Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Yard of the Month

Edgemere Park's Yard of the Month for July
This is my friend Petra's cute cottage and yard.
She always keeps it so pretty in the summer months.
Her porch is full of willow and Mexican pottery.
A couple of her willow chairs came from me.
I used to have lots of willow in my house when I lived in a woodland setting but
they just didn't go with my house here.
But they go so nicely on her front porch and I'm happy they found a home here.
The secret to her pretty front yard - plants in pots set in her flower beds.
She always does pots of caladiums and begonias.
Several times in the spring she will move them to a protected back area when thunder and 
hail storms threaten.
Pots of annuals is such an easy way to bring big impact to a landscape in an easy way.
You get instant results. In one day a complete garden.
A pretty window box graces a window around the side of the house.
This little railing on the side porch is a favorite of mine.
Little lanterns too among the plants.
Here's her little backyard. This is a granny smith apple tree loaded with apples.
What a pretty little red bench.
a charming statue
garden art
She'll be embarrassed that the grass was so high in these photos.
She didn't know I was going to take photos of the backyard that day and she hadn't mowed yet.
Still it's a delightful yard mowed or not. 

Petra spends a lot of time in her yard keeping it pretty.
Last weekend she and I sat out under her pergola surrounded by flickering lanterns hanging in the trees,
drinking cocktails and just enjoying the evening.
I have to say its a perfect way to spend a Saturday night.

Do you have a special friend you live near that you spend time out in the yard with?
I feel very lucky to have one.

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Amy {Cupcakes+Couture} said...

i love her benches and lanterns! what a beautiful garden

Sonia said...

BEautiful!! Love the red bench and the front porch with the willow furniture you gave her! The front border is so pretty with all those caladiums and begonias! Thanks for sharing!
Miss Bloomers

Scribbler said...

I loved seeing this. I don't mind the "unmanicured" look -- in fact I prefer it.

Great idea, to put the plants in pots so that they can be moved in case of a hailstorm. I have lost quite a few that way.

Lottie said...

Wow! I love the cute front yard with the begonias and caladiums in pots. What a neat idea! And I especially liked the red bench! I think I am going to grab some red spray paint after an old bench in my garden! Thanks for posting! Enjoy your Saturday night out under the lanterns!

Unknown said...

So pretty! That would be the perfect place to spend any evening. You can tell that she loves her garden and spends a lot of time outside.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

What a charming yard- I love that little bench and the flowers are gorgeous!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

What a charming yard- I love that little bench and the flowers are gorgeous!

NanaDiana said...

Nita- What a beautiful, beautiful yard. The best part is that you are her friend and get to enjoy it right along with her. I don't do nearly enough "sitting and enjoying"...and I know I should. If I keep at it maybe MY yard will eventually be as pretty as hers- Love it- xo Diana

Cindi Myers said...

LOVE her garden! I JUST this year started putting pots and metal buckets of flowers in my garden. I wished I had thought of it sooner and I plan to do more next year. That way I can move them out of the blazing heat if need be.
Great post!
and Yes, I have a bunch of friends that sit with me on my patio at night as I enjoy a beverage. Of course they all have fur but they are the best!

Nita Stacy said...

Oh...Cindi...I raised my eyebrows when you said you had lots of friends that you drank cocktails with in your yard! I thought....oh...she's been holding out on me...she is having parties right and left. And then I read the fur part and laughed and thought...well of course. I have lots of those parties too. I turn on the party patio lights just for me and the weenies.

Amy Chalmers said...

She does have a charming garden and yard. I love the willow chairs and if I lived near you I would have fought her for them. I like the railing the best too~its those neat touches that make a yard interesting to me.

Plumfield House Gardens said...

Beautiful! Love the idea of the plants in the pots, very charming cottage!

Betty Stapleton said...

Love her yard, especially the willow chair. We went to Florida years ago and I tried to find Willow furniture and couldn't, now I see it all the time. Pass it on to her, her yard is beautiful. Thank her for sharing...

Comeca Jones said...