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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mod Mix Monday 30

Yes, I know it's Wednesday...
Times a ticking...
I'm counting down the hours and minutes till this year ends.
Isn't this a cute way to decorate for a New Year's party?

I'm feeling butterflies in my stomach at the thought of 2012 getting started and
being a much better year than 2011.

I'm not normally like this. Usually, I cherish the year I am in at the moment but this year
has not been kind to me.

So let's move on to the next...

I have been too exhausted to get my Mod Mix Monday post up this week.
I started it several times and fell asleep.

So here it is mid week.
I'll be working less hours soon...which will be good and bad.

I was invited to a New Year's Eve dinner with friends and I was so looking forward to going but
I have to work till 10, so I will not be able to attend and I'd bought a pretty sparkly sequin scarf to wear
and everything.

Thanks to everyone has written me the last few weeks with words of encouragement and support.
I keep thinking I'll write you back but I'm too sleepy when I get home.

I will get to you though. You cannot imagine how much I appreciate it.

I had a really nice surprise Christmas night, I went to see my friends Shannon and Jeff M.
They said they were dying to get my Christmas gift to me.
They'd tried all week but they were working and I was working.
They even went by Pier One to surprise me but I was at Target that night.

So we didn't get together till Christmas night when they surprised me with a
32" HD TV! I was shocked.

My main old tv had broken like a year and a half ago and I'd been watching everything on a
small tv that was intended for my bedroom.

I am beyond thrilled to have this because I had no idea when I'd get around to buying one.
Always vet bills to take care of first.

It was just such an amazing and thoughtful gift and I got such pleasure out of imagining the two
of them out shopping for it.

I feel so blessed to consider them family.

Now on with last week's favorites from Mod Mix Monday.
Valorie aka The Visual Vamp shared her Christmas decor with everyone in
New Orleans as her house was shown on local news there.
Some day I hope to make a trip to New Orleans and visit with Valorie in person.
She has been so kind to me.
Kristie aka The Decorologist created a christmas tree out of stacked books on a cake plate.
She was inspired by a tree she'd seen at the library. 
Her's turned out delightful.
Michelle of Sweet Suite 10 made over her head board complete with nail head trim.
It's so elegant. Love that lamp and table too with the wrinkled white sheets.
I wish my own bedroom was this soothing.
Rita of Design Megillah made this modern version of a menorah.
Isn't it pretty?
Steve's OTHER tree over at An Urban Cottage.
Steve had two spectacular trees this year.
Both were unusual and gorgeous just like his entire house.
Steve's blog is one of my favorites and it's not just because I designed his header, which I did.
It's because he has great taste and ideas.
I'm always inspired by him.

Now on to this week, sorry I'm behind.
Yes, I've had a rough patch but I'm gung ho to do lots in the coming year.
Shelly was very supportive of anything creative I did and the very last thing she would want
is for me to let my blog slide. She asked me almost every time I saw her how many
followers I had. I think she'd asked only about a week before she died.

She was happy that I had a place to share everything;
although she had no interest in having a blog herself.

She was a clothes horse and had lots and lots of pretty clothing.
And in the last couple of years she had taken more interest in home decor.

I wonder if she was really interested or just trying to share with me.

I'd helped her pick the colors for her hall bath redo.
The vintage tile was yellow and so we went with gray.
She bought the gray ruffled shower curtain from Urban Outfitters and I have to say
it transformed that bath.

Then last summer I painted her bedroom the most lovely shade of blue -
Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.

Her husband and her bought all new furniture for the room.

I always intended on showing it but almost immediately after it was finished with new
drapes and everything...an oxygen machine was moved in and hundreds of bottles of

She didn't want it shown like that.

But she said the color of the walls made being in bed so much better than it would have been.

She was in that room all the time since about July.

I did hang her chandelier in her backyard which she enjoyed but the night I hung it was the night
that Newman died at the vet so I never showed it.

Still, she got to sit outside with it's candles lit and enjoy it once or twice before she was too
sick to be outside.

She called me one day so excited because a neighbor had a litter of puppies she got to play with.
She said she was so happy to smell puppy breath one last time.

I told her that it would not be the last time.
Perhaps I needed to go get a puppy right then for me and her.
She said no...that was all she needed was to be with them that day.
The neighbor had said she would bring them over any time she wanted.

But Shelly was too sick to have her do it.

I still can't believe she is gone.
My good friend Pam came to town from Memphis over Christmas.
I only got to see her for a little after work one night and yesterday morning for breakfast before
I went into work.
I wish we lived close to each other again.
I miss her so much especially now that Shelly is gone.

I knew Shelly my entire life but I've known Pam since I was five so we are very close too.
We lived in Atlanta together for about seven years.
I hope to make a trip to Memphis soon to visit.

Ok...enough...on to this weeks late Mod Mix Monday or should I say Mod Mix Wednesday?

Link up below....


Shannon Fox said...

Nita, You know we will party with you whenever you get the time ;) As always, just gorgeous features. Loved the washed aqua walls from An Urban Cottage. Congrats on the new TV. What a treat. I bet they were tickled to give it to you!! I just know that 2012 will be the year of NITA. Hugs.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Nita I know you will be happy to put 2011 in the books. Here's to a much brighter trouble free 2012.

Dixie said...

Nita, this is my first visit to your blog, and my first time to join in Mod Mix Monday. It's the perfect meme for my style... constantly mixing the old with the new... thanks for the opportunity to share some of my "stuff"...

I read, with interest, your story of this past year you've spent. These years seem to come and go in all our lives.... I can tell you're an optimist...looking forward to better times.

Wishing you a joyous New Year and all of 2012.

blessings. Dixie

Unknown said...

Nita, I am so sorry to read about Shelly's passing. I can't help but think how lucky she was to have you and how your efforts brought her pleasure. I am also glad to read that you are looking forward to the new year. Me too.

I can't leave without asking how the weenies are?

Please take care of yourself.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Oh Nita, you have the sweetest friends to give you a tv and I know it made them feel good to do it! I hope 2012 is a good one for you...you deserve it girlfriend!
~Hugs, Patti

Carrie @ lovely etc. said...

Thanks for hosting the party and always sharing such great features. I just know that 2012 will be a great year for you.

Debby said...

So sweet of your friends to get you the TV.
I have been thinking about you so much this past week. I had a breakdown at Christmas over my cousin and can't he;p feeling your sorrow.
I hope that this year is better for you and you will be able to rest more and not have to work as much.

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

What a wonderful gift from your friends. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Wishing you a happy 2012.

Sherry said...

I'm sorry for your loss and I hope you enjoy your new TV. Wishing you the best this holiday season & a Happy New Year!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

You have wonderful memories of your friend, Shelly. So very sorry for your loss. You were a good friend to her.

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What wonderful friends you have to surprise with such a sweet gift and to support you through the sad times!

Mindy said...

Nita, I'm so sorry about the loss of Shelly. I prayed for you tonight, that the Lord would let you feel His loving arms around you.

Allow yourself to grieve, it's normal, it's healthy. You loved deeply, you'll have deep pain. I've lost several friends to cancer but I can't give great wisdom in how to "get over" your loss. You won't, and you shouldn't. Someone who has been a deep part of your life will never be forgotten. But, you will learn to LIVE without her. Not just exist,which is what you do when the grief is raw, but live. Be patient with yourself.

May the grief work through you in inspiration, with healing coming through your beautiful creations. Blessings to you.

Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, that is so sweet of Shannon and Jeff to get you a new tv! What a surprise that must have been! I think you could still get to the new years eve party long before the stroke of midnight wearing your pretty sparkly scarf~! Everyone would be thrilled to see you. I am glad you will be getting more reasonable hours, you need to have some down time. Raise a glass to 2012!

Diane Writes said...

Hi Nita! I am proud to say that you are part of my 2011. You are one of the few people who followed my boring blog. :) I may not regularly comment in your posts, but I always enjoy the beautiful pictures, furniture, places and pieces you share. I am looking forward in reading more of your posts in 2012.

By the way, if it is not too much to ask may I invite you to join my giveaway

It would make me happy.

All the best to you in 2012! Enjoy your new TV and wishing you more friends!

the cape on the corner said...

i know it's been a tough year all around, or so it seems. all i can say is 2012 better be a drastic improvement.

that book tree is amazing, i went over and told her, and now i'm telling you. so glad you featured that amazingness.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to MommaMindy. Grief takes time; it can't be hurried. It marks us, like all memorable events, and it leaves a deep impression. I think it was a full year after my mom's death before she wasn't the first thing on my mind every morning upon waking up.

Just remember, as you grieve, that Shelly (and yes, Newman) would want you to remember them with love while continuing to live life fully. It will just take a bit of time to get back to 'fully'. And as you move through the grief, we'll be here to listen, to pray, and to encourage.

Here's to a New Year full of wonderful possibilities. - - HollyM

Cindi Myers said...

This post makes me Happy.
You sound more like your old self.
(I don't mean "old", you know what I mean!) but I'm right there with you, ready to forget the past year and move to a brand new fresh year!

How wonderful that you got such a great gift! You will definitely enjoy that! :D and you SO deserve something nice.
I think you should throw on the sequined scarf and head for the party after work. As long as you make it before 12, who cares!?
Celebrate for me (I have to work in the AM! Grrrrr) anyway I know that 2012 is going to be an exciting year!
love ya, Cindi

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

I'm really late to this party, but wanted to come by and say hi! I also hope you get a second wind on New Year's and wear your sparkly scarf :) I think we are all looking forward to a new year and a fresh start. Let's vow to take care of ourselves in 2012! Thank you for a fun year of Mod Mix Monday, xo, Andrea

The Visual Vamp said...

As ever Nita, thank you for the lovely shout out.
Open hearts and an open embrace and a pretty guest room await you in New Orleans whenever you get here (and you can bring the Weenies).
Wishing you a better New Year.
Much love.
xo xo

Cottage and Broome said...

Nita, Just wanted to pop in and let you that I have been thinking of you this holiday season. I know 2011 was difficult and you suffered many loses. I'm hoping that 2012 will be a very good year for you, one that brings positive change and healing. Yours, Laura

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