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Friday, March 27, 2015

More Potting Benches

Oh...it truly feels like spring here now.
We had our first round of tornadoes Wednesday night.
The city of Moore, Oklahoma got hit, yet again.
I don't know why anyone lives there.
It's so risky!
I know for many it's just their home town and they aren't going to leave it.
I get that...but if it's not your home town...why would you move there?
It's the capitol of tornadoes.
But I digress....it really is spring now with all those storms about and I'm
still thinking about potting benches.
I love that blue one above. It's a great color.
This one made of an old window and an old sewing machine stand is truly different and pretty.
This one is made of pallets and crates and painted green....pretty cute...yes?
This one is old and rustic - love the addition of the mirror.
Just a perfect table makes this one.
This one looks professionally made. 
It's pretty but lacks the charm of those that are made of odds and ends.
This is actually a sink/potting bench. It's got lots of charm!

Thanks to all of you that wrote telling me how happy you were that
my Mom adopted Daisy.
I loved all your stories about your own adoption of old dogs. 

I saw photos of her the other day where she was in the bed next to Marcus.
I forgot to get them off Mom's phone but I'll get them and share.

How is your spring starting off -
cold and snowy or warm and stormy?


Debra@CommonGround said...

I always get excited when I see your potting bench posts. We're finishing up our deck and I can't wait to get out there and start putting things together. Have a great weekend, Nita!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

It's snowing today. Damn! It won't stick or anything but it's like one step backward. Your collection of potting benches is supreme!

Mari said...

What a gorgeous collection of potting benches ;-)


Tanna said...

Love. Want. Love. Want. Love. Want. that first one! Ha! ;) Beautiful display of potting tables, Nita. blessings ~ tanna

Marsha said...

I would love to have a potting bench. These are just so pretty! Thanks for a lovely post.

Pondside said...

What a nice selection of potting benches - I'll be re-pinning!

Cindi Myers said...

It was 20 degrees when I woke up this morning but it did warm up to 40 degrees by the time I got home.
So I do think Spring is coming...pretty soon.
Did I ever tell you I got a potty bench for $15 at Goodwill last December? Nothing fancy, but I have tons of things to add to it to make it special.
I will try to remember to do a before/after post.
Can't hardly wait to see those photos of your Mom's little ones!

Sonia said...

So glad I don't have to choose just one..because I love them all! One of my favorite posts is when you share all these gorgeous benches! Happy Spring!

vintage girl at heart said...

loving ALL OF THESE but that last one is giving me inspiration to make something with salvaged legs :).
hope you weekend is happy and full of doggie snuggles.

Kit said...

Oh how I love that first bench. Just lovely! We are having rain, sun, wind but spring is here! It is exciting. Kit