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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Undecorate {MVL Book Club}

The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design
s e l e c t i o n
Recently a friend suggested I check out the book, "Undecorate" 
by Christiane Lemieux. She is the creative force behind "Dwell Studio".

So I hurried over to Amazon.com to take a look. 
I'd already heard a little bit about it but I was surprised by the preview images I found at Amazon.com.
These images represent my kind of decorating. 
Decorating that is as individual as the person that lives in the space.
A mix of items that compliment but are very unexpected.
Many of these photos are from Andy Newcom's home which was recently showcased 
in Lonny as an excerpt from "Undecorate".
These are not rooms that could easily be duplicated.
They show the homeowners individualism. 
But that doesn't mean they aren't very inspiring.

Gosh! I love this house.
This image from the book is from the home of my friend and blogger 
Although, in true artistic style...her home has evolved from this look. 
She is always mixing things up.

I just have to share a little of the text written by Christiane.
This paragraph appears early on in the book...

But with the proliferation of design websites and personal blogs, a whole
new window has opened up: I get to see how people are actually living, 
whether it's with the bedding, tabletop, and home accessories we design at DwellStudio 
or with the stuff they've turned up while trolling Ebay. 
I used to turn to the experts - the fashion and interior designers of the world. 
These days, I much prefer to go to the amateurs. 
The Internet offers so much proof  that the most vibrant style ideas 
are coming from the minds of real people. 
Well, Halleloo!

A foreword by Deborah Needleman former editor of Domino states:

This is decorating that is passionate and particular. 
Each of the homes featured could only be the home of the person who made it, 
so much does each reflect and enhance the individual lives it contains. 
Anyway....this book is a must read for me and a copy is on its way.
It celebrates a constantly evolving space; a space that is completely your own; a creative space; 
not one that has been dictated to you by a designer or furniture showroom.

I'll tell you what I think of the book after it arrives or you can order your copy from Amazon 
and we'll discuss...just like Oprah's Book Club but this will be the

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An Urban Cottage said...

Many of those images are from Andy Newcomb's house that was in last month's Lonny too. You should check out his kitchen with an amazing oval window above a huge apron sink. Totally to die for! I really love his mix of styles. It's genius.

Thoughtfully Blended Hearts said...

I totally agree with you and with the author...you just can't beat what real people do in their homes. Decorating and living among the decoration is what it should all be about...thanks for a great book review!!! ...and imspiration!!!
Have a beautiful week!!!

Olive said...

I might just buy this one! I love seeing the real homes of bloggers.

the gardener's cottage said...

hi nita,

i've seen this book around the internet and love the title. i'm glad you are getting it and will review it. it reminds me a lot of domino, which i miss terribly and i lost all my dominos in the great basement flood. it still hurts.


The enchanted home said...

I like the premise..no hard fast rules. I think in general there has been a shift towards this way of thinking..decorating is not so cookie cutter anymore....there is much more of an individual take on how its done...patterns and crazy colors are being used together and being published in magazines! Black kitchens are huge, orange walls are everywhere.....I mean things that just weren't de rigour are now everywhere..I am happy to see that almost anything goes. I have a feeling this book will be a big hit given the movement that is taking place right now.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Well now, this is magnificent art and inspiration material here, Nita! THE COLORS and the melange of old and new and funky and classic are giving me a smile! I also love your sidebar with all the lovely rooms in your home. Have a great day! Anita

Ricki Treleaven said...

Fun!!!! Another Book Club!!! I. WIll. DO it!!!! I have some time to shop today while little bit is at the barn, so I will go find it *squee* Thanks for posting about this, Nita. When will the discussion take place???

Visual Vamp said...

Thanks for the shout out!
You are going to love this book!
xo xo

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Very neat idea, Nita!
I love the chairs and will check out the book.

Carol@6WilsonBlog.com said...

Hi Nita, this is a must-have book for me. What I am seeing all the time, as a designer, is that people don't want anything that looks like their neighbor. That day is so gone! Thanks for the images today.

Lamp Tramp said...

Beautiful images, Nita, I'm going to browse that lovely book at B&N next time I'm there. I'm going to answer your questions about the Hannant's wax finish as an update on my post.

If only I had the drive and ambition you have, I could get so much more done.

D.B. said...

This is great! I have been proclaiming to friends and once upon a time, clients......how can there be rules to creativity!!!! It used to enrage me til I got on some meds ; ) Now, I just laugh at hard and fast decorating rules. It's a new dawn, a new day etc.........

Brenda Pruitt said...

Hey Nita, this sounds like my kind of book! I like it that they're going to us "amateurs" instead of the "experts."

Unknown said...

You choose the most beautiful images to share with all of us! I love your book of the month idea! This first pick was perfect! Can't wait to get my book. Wanda

Anonymous said...

Such inspiration....I love to see ACTUAL photos of interiors, just to see the person's decorating style and this style I love, lived in, comfy and classy! Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

Nita Stacy said...

Hey, everyone....I'll let you know when my book gets here. It is suppose to be on it's way. And then I'll give you a little time to get your's and then we can all discuss in comments...

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

What a wonderfully detailed review, the photos are amazing! Thanks for the heads up, I must have this one!

~LA, LaurieAnna's Vintage Home

My Galveston Cottage said...

Just when I think that I have enough books . . . . Maybe just one more! This one intrigues me.

Christy said...

Hi Nita, thanks for stopping by my humble blog! You are so kind! I love, love your weenies too! I am going to spend time checking out your darling blog and babies! Have a terrific weekend!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness I just LOVE your blog! I cant wait to spend more time reading it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. As for your question about chalk paint-I havent tried it on furniture yet-but so far it seems pretty durable so far-especially if you seal it with paste wax.

have a great weekend!

vignette design said...

This book is on my list to buy. I agree with you--homes should reflect the individuals that live there, warts and all! I especially like what Christiane said about being inspired more by the amateurs out there than the experts. Proves you don't have to have an ASID to know what you're doing. I've always felt that way. ~Delores

Cindi Myers said...

I didn't know there were RULES!
I hate RULES!
Sign me up for the MVL Book Club!
:) - Cindi