Sunday, July 5, 2015

Open House Sunday

Renovated Tudor in Edgemere Park
 built 1929
You know how sometimes you have a favorite house that you drive by all the time
and you think you'd love to live there if it could ever be your's?
You wish to see the inside to see just how heavenly it truly is?
Well, that is what this house has been for me for a long time.
It was one of the first houses I fell in love with in my neighborhood.
But I never saw the inside. I loved those front french doors that lead you into the middle of the house.

 I soon realized after buying my own home in the neighborhood that those doors couldn't possibly
be original. They must have converted the porch into a center room.
I still believe this to be true but geez that was some work!
I prefer my historic houses left original as much as possible so although I love the look of the
french doors from the outside. I'd never do this myself to a house.
And once inside...I don't care for it much.
What is up with that huge blue fleur de lis in the center of the tile floor?
That's just odd.

  So inside it's not my taste at all but furnishings and paint would fix that.
Gray walls are in but in this house these walls are just too cold for how open and airy this house should feel.
There is an original art tile fireplace. A very nice one for that matter.
All the furniture is so wrong for this house. I do like that floor lamp though.

 Kitchen has been opened up with wall between kitchen and breakfast nook removed.
Built in bench seating fills the room. Again not a choice I would have made.

Wine bar seems like a silly thing to have to me.
Kitchen is your standard galley. I'd paint these cabinets white of course and replace that rustic tile with a nice white subway tile. While I was at it...I'd take out that brown toned granite and replace it with Carrarra marble. Of course a different floor would be in order too.
  Back to the center hall...I do wonder if this staircase is original.
I think that is a very strange fireplace in the corner. It's just terrible.
Whoever made over this house made so many awful decisions in renovation.
The true character of this home has been ruined. could be fixed and restored but what a job!
What is that built in shelf thing to the left? Just weird.

 Ah...a basic room. This just needs that hideous fan taken out and different furnishings.

 Lots of unfortunate things happening here....why oh why?
Slate floor tile on the walls? No, no, no.
Mod, vessel no. At least they left the original arch and window.
This bath could be made nice again.

This is the upstairs bath. Not my cup of tea at all...but it fits the rest of the bad by southwest decor. What is up with the molding? 

 This bathroom looks like a cave. Triple yuck.

 Here we have the attic turned master bedroom. I love all those windows.
This could be a fabulous room!

 I'd love a bedroom overlooking the backyard.

 Love this bright little room.

 Back upper deck has great possibilities.

 You'd never think this house was this large from the front side...would you?
Small garage...lots of cement back here...that is strange. I think I'd cover some of it with pea gravel.
And then there is the basement/laundry.
Surprisingly its very scary..something right out of American Horror Story!

see full listing here
What do you think of this house?
It's a great house...but for me there are soooo many things that must be fixed to restore it's charm.
This book is not to be judged by it's cover.
Since seeing the inside I don't covet this home any more.
But... I'd love to come up with the plans of changing the inside into an appropriate
historic residence again. I'd love doing that as a matter of fact!

I hope you had a great 4th of July.
I was at the store all day...we had a potluck lunch full of all the typical 4th of July food.

My 4th of July depression is in full swing. (get it every year)
I need to have something to look forward to and fast.


Angie said...

Wow! What a shame. I would change everything but the brick floor.

CeCe said...

I think they ruined this house. They spent tons of money on making almost everything UgLy. I agree with Angie...I like the brick is everything around it that makes it unappealing. Have I told you before Open House Sunday is my favorite blog post to read out of all the ohter blogs in the whole wide world? I so look forward to it and hate it when for some reason or another you have skipped it. Hugs, CeCe

Jeannine520 said...

I always wonder why people buy old houses if they don't want one. That goes double for this monstrosity. For practical financial purposes, this house is ruined. It wouldn't make economical sense to purchase it and then put in all the money it would require to fix it. A fixer upper is discounted to reflect the work that needs to be done but in cases like this, from a real estate point of view, this house is not a fixer upper, not discounted as it's considered in perfect, turn key condition. It's best to pass on it and buy something that hasn't been so molested. My mom is a broker, I see this all the time. There was a house I'd been admiring since I was a kid, it came on the market and when I saw the inside it killed my desire for it. The whole interior had been turned into a faux painted adobe mission style a victorian with terracotta floor tiles and all.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Wow! Just goes to show you money cannot buy taste. Bad. Just bad. I have to look up the price. I'm guessing 350? Sorry about the depression thing. You do have fall to look forward to though.

karen@somewhatquirky said...

oops! I was way under on the price....

Ricki Treleaven said...

*shakes head in consternation* why? Such ugly and inappropriate finishes?

Unknown said...

Not my taste at ALL, and it's sad they ruined so much of the home's original charm, but I know a 40-something bachelor who would absolutely love this place as is! :P Guess there's something for everyone.

vintage girl at heart said...

There is way too much going on in that house.
Keep us updated if it sells or not.
Hope your Fourth blues go away.
I am feeling meh myself today.
We need a good summer project to get our groove back.

MemphisMarly said...

I love the converted porch!

Tudors historically have wood / darker trim. The white trim throughout makes it look less like a Tudor.

Donna said...

This house certainly has a split personality. Outside it's a charming Tudor cottage and the inside looks like it would be happier in a contemporary downtown loft. I like the brick floor and thankfully they saved the original fireplace but the choice of the other finishes throughout the house are unfortunate, especially the bathrooms. The kitchen is nothing special and it concerns me that the banquet the only place to eat.
Overall, I think it's a shame that they didn't retain more of the vintage charm when they remodeled but to each their own. If you think of it, please give us an update when it sells. Sunday Open House is always entertaining but this one gave me a lot to think about in terms of what is right and wrong when remodeling a house.

Anonymous said...

Have agree with you on every point. This is an unmitigated disaster. But, as some point out it will be perfect for some buyer (who mistakes price for quality).

I wonder if the RE people will get onto you for such a devastating and public critique?
Let us know if you hear from them, will you?

Sorry you feel depressed. Temporary medication might help. If it's not bad enough for meds, then maybe you need a new project in which to immerse yourself? However it goes, you have my empathy.


Amy Chalmers said...

HI Nita,
I wish you were feeling happier. This house is not my style at is weird to see a house you have admired and have it be such a let down. I just blogged about an amazing house I bet you would love it! I was lucky to visit it in person and it makes me want to switch out my entire house. So inspired.
I have had a busy spell and am now settling in around the house. Hope you plan something nice for yourself to look forward to...