Thursday, April 10, 2014

Adding Vintage Character

5 Ways to Add Vintage Character 
to Living Rooms
Today I have an article to share with you written by a member of the Zillow team
Jennifer Riner of Zillow
I joined Zillow several months ago and have really enjoyed the inspiration I've found there.
Many at my job sit in between customers and browse the homes on Zillow.

Seems someone is always looking for a house.

But I've really enjoyed
It's similar to Pinterest where you can save you favorite inspiration photos in folders so when 
Jennifer contacted me and said she'd like to do an article for my blog, I thought Why Not?

and here it is...
(all photos came from Zillow Digs)

With the right accents, any home can feature the comfort, style and coziness that vintage character provides. 
Living rooms in particular should be welcoming as a common place for residents and guests to relax and converse. 
Modern interiors, while fashionable and fresh, don’t provide the same sense of security felt in older, charming homes. 
However, even the most contemporary living spaces can incorporate at least some sense of vintage character.
To create a space filled with warmth, consider these five amiable décor additions.
1. Charming Light Fixtures
Switching out chandeliers and bulbs is a simple way to incorporate character into bland interiors. 
Check out local thrift stores or garage sales for great deals on recycled pendant lights for an old, industrial look. 
For classic French flair, go with ornate chandeliers featuring crystals or faux candle lights. Not up for the hassle of installation? 
Adorn spaces with vintage floor and desk lamps, preferably made of ceramic or crystal 
and featuring shades with classic floral patterns.
2. Molding and Medallions
Crown molding completely transforms a bare space from unfinished to polished. 
Rooms fitted with molding appear more luxurious and well-crafted. 
Although wide moldings are often expensive, there are faux options for renovators on a budget. 
Consider home style and ceiling height before deciding on the type and size of trim for a space. 
As a general rule, ceilings 10 feet tall and higher should be adorned with molding at least one inch wide 
per foot of ceiling height. For example, a 10-foot ceiling would have 10-inch molding 
and a 12-foot ceiling would have 12-inch molding. 
Ceilings under 10 feet high should not abide by this rule and instead use a 
relatively thin trim to avoid overwhelming wall space.
Ceiling medallions are another great option for homeowners trying to spruce up dull living rooms. 
Homeowners can purchase these from hardware stores for as little as $20 apiece. 
Although they appear heavy and elaborate, urethane medallions are lightweight 
and easy to install with an adhesive.
3. Paneled Doors
Flat doors and cabinets are typical aspects of ultra-modern and contemporary style homes. 
Homeowners looking to add vintage charm into their interior spaces should consider installing panels 
onto flat surfaces to create a sense of elegance. 
Use frame boards (called stiles and rails) to border the base plywood. 
Paneling projects are relatively easy with the right tools and can be completed on almost any flat wooden surface. 
Don’t go too overboard; some sharp and clean lines help offset detailing 
to avoid a cluttered appearance.
4. Wood Ceilings and Beams
Exposed beams are a great way to add a vintage vibe to newer homes. 
Plain ceilings can be boring, but wood beams and/or panels provide comforting textures to an often overlooked surface. 
Consider using faux beams for an inexpensive upgrade since real support beams can cost thousands. 
Although more of an advanced project, beams (artificial or real) appeal to future homebuyers searching for properties 
and therefore increase homeowners’ resale values. 
Wooden accents expand the prospective buyer pool and may help increase competition 
on home purchases.

5. Vintage Hardware
Keep an eye out for embellished switch plates, genuine brass pulls and reclaimed doorknobs. 
These small, striking pieces have the ability to transform even the most modern of rooms. 
To top it off, they are the easiest upgrades to install. With a hammer, screwdriver and a couple of screws, 
any basic accents can be exchanged for more elaborate pieces. 
Transform a space from sparse to intimate with all five additions, or utilize one to two tips for a more welcoming feel 
in an existing contemporary space. 
Either way, incorporating antiquated traits turns any house into a home.
Thanks, Jennifer!
Following are a few more photos I found inspiring this week on Zillow Digs.


Thehouseofhampton said...

The swing on that front porch is to die for!

Thehouseofhampton said...

The swing on that front porch is to die for!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love the light fixtures in the kitchen.

Tara Dillard said...

Staged & shot my fiance's cabin.

It's underwater on the mortgage & had been with a realtor for 4+ years. Who never had it on Zillow.

I put it on Zillow last fall and each month have had more queries than the entire 4 years combined. Alas, not sold yet. Wish Zillow let houses be for sale/rent at the same time.

Put the cabin on a vacation rental site too. It's renting like CRAZY.

Am a huge fan of Zillow and didn't know about this, in your post !

Hope your spring day is as gorgeous as ours.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Cindi Myers said...

As you know, my home is mostly black and white but I'm slowly making it MORE white and I have accents of turquoise and green everywhere!
I didn't even do it consciously at first but now? Whoa! Yep, it's all over the place!
So therefore I'm loving that first photo! although I still adore the style of the second.
I'm on Zillow every lunch break. That's how I spend it, looking at houses that I will never buy.
But I can't stop.
I'm addicted.