Sunday, October 9, 2011

Open House Sunday 22

Mid Century Inspired
built 2008
Ok, not the sort of house I normally show on this blog.
But it is vintage inspired and you'll be very surprised to learn that this home
is in my neighborhood.
This house was built on the last remaining empty lot in the neighborhood.
There was quite a controversy when the plans were unveiled for the design of it.
The design had to be approved by the historic board.
Now, you might ask how did a house of this design get approved in a historic neighborhood comprised of 80% tudors, a few spanish colonials, and a few cape cods?
The street it is built on has large homes on it and their styles vary wildly.
From colonial to spanish to art deco.
This 1935 art deco home was the home most often held up as example that the mid century design 
was fine for the neighborhood. 
This home is its neighbor to the north.
And this home is across the street from it.
Most of the neighborhood was very upset upon viewing the plans for the new home.
But historic rules for neighborhoods state that a new home must appear new. 
It cannot be built to look old but instead must blend with the historic homes surrounding it.
So back to this house. 
Supposedly, the design was just fine with the historic board.
I have to say I was not pleased when this home was built as it's surrounding neighbors were not pleased as well. 
I feel it doesn't blend at all.
Sometimes when I drive by it with friends, the friends have asked if it is a library.
I know mid century modern is all the rage right now and I have nothing against it.
I just don't think it was appropriate for that street in our neighborhood.
But on to the inside....
What are your thoughts? You've seen a lot of my neighborhood on this blog. Do you think it blends in?
I don't.


An Urban Cottage said...

What a weird rule. I can see wanting new construction to look new but I don't think this blends at all.

The front facade of the house is its worst part. The inside is great and the back elevation is beautiful. I think they should have flipped the back to the front. The front looks so inaccessible, almost cold war.

Interesting to see though.

Debby said...

I agree with Urban Cottage.....that is a strange rule. I think it would be the reverse. The new builds need to look old to blend in with a historic neighborhood. This does not blend at all. The inside is at least is true to the outside. Very miminalistic.
Our neighbor hood is almost 50 years old and some of the same restrictions apply.
No home a day and age that so many work from home. We can have a horse (1/2 acre lots) but no fence or barn. I guess he will have to live in the garage. Very funny, huh.
I enjoy your tours.

Cindi Myers said...

OK, I'm on vaca and just peeking in on fav blogs but this one is forcing me to comment. I agree that it would be nicer flipped around but I would live in it and be ecstatic even if it was upside down! I LOVE IT! (I love the Art Deco one even more) but
L O V E it! I suppose it's the interior is what really has me swooning but....
besides, I HATE rules, rules be damned. I can't stand anyone telling me how and what to do. The town I live is known for eclectic neighborhoods. You never know what is next door to what and that's why I'm so lucky to have my skinny little hovel squeezed in between such nice homes. :)
I'm so surprised that we don't agree since usually we are like 2 peas in a pod. There's only thing I would change, and you can easily guess what I'm going to say is...ADD a pool!
Ha! (can't you just see my Soulmate Sofa in that house?! tee hee)
Love ya Nita but I disagree on this one.
XOXO - Cindi

Debra@CommonGround said...

I think new construction needs to be aesthetically pleasing and compliment the rest of the neighborhood. I wouldn't want it in mine. It leaves me cold, and looks like an old office building to me, not a residence. and the inside? no thanks...

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Well I love it. I don't know how I feel about the whole "does it fit" thing. I do agree, the back is more interesting than the front but still, love it. I love the inside even more and want everything in there. Okay, not the living room rug, that can go.
It is a bit confusing to say a new house cannot look old but they want all the houses to blend together. What would a new house look like then?

Amy Chalmers said...

So interesting that some LOVE this house!! I hate it! The only thing I kind of liked was the laundry room...just too stark to feel comfortable for me. Sorry you have to drive by the thing.

Lottie said...

Well, I absolutely LOVE this house! I love the clean lines on the outside and the clean lines on the inside. As for the neighborhood, I have a 1907 brick that would be impossible to build today. I wouldn't mind at all living next door to a house like this. Better than a new fake old house. Have a great weekend! (I love your blog!)


Belinda said...

I don't like it for your neighborhood at all! Maybe in the Paseo Arts District, but not your area. I don't understand why someone would want to put a house like that in a neighborhood where it would stick out so much. Just my opinion!

Karen Ann said...

Hard to believe that the Historical Society approved this one!! It seems very cold as well as modern. The inside looks like a staged house for an imaginary family...nothing of a personal nature there. Just me of course, but I don't care for this house and surely does'nt "fit" your neighborhood.

Kelli @ The Loss Cause said...

No. I hate it. Sorry. Sorry that it's in your historic neighborhood. I mean, come on. Split level houses built in the 70's were all very modern at the time but let's be honest, they weren't historic (unless we're talking mistakes). I think this is the same.

Kelli @ The Loss Cause said...

PS And I'm mostly talking about the outside.

Unknown said...

I see no blending here! But I just don't get the love of mid century modern. It can't hold a candle to the rest of the older homes in your neighborhood.
I hope all is well with you and your weenies.