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Friday, December 5, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree!

Will It Ever Come?
I know I've been MIA of late. 
I came down with a cold right after Thanksgiving and had to lay low. 
I did go to work...but that was about all I could do.

I'm much better today and would be putting up my Xmas tree but....
remember I bought a tree already? One that was cheap but I'd make into the tree of my dreams?
Well, after purchasing limbs of snowy greenery to add to it and realizing I needed about five times 
the amount I'd bought...I had a moment of clear thought in which I decided I should just 
buy the tree I wanted to begin with. 
So I did.
One touch of the finger on my iphone and it was mine.

Then I read the fine print.

It would not ship for 10 days and then would be on ground shipping delivery time after that!
I wrote expressing that I hoped they had seen I'd paid for the tree immediately and that 
I was very anxious for it.
She wrote back and said it would go out soon. 
So as of yesterday...a full week after I paid for it...it's on its way to me...
which the shipping details say will take 11 days! 
Eleven days!
Oh...my...and I was hoping to have my tree up early this year.
This is the tree sans bear. No bear...just the tree.
I had a tree like this once before and I loved it...but it was small.
This one is 6 feet and will be about 8 feet once I put it in an urn.
Now if it will just get here.
I know it looks scrawny but that is why I like it. I'll load it with lots of ornaments and icicles.
It will look very vintage.

So I'm thinking about Christmas and will be decorating other areas of the house in 
anticipation of my new tree coming. 
I adore bottle brush trees and picked up a few news ones this year.
 Shiny Brites are always a favorite. My tree will be heavy with them. 
Two weeks ago I was talking to Leslie at work and telling her that I collected Shiny Brites 
and that
most of my tree was covered in them.
She said she loved them too and collected them also.
She said she'd seen nice ones at Brownstone Antiques in the past and I should go by there.
I did the next day...which was my day off. 
They did have some nice ones but they had a whole bowl full of little ones with no price on it.
I asked how much? They said they'd have to call the dealer.
Which they did...but did not get an answer while I was still in the store. 
I asked them to call me when they knew the price.
It was a whole heaping bowl full!

So they call and say they are $1 each.
But it was after I was already home and didn't feel like going out again.
I go to work the next day...but Leslie had the day off.
The following day which is Friday...I have the day off and go by Brownstone to get some of the 
small ornaments. 
I go straight to the bowl of $1 ornaments and there are hardly any left!
I exclaimed. "Oh...someone has bought them all!"
Yes, they said...a lady came in yesterday and bought a lot of them.
Luckily, what was left was in aqua and silver which fits in very well with my color scheme.
So I bought about 10 and left happily.

Cut to the next day at work. Leslie says..."I went by Brownstone and bought
a bunch of Shiny Brites. They had this whole bowl of small ones for a dollar."

I was like..."You were the one!!!! You bought all my ornaments!"
She said..."I only bought reds and greens!"

"those are not EVEN in your color pallet!" she says.

I started laughing...
"Yes, you are right...I would not have bought those anyway. I bought the silvers and blues."

So we both got our fix of Shiny Brites and both happy.
It was just funny that we both hit the same place one right after the other. 
She has put up her tree this week however...since she is doing a real tree and not 
waiting for it to come through the Parcel Post system like me.

Very scary that my whole Christmas decor is dependent on a box coming via UPS.
very scary
I've always loved this room.
And this one too. 
Lots of pretty vintage baubles.
ornaments hung from a chandelier always look amazing
Can a person have too many bottle brush trees?
I think not. I'm adding at least three new to my collection this year.
I made some last year and maybe I'll make a few more this year too.
We'll see.

I hope your Christmas decorating plans are coming together!


DD's Cottage said...

Bummer about your tree Nita! I am glad you got some new ornaments and happy decorating!

Anonymous said...

I know when your tree arrives and your all done adorning it, it will be beautiful, Nita. Can't wait to see!

"Create Beauty" said...

Love all these photos, and how funny about you and Leslie going through the bowl of shiny brites and getting just what you wanted : )

Hope your tree arrives quickly!!!
It's c u t e!!!!!! and I look forward to seeing yours decorated, before Christmas!!!

~ Violet

angie said...

sooo süße bilder!!! einen schönen nikolaus wünscht angie

Debra@CommonGround said...

well, I'm excited to see your new tree, and all your Shiney Brites. Hubby put a box inside the door from the garage to be sure they were safe. only problem I didn't see them and stepped right in the middle of the box. there went about 6 of my really old ones, so I'll have to be on the lookout. I've been at it all day, and I'm pooped. Now I just have to wait for a sunny day for some pics. I always love your wonderful Christmas decor, Nita! Have fun with your new tree!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Dang! Waiting 11 days for a tree. That's like a week before Christmas. I may be in OKC before your tree gets there! This time I'm for sure calling you. That tree looks really amazing. I don't think I know where your new job is. Share please.

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Beautiful inspiration! I hope it gets there in time!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

You could have ordered the bear while you were at it! I'm pretty sure the delivery persons would have been quicker with a bear chasing them ;)

Amy Chalmers said...

Such a pretty post, and inspiring! I am excited to see your tree, I love that kind of tree too. Nowadays the real trees are groomed and are so thick that you cannot even find a tree that looks natural. I think Steve from Urban Cottage trimmed his tree to look like the one you are buying last year...we don't have our tree yet. We wait for all the kids and that is some doing...xo

Donna said...

I love the vintage look of an open tree. I'm sure it will be fun to decorate when it arrives.
You can't go wrong with Shiny Brites!