Sunday, November 24, 2013

Open House Sunday

Gingerbread House
 Adorable tudor revival cottage in the M Streets of Dallas.
built 1930
 This house has lots of outside charm. The way the rock emphasizes the architecture is unusual. 
I think this house looks like something straight out of "Hansel and Gretel". 
Notice the pretty stained glass windows?
I love how they've stacked pumpkins on either side of the stairs for fall.
 Here in the living room, we see the stained glass windows. 
A nice wood arched door serves as entrance.
I love their sofa and the red toile covered chair.
 Very nice fireplace. I like this sort of fireplace that is a mixture of stucco and tile.
I'm not fond of the coffee table. It's too big for the room.
 But I do like that sofa, lots.
I like the nubby rug too.
 Pretty and simple dining room. 
I really like the dining room chairs.
 Drapes are very nice.
 I can just imagine what this kitchen would look like with a stainless stove.
It would be so much better. I'd want a hood over the stove instead of a microwave too.
The cabinets to the right where the sink is are original.
Unfortunately, whoever renovated didn't go to the trouble to match the cabinets on the other side.
That's unfortunate. 
I do like that the bottom cabinets are dark while the tops are light.
 And here a stainless fridge would take this kitchen to the next level.
 I really like that little sidboard there against the wall.
 Love that little table. Don't like the chairs. I'm not sure what that shelf thing is but I like it.
This would have been an open porch originally, now a play room.
I hate it when porches are filled in and turned into rooms.
I'd much rather have this as a porch.
This room has a pretty street view. Looks just like my neighborhood. love this little girl's room.
Isn't it perfect? 
That bed!
 Sweet Vanity. This is the kind of room that could really grow with a little girl.
I can imagine it as perfect for a 6 year old as it would be for a 16 year old.
That seems the perfect shade of pink.
I'm guessing this is the master. I would say this house is staged cause everything looks so in order.
But there are boxes and suitcases under the bed. So perhaps someone is really living here. 
 Pretty trundle bed. I love those matching armoires.
I wish I had two of those to put on either side of my bed in my own bedroom.
I think they'd be great with a bed between them.
 Love the mirror...although it's hanging a little too high.
No photos of the bathrooms on this house...which is disappointing. 
Patio and swimming pool out back.
 It could use a little love back here.
 Wouldn't take much to make this an outstanding backyard.

See the full listing here.


Cindi Myers said...

Oh my!
I LOVE this home and the decor.
I actually like the wood coffee table except it seems too high. Maybe just cut the legs down? So there's still room to get your legs under it as you eat dinner and watch TV?
I like the kitchen but agree there's just too many different cabinet types and yes, stainless would be better.
I adore that little girls room.
The play room would be a great doggie area! LOL!
and a pool! Oh lord, to have a pool! It was be easy to jazz that area up a bit.
Another great Open House!
Thanks so much!
xoxo - Cindi

Deb said...

What a charming home. Beautiful!

Unknown said...

That is a beautiful home. Just drooling at the design and curb appeal. Definitely looks staged, but I like the style of it. Just gorgeous, warm and cozy.

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

Oh, wouldn't I have fin decorating this one! Good bones, as my mom would say. (Oh, and of course y'all will be invited over for cocktails by the pool).

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

Fun, not fin. Or maybe I'll need fins for swimming in the pool.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

Love the exterior, definitely some hits and misses inside though. I have never seen a stucco fireplace like that around here, that's interesting. I'm with you, there's some beautiful furniture in this home. But I never, ever like kids' rooms at the front. This house is really overpriced, and did you get a look at those taxes?!! Ouch. I don't know, would you be willing to overpay for a house with such a stunning exterior, even with that kitchen? The baths must not be great or they would certainly showcase those. If it wasn't sleeting I would run over there and see if it's open today, just to check them out!

Laura said...

That is an adorable house! I love the enclosed porch with all the light, I'd use it as a studio. I also love the pool!

Dewena said...

This is a storybook house! I love those tall narrow gables--is that what they're called? Is there a special name for them? They are beautiful with all the rock and stone work fronting them. And the windows are beautiful.

Unknown said...

I would remove the upper cabinets over the stove area in the kitchen and replace with a vent hood and open shelving on either side. The original upper cabinets are just lovely- so I'd keep those. Stainless, or even a colour for a stove would be lovely :)

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Oh my! That would be a perfect house to blog from. I could take some amazing pictures with that light! But at over $500,000 you sure are paying for the location - and I'm spoiled now, I need a basement.

Ricki Treleaven said...

Ooooooo I would s love to get ahold of that house and kitchen!!! :D It really could be spectacular!

Nita Stacy said...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Nita, this is my style of living! LOVELY open house, and they don't make houses like they used to, with such "fairytale" style! Thank you for visiting today! Anita

Joyce said...

Your house is completely wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us.:))