hysterical on the show at his party posing for pics, almost knocking Nathan to the ground and then yelling at him "MY HAIR!!" when he tried to hold onto her and not fall down. Too funny.

The enchanted home said...

You are hysterical...have a crush on Ross much? :) He is definitely a pretty boy but seems so high maintencance, though I enjoy their comical exchanges. Agree about Mary, she is really growing on me too, think shes a good hearted person but just has a rough around the edges element to how she relates to others. I like her personal style, she always has something on that I like so she racks up brownie points for that:) Kathryn is hard not to love, she is just easy going and approachable......loved her in her white mini! Yes the Factor client is not easy, is very sharp and doesn't miss a beat. Lets hope when she moves into her beach house, the sun and ocean will calm her down a bit!! Great recap.

Debra@CommonGround said...

This show just gets better and better! I have to say that my husband was standing there during the "bath" scene and he was un-impressed. I think it just has to be Ross' wavy blond hair...isn't that it? I enjoy your weekly commentary as much as I do the show!
keep it comin'! xoxo Debra

Mud Pie Studio said...

The show is so over the top and ridiculous I can't help but watch and laugh. So far I haven't seen anything that I couldn't reproduce with a trip to World Market or Pier 1. I feel horrible for Kathryn. I can see how she might come across unorganized, but she's a pro and the Factor woman is CRAZY!

Blue Shore House said...

So I have only watched the show once before my husband and I cancelled our I am so sad I am missing all of the fun because I loved it. I'll be checking back into your blog though for updates!

Happy 4th!

Desiree Guy @ Camelot Art Creations said...

LOL!!!!! Ross is just to DIE FOR!!! love this post! <3 I have been watching since the first show & I am just in love with the show.


Sally@threeblondeboyz said...

my sides are aching! Ross, oh yes! me too! and Miss Max Factor- well I think I noticed her back off just a teeny bit this week. When she was confronted I saw a hint of vulnerability (but it was gone as quickly as it appeared) I'm with you all the way, great show,I'm addicted, so is my hubby. Can't warm to Mary though, sorry ;( ...perhaps after another 60 episodes or so. Love your blog, Sally xxx

Anonymous said...

Once again, Nita, you have given me the best giggle I've had today. Your recap of the show is priceless and just too darn funny!! Jana in Texas

Unknown said...

that might have been the best MDD recap yet!



Into Vintage said...

I am dying laughing here because I saw exactly the same show: Blah, blah, blah ... ROSS ... something something ...Ross! After that, I'm a little fuzzy. ;-)

Claudia Fabiana said...

I watched...Feel sorry for Kathryn and what about poor Dean Factor, the husband? Jeffrey and Ross act like they're in Middle school. I'm getting a little fed up! The India party looked so incredible! I love watching Mary and Kathryn. They're so different.


A Sense of Design said...

I cant decide whether I want this show to come Aus or not!!! We have a saying here "They all sound like a bunch of ...(rude word, rhymes with banker!!!)" But still sounds entertaining! Oh I think only Australians know what rhymes with banker :-)

Deserae said...

I am totally addicted to this show now and will be compeltey bummed when it is over! Mary is my favorite and Martyn is my least favorite right at the moment. Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

Patty said...

That was too too funny!! Thanks Nita!

Alisha O. said...

your observations are *spot-on*,& hilarious! i finally caught up on Tivo, I'm not normally into 'reality tv' but I can't resist this one. (:

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