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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Open House Sunday

house by S.R. Gambrel in Sag Harbor
I'm assuming these next photos are of a different structure on the property.
see more here

My what a beautiful home in a beautiful spot.

Sounds like many of you agreed with me yesterday on my feelings towards
Black Friday.

Remember when Linus spoke out about the over commercialization of
Christmas in Charlie Brown Christmas?

I remember as a kid thinking...Christmas was fine being commercialized.
But oh....it's way out of hand now.
Charlie Brown Christmas rings more true today than ever.

My Mom said she was to teach a lesson in Church this week on the true meaning
of Christmas and how to keep from being swept up in all the commercial parts of it.

She fretted about what to say that hadn't already been said.
That it seems obvious what is important about the holiday and it's not the shopping.

I agreed, saying..."what more can be said that wasn't said in A Charlie Brown Christmas?"
She then said she might just bring the Charlie Brown DVD to class and pop it in
and say - "Watch this." and be done with it.


An Urban Cottage said...

Steven Gambrel is one of my favorite two designers. This place does not disappoint.

Dewena said...

That mossy green roof! I used to water the roof of a house we once rented to encourage the moss growing on it! Would love to visit Sag Harbor sometime. I love the pink trees you showed yesterday. Our youngest son and his wife gave me a white flocked tabletop tree a few years ago for my bedroom and we put it up yesterday. Today I get to decorate it with the vintage pink ornaments I've collected. I have a remote switch for the lights on it so I can keep it on while I'm reading in bed each night until right before going to sleep and turn it off without having to get out of bed. Bliss! Can't wait to see how you do Christmas this year in your house.

the gardener's cottage said...

first...omg, this house. the kitchen! the bathroom! everything! wow. he rocks this house.

second...amen on the charlie brown christmas. and shopping/bargains are so out of hand it is beyond ridiculous. i'm ready for a one person revolt!

Cindi Myers said...

Looking at the landscaping, I was sure I'd probably love the inside and WOW!
More like Head over Heels crazy for it.

Yeah, Black Friday is beyond idiocy. I remember when it started and people I knew would sit around the table all excited looking at sale ads. They thought it was fun to stand in line and chat with one another and hurry in to get bargains (I guess, I don't know, I always worked and never went to the sales ) but now it's ugly and over the top. People fighting and trampling one another. The stores won't stop, so it's up to people to stop going...but that's not going to happen.

Sonia said...

Wow Nita,
I love this house..nice selection..you have exquisite taste! I really don't like Black Friday...I know that is when most retailers post their profits...I just don't like the crowds and the craziness of it! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Miss Bloomers

Anonymous said...

China has taken over all of our retail stores, filling them with inferior, undesirable merchandise. I remember the days when I was a child shopping with my mother during the Christmas holidays, in Manhattan. The stores were all glorious and inviting, and the products were made by artisans in the U.S. and Europe. All that is disappearing, which makes me very sad. People in this country need jobs, too. I have a very hard time looking at a Jones Of New York sweater that is made in China. We need to take our country back because business isn't totally about "the bottom line."


Connie said...

Helene has said it all! My own daughters can not even imagine the great department stores of the sixties and seventies. It makes me sad too.

Rooms by Ann said...

What a great house, I look forward to sundays to see what fabulous home you will post.

HollyM said...

I take the commercial aspect of Christmas quite personally, and I refuse to be sucked in. Black Friday was bad enough, but forcing employees to work on Thanksgiving really makes me angry. There is no excuse.

Places like Hobby Lobby have found that they can close at 8pm,and be closed on Sunday, and they still make a profit. I'll gladly support them.

I think showing Charlie Brown as a lesson on what Christmas is all about is perfect! From age 6(in 1965) to 53, it has always been my favorite Christmas television show. Now that I have the DVD, I never miss it.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous house! Love that kitchen. I couldn't agree more about black Friday. I've never shopped on black Friday yet and would certainly never shop on Thursday night!

bj said...

A beautiful home...I love the outside more than the inside...and I love it, too. :))

Agree that Christmas giving is out of hand...

Looking for your linky party for Monday....

Anonymous said...

This house so reminds me of the houses from years ago in Maine and Massachusetts. It's an exquisite rendition of early new england architecture. Truly beautiful. (This from someone who loves lots of color!!!) Guess I'd make it mine within a week. The small place with the rock wall and fireplace would make a beautiful 'studio' for quilting, painting, etc. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous place.

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Beautiful home. I love the Charlie Brown Christmas movie! Yesterday my husband was wondering aloud how much longer they'll even be showing it on network TV, given its spiritual (i.e., actual meaning of Christmas *GASP!*) slant.

Unknown said...

This house is gorgeous. The colors they used are so soothing.
I am glad to read that your mom is talking with the kids in her class about not commericalizing Christmas. Good for her.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Brown is classic and I expect it will be on tv as long as they have sponsors for it.