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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mod Mix Monday #87

Too Much!!! or Not!!!
Here is a room I'd never put together and yet I really like it.
Yes, I'd pick that sofa....no...I wouldn't pick that coffee table.
Yes, to the lamps....no to the rough wood frames.
Did you notice the detailing on the lampshades?....they are all tied up.
Yes, to the turquoise tray...no to the typewriter.
And those pillows in sharp contrast to all the bits of turquoise in the room? 
 I would not have done either.

Just shows...sometimes you need to add in things that you don't necessarily like all that much
to make it interesting. 

I really love this room.

I know I have a tendency to go too feminine...I'm working on that.

(no...not really)

Here is something I really wanted to show you today....
Forgive the bad photo taken with my iphone.

I took my Mom home yesterday or rather I followed her home. 
She drove her own car...but I followed to help her carry things and settle in and 
I had Marcus in the car with me.
I've fallen in love with that big old Moose of a dog....
Here is his photo in case you've forgotten what he looks like...
Moose Marcus
Anyway...back to my tale...
I took Mom home and this is what sits across the street from her house
in the across the street neighbor's yard.
A goal post sitting facing the street!
Mom had mentioned the neighbor boys were playing basketball to the south of her.
She said her dogs go nuts barking at them as they play ball in the street.
In the street!
Well, I think this is ridiculous! It made me laugh and laugh.
How many times did my Dad say to us kids.
"Now, why don't you kids run outside and play in the street?"
Of course he was joking.
But in this case...this family is literally encouraging their children to 
Granted, it's not a very busy street but still...I think these parents should be reported
for endangering their minors.
I have to say this street is a very quiet one...there were times when I was growing up
that our dog would take a nap in the middle of it.

Cars would drive around her.
Well, one car drove around her once.

we didn't let that happen again

Ah....small town life....

I was glad to be back in the city by nightfall.

Without further ado....here are my favorites from 
Mod Mix Monday last week.
Cottage and Broome's sweet little garden cottage under a blanket of snow.
Charming..isn't it?
Miss Kopy Katt made lots of little sweaters for her flower vases.
So cozy. I really love these.
Town and Country Living's pretty foyer. 
Her house shows up here time and time again.

twelveOeight diy painted this cool chevron rug
An Extraordinary Day decorated a window for Valentine's.
Simple and Sweet
And finally....who could resist this face....I mean table runner.
Debra at Common Ground fluffed her home and added some 
accessories that may or may not have included that cat.

Good Stuff...yep...indeed.

So my Mom went home.
We both shed tears.
I told her it was nice having her all to myself...something I had not had 
since I was two years old and my sister was born.

Anyway...she's doing great.
I told her she can runaway up to my house any time she wants to.

The house is quiet without her and that loud mouthed Marcus aka Moose.

Share your Mod Mixes for this week below.
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New and old together...
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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy that your Mom and Moose were able to go home, you will all miss each other. Thank you for hosting Mod-Mix Monday.

Kay San Nicolas @ Gallery Fifty Eight said...

When my boys got into basketball at school they too would practice on the street. The road to our home was a dead end street. When the village decided to open up that street for thru traffic I had a driveway paved and moved that hoop where they could practice and play safely. Love your posts and your party.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for hosting, Nita!!

Glad to hear Mom is home!!


Razmataz said...

I live in the suburbs and kids often play hockey in the street and haul their basketball nets over to use the road as a court. I love seeing the kids play and get nostalgic for when my kids did the same thing. It's a healthy pastime and it gets the kids out and active and part of the neighborhood.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Nita, you're funny! Your post reminds me of the movie Wayne's World when the guys were playing hockey in the street and had to move all the equipment anytime a car came by. I love that photo of Cottage and Broome's home covered in snow! So pretty. Thanks for featuring my entry ... and that house envy thing goes both ways, by the way. :) Your blog was one of the first I started reading and I fell in love with your home. I actually credit you for getting me started with blogging. You've been my inspiration for over a year now! If you would've told me back then that my house would be featured on your blog one day ... well, you would've been able to knock me over with a feather! :)

Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle said...

Nita, I have been out of the blogging world for a bit. . . It is good to be back! Thanks so much for hosting this great party! And, that 1st picture you shared is totally inspirational! Life to the full, Melissa

Scribbler said...

So glad your Mom was well enough to go home.

Kids in the street is a problem. One neighborhood we moved from -- actually two -- we had that problem. They were not little kids, either, but big boys. They would not get our of the way, either, when you needed to pass by. Eventually we moved, because the cops didn't do a thing about it.

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

I'm in love with that room too! And...there is no way that my brain would ever come up with that lovely combination. Regardless...I'm enjoying it with you!
Oh... Moose Marcus is toooo cute!!
And you must imagine my surprise when I popped over this morning to discover my little bit of Valentine's gracing your lovely page. I'm humbled and grateful!

Cottage and Broome said...

Nita, Thank you so much for featuring our snowbound shed!!!! It is really appreciated. I can relate to playing in the street. We lived on a court and all our games where played there, tag, baseball, soccer, freeze tag, the street was our playground!! Thanks iso much for hosting again this week, Laura

Dewena said...

Nita, this week's Mod Mix Monday pictures are all so pretty. I will sit down tonight and love exploring each one, some I'm already following and some that are new to me.

That was a big day for you and your mother and I'm sure you both feel happy but a little sad. I know she was glad to get back to her own home but will miss you and you her--and Marcus! But it will be good to get back to your own routine also, free to work on your own projects when you're home.

I bet your weenies wonder why the house is so quiet now!

Unknown said...

That pic. of Marcus just cracks me up! He has such a cute expression on his face. So happy that your Mom was able to go home. I'm sure it will take awhile to adjust to her not being there. I love that room you posted too. In fact, that wall with the photos is what I want above my fireplace. I'll show it to Hubby. HAHA I won't hold my breath on his getting it done! Have a great week

Miss Kitty said...

Hi Nita! You are so kind to feature the sweaters on the vases...I think they would love to live in the cottage garden house covered in snow in the picture above them! Did you remind Marcus not to push your mom out of bed again before you left them?

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for including my Painted Chevron Rug in the features this week Nita!! And thank you for hosting a wonderful party xo Tanya

Mariaelena said...

LOVE that garden cottage...thanks for hosting...just linked up my post from today...:)..Mariaelena

Cindy said...

It's not too much, I love it. It's been put together very well, actually.
I've joined you again today, I love your party best of all.
You always have such great participants.
Oh and about the basketball net, here where I live kids play street hockey all of the time in the street, where else. It behooves parents to be watchful, but also for drivers to drive slowly and carefully.
At least those kids do play outside.
I'm glad your mom is back home and back to normal. I hope you're going to be okay, you'll miss her...
hugs, Cindy

Unknown said...

I love that room! Just beautiful! New follower here, and I am so glad I found your blog! Hope you can stop by when you get a change www.wonderfulathome.blogspot.com, so we can be blogging buddies!
Have a lovely day! Thanks for hosting the linky party!

My Shabby Chic Home said...

Thank you very much for hosting another great party! Have a nice week!

oldthings said...

Good Morning my dear ,
Your party it is lovely !It is not too much ,is a party with beautiful ideas ! I take part by number 55 and thank you for your hosting !

Kathryn Ferguson Griffin said...

Lovely features! Thank you for hosting! Have a pretty day. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

Cindi Myers said...

OK, now this I like.
The rough and industrial stuff takes the edge off all the very feminine pieces. I like the balance.
I want Marcus/Moose.
Growing up we used to have badminton tournaments in the street in front of our house. The street didn't go through to the main busy one but rather sat safely back in a curve, a few blocks over from it. My Dad would sit on the driveway and announce "car" when one would turn onto the avenue.
I agree, better to be outside and interacting than inside playing computer games.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for hosting, Nita. Wonderful features this week!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Marcus is adorable. What a cute little face! So happy your mom is home. She's dong remarkably well, isn't she!

LOVE the MMM inspirational photo. We have a lot of salvaged wood in our home (especially picture frames), but we have Super White walls so the least little bit of color on the frames *pops*


Curtains in My Tree said...

Moose is adorable

I want another Dog so bad

I tried to link to your linky party, however couldn't? but wanted to say Hi anyway


Patti Willey said...

Well a bittersweet day for sure! You've done good taking on this task of helping your Mom recover during all of these weeks. You'll miss the friendship and the noise, but you have Projects to get to!!

Amy Chalmers said...

That is so nice that you had the chance to reconnect on a deep level with your mom and enjoy her for an extended period of time...I bet you she will be back for more visits!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I wanted to say wishing your Mom well, I miss my Mom so much , as every girl does that has lost her Mother

Debra@CommonGround said...

ohmygosh, I'm laughing my backside off! I didn't have a post this week for MMM so I missed this, ha ha ha. she's such a little stinker, and rarely looks at me when I'm holding the camera! She was hoping it was burlap cause she chews on my tablerunners...sheesh!

LivingVintage said...

What a funny post! I had to report that I was raised in a town of 1,500 people (in northwest Texas in tornado alley, by the way -- I know you can relate), and it was common for kids to play in the street. There was very little traffic and people would just slow down and the kids would casually stroll to the curb while the cars drove by. I wonder if that still happens? I don't go 'home' much -- I don't really consider it home anymore, but where I grew up, but it's so easier to say 'home'. If I had to guess, I doubt it still happens.