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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Living Room Projects

So since 2013 I've been working as a designer in a furniture store and not home much and not blogging much.
During that time all my projects got put on hold around the house except for HAVE TO
Now that I'm once again between full time gigs...it's time to confront all that needs to be done here.
I bought that little chest above two years ago because it was just the right size to go by the front door.
I wanted something not very deep but wide enough to fill that wall.
Oh...I could've bought this in a creamy white finish that would have gone very well with my decor but it was three times the price in that finish. So I bought the version on sale for $130 planning on painting it myself. Here it is still waiting to be painted two years later. 
I am thinking of painting it similar in style to this. I don't know where this image came from I've had saved on my phone a long time.
A year ago Kirklands had this version of the same cabinet in a natural wood finish. I would have been happy with this finish but it was around $400 and that's not in the budget and now they don't have it any more. I'd rather an antique piece in this spot but antique pieces are always deeper. This one is only 12 inches deep.
It's just the right size by the door. Oh...that burgundy color looks so bad. When Mom saw it she loved it and said I should not paint it. But I hate it so it's getting painted.
I started to strip and paint the wood work in this room and never got back to it.
That is a priority project that needs to happen. Then I need drapes after that.
Oh and the room desperately needs a bigger rug.
Seems like I should be getting lots done right now but between working on two design projects for clients and searching for a full time job and....I have a part time job I am doing that is keeping me solvent.
There is not much time for decorating in my own house these days.
 I love alabaster lamps. This one I found out shopping with my friend Leslie at a country antique show.

 I am WAY over that lamp. But have not found one that speaks to me yet to replace it. One day I'll run across one I can't live without. I have bought two different ones that I thought would go in this spot but neither looked as good as this one. So they ended up in other places in the house.
 Soon the fall stuff will come out. Won't be long now at all.
I bought chalk paint the other day to paint this.

Aiming for it to look somewhat like this. I am a little worried that it will fight the fireplace a little.
I once had a table in this spot that was given to me. It was painted a pale yellow green.
The color looked actually fine in the room. But I didn't like the color so I painted it periwinkle instead. The table looked great in periwinkle but it looked too bold for the room. 
I ended up moving the table to another spot in the house. It was the wrong size anyway.
I could go the safe route and paint this a creamy white but I have a lot of creamy white in the living room.
Any opinions?

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Rebecca Nelson said...

Hi Nita!

Thank you so much for visiting me and sharing your own story. Life can be challenging sometimes, huh?

I'm glad you made it back to blogging as well. It's been calling me back for a long time now.

I've done a lot of painting over the years...I think your cabinet would be awesome painted like the last photo! LOVE IT!

Bless you friend.


Amy Chalmers said...

Well I’d paint it the creamy white because you will never tire of it. But if you bought a color then go for it and it can get painted white years in the future lol. I love alabaster lamps too, they are wonderful! Glad to see you showing off your home again!

Dewena said...

You have such a pretty room, Nita! I love each detail and I love your alabaster lamps. Please do paint the chest that marvelous shade of green. It will be stunning!