Friday, April 4, 2014

Painted White Cabinet

Chippy White Goodness!!!
So I finally finished up my cabinet in the living room.
This is what it looked like before
 I painted it with a mix of what I had on hand.
I had some Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint in Ironstone.
But I didn't have a lot of I mixed it up and added a pint of Valspar paint to it.
I lightly sanded first and then cleaned the cabinet up with vinegar.
I did too good of job sanding and cleaning because she didn't chip at all.
Perhaps she would have if I hadn't mixed paints.
Probably would...but I wanted to use what I had.
So I sanded the dickens out of her. 
 Then I used Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax on top.
Two coats.
 It's a beautiful smooth finish.
Knobs came from Hobby Lobby.
This pretty orchid?
I confess I bought it at work the other day. 
I said I wouldn't be buying much there but I could not resist this sweet small orchid
in a silver container.

So yesterday at work one of the Vice Presidents of the company 
came up to me and said,
"We were all looking at your blog this morning."

I was were? How did you know I have a blog?

He said every morning they check to see what is being said about Bob Mills 
Furniture on the internet and up popped my blog.

Thank goodness he didn't have a problem with me promoting the store.

I didn't think they would. 

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Unknown said...

It's absolutely beautiful! I love the chippy white :) Well done!

Debra@CommonGround said...

love your makeover, Nita, it's wonderful!

DD's Cottage said...

Great job Nita--I love how it turned out!

vintage girl at heart said...

LOve it!! It really is a fabulous makeover.
Looks totally different!!
Wonder if you will get a bonus for the free advertising? :)
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

You did a very good job on your cabinet, and glad your boss approves of your blog? really
I always wonder who reads mine and never says anything
Again your cabinet is precious and perfect

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Looks fabulous, I love it.

donna baker said...

That was a good thing to know. I have tried to get my kids to stop venting/posting on facebook but to no avail.

Annette T. said...

Oh, my goodness, that is a fantastic job of giving this piece a make over. Just beautiful. Your job is lucky to have you to sell their beautiful furniture!

Deb said...

I love it's new look. Deb

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Your piece has a new fresh look with its chippy white paint. Great transformation, Nita!

Unknown said...

Love it, Nita. I am a lover of anything chippy.

ChicagoGrrrl said...

Be very careful about everything you say on the blog. You are going to be monitored.

Mary Ann said...

I know the distressed look is is in-but I don't care for it at all. Maybe it is because when we married 59 years ago all of our hand me down furniture was pretty worn. I remember longing for the day when we could afford to buy new and shiny furniture.

Stacey said...

Your cabinet looks great, Nita! It's the perfect size and the sanding looks perfectly old.

I'm cracking up that they found your blog right off the bat. It always kind of freaks me out when I realize family or friends have found it. It's like my little secret...except I do have one aunt who tells everyone who crosses her path about my blog. :)

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

NIta, it looks gorgeous! And so much more cottage-y than before.

Amy Chalmers said...

Finally! I see you got your cabinet done!! yay! It looks really good Nita with your secret paint recipe! I see I missed a few posts, I will check them out.

Rhonda said...

I love the cabinet painted white! Love the distressing you gave it, very nice!

Linda Walker said...

I love the distressed, white finish on this chest. What an amazing job you did. I have wanted to learn some basic furniture finishes and would love to give it a try on a similar-sized piece for my porch.

Lee Caroline - A World of Inspiration said...

I just discovered your blog through Natasha in Oz. I loved it immediately I landed on your page. A lovely blog banner and lots of white.

Your cabinet is gorgeous, I love the chippy look. I have also just potted up a small orchid for my home office which is undergoing re-decorating. I bought some Spanish moss which is a living air plant and wrapped it around the orchid roots and placed it in a fluted glass hurricane that had a little stem on it, its turned out great. I love what you have done too and might do that if they Spanish moss dies.

I will take a look around your blog a little more before I leave and hope to come back again.


The Charm of Home said...

Nita, you did a great job on th cabinet. It looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Easter.

The Charm of Home said...

Nita, you did a great job on th cabinet. It looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Happy Easter.

Laurel Stephens said...

I love the color and textures of your new chest. It turned out great!