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Thursday, January 30, 2014

American Horror Story - Coven

This is the End
but the beginning of my new catch phrase.

American Horror Story - Coven ended last night.
This wasn't my favorite season of American Horror Story.
I really thought it would be since it was set in
New Orleans and was about witches. 

My favorite is still season 1 - Murder House
with Asylum a far second.
There were times this season...I almost didn't care
if I watched another episode. 

Characters died and then came back to life repeatedly over and over
during the season.

There were holes in the plot...times you had to just pretend that it made sense.

or didn't...why couldn't Cordelia see all?

Well she just couldn't...I guess she was just too over shadowed by her Mom.

I loved all the actors though...and I'm glad I watched it all.
Kathy Bates was fantastic, so was Angela Bassett.

Of course Jessica Lange is the queen. 
I can't wait to see what she'll do next season...I admit.

Appearances by Stevie Nicks felt forced. 
like let's help Stevie sell some tunes.

But watching this season was all worth it when

Fiona finds herself in hell and says...

"What is this - Knotty Pine?!!!!!"
(said with Fiona's southern drawl -  knaughty p-i-i-i-i-i-ne?!!!)

Ah...the ultimate sign you are in hell.

Oh.....that was good. 

Just shows this season was all about decorating.
The thing I enjoyed the most about this whole season was the 
On this final episode we even saw more of the beautiful interiors of the home for witches.

So funny that the line came out of Fiona's mouth just as she realized she must be in hell 
if she was living in a house with walls covered in knotty pine.

This will probably be my new catch phrase for awhile.
I haven't found a phrase I wanted to repeat over and over as much since....

"Where the hell is my chiffon!"

from season two of Project Runway

"What is this - Knotty Pine?!!!!!"

said with surprise, realization and disgust


An Urban Cottage said...

I probably wouldn't have watched this if it wasn't for the friend's house that appeared in it a few times...but I really enjoyed it. I agree the acting was superb. Yes, a few holes in the plot but it was campy enough that I thought it worked well enough.

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, a few friends and I did a Season 1 marathon. I didn't like it as much. I thought it was little bit of a Sixth Sense ripoff. And I have to admit, I've never been much of a Dylan McDermott fan so that might shade my opinion.

I still haven't seen the finale; I'll watch it tonight.

the cape on the corner said...

I watched a few episodes in the beginning, and that was it. i couldn't believe i felt that way about this season, either, b/c the previous ones i couldn't WAIT to see every week.

who ended up being the supreme?

donna baker said...

That was funny about the pine. Her hell. I think the first season was so novel, it was good. The second season had too much happening to keep up, but good too. This season wasn't the best, though heard the main guy and Emma Roberts are engaged now.

Our Beach House said...

I agree on all counts, and this finale was by far the most coherent episode. Thanks fro a great wrap up post. xo xo

Adam Hazlett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam Hazlett said...

It almost seemed like Fiona's hell was the axeman's heaven, or at least a nicer hell, of course he'll have to put up with her forever. I agree it wasn't as interesting as last season's story.
I did like the war with the voodoo queen and the zombie attack but the plot holes and loose ends started to pile up.

Olive said...

I only watched season one. I likely don't get the channel it is on anymore as we have cheap cheap cable.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I absolutely agree with your opinions on all that you said about this season and the previous 2. I almost quit watching after the first few but I hung in there. I did like the ending though with Fiona in her own private Hell. I hope next season is better but nothing can top the first one.

Cindi Myers said...

I will try to block out this whole post as I rent the DVD's from the library and have only seen Season One so far. LOL!
I'm not too psyched now though, although I do want to see some more of the house interiors
and I love Jessica Lange.

Scribbler said...

Funny. I never saw the show, but your new phrase is funny.

Unknown said...

I started following your blog. I have been a big AHS fan..I started with season 2 and I liked it alot. I looked forward to this season...only to have lost interest fast...I didnt care about those three little witches; I thought they were a waste. I just watched season 1 (my favorite) and I did it in 10 hours...until 2am..havent seen that hour in years. I love your blog! KNOTTY Pine...ha ha. Sadly, she will not be in another AHS..she may help direct...so she says for now..