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Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Great Kitchen for Little Money

Ok, not that one above. That one will cost you an arm and a leg.
That kitchen is a kitchen that dreams of made of or in.
I was talking to my Mom the other day about some little things I want to do to my kitchen.
They involve adding molding to the top of the cabinets and crown molding around the room.
Perhaps taking another door or two off the cabinets. 
Taking doors off a couple of the cabinets made the biggest change in my little kitchen.
 It made me not mind the long expanse of cabinets that I have "quite" so much.
Of course I need a new floor in there desperately and new appliances would really make a difference.

But right now...I found some new drawer pulls that I can switch out to freshen up the look.
Mom says...as I'm talking about this...
"Well, the thing to do would be to knock out the back wall of the kitchen and expand it into the backyard about three feet."
Well, yes....that would be awesome. And if I did...I'd put in a wall of windows like that above
and lose all my cabinet space all together. 
I said to Mom...."Yes that would be ideal...but that is not going to happen. Unless I win the lottery
and I have to play the lottery to win."
I have to make do with what I've got...like most of us.
I have to embrace the idiosyncrasies of my kitchen and work with them.
I happened upon this photo of a new kitchen the other day when searching for gray paint colors for a client. 
I adore these cabinets! Love all the moldings. I love the detail of the cabinet above the stove although
I'd have done a hood. The only thing this kitchen needs is a white subway tile backsplash.
And it would be perfect. Love the feet on the cabinets too. 
But that is a major overhaul of a kitchen.
Today, I am thinking about kitchens that are great that did not cost a lot. Like the examples below.
Embrace the Quirkiness!
Ok, so perhaps that marble backsplash cost a pretty penny but it looks like it's been there awhile.
This kitchen is great just cause it's an unexpected color and has quirky styling.
I'm really kind of digging that paper towel holder mounted to the wall vertically.
That's something I could easily and cheaply add to my own kitchen.
Add simple shelves and bins
This kitchen is full of charm and it comes from simple shelves and bins anyone could install.
Use Furniture in your Kitchen
I've posted this kitchen before cause it amazes me in it's ingenuity.
One small free standing counter with a small cabinet above and the rest is 
furniture! Furniture you'd normally not find in a kitchen.
Lesson learned?
Add a piece of furniture to your kitchen.
Of course you have to have the room.
 Add practical and pretty display pieces
 Look at the charm added just by setting a wire plate rack on the counter!
It's all in the details.
 Add a mirror to the kitchen
 I've also shown this kitchen before. 
A very simple shelf and a vintage mirror make this kitchen special.
Ok, so the counter top and the sink are pretty amazing...
but still this idea could be applied to a not so special kitchen.
Use what you've got
This kitchen belongs to Courtney of French Country Cottage.
It's not her main kitchen. (that one is beyond pretty0
No...this one is in her guest house. 
A salvaged cabinet in its original color provides storage.
Small shelves above the stove also provide interest and storage.
I really like that she put a chalkboard above the vintage stove.
 Use salvaged wood pieces...add a skirt
 Upon first glance this kitchen just gives off a very chic look.
But look closely....the things in it are not expensive.
Except for that stove.
Simple raw wood counters with skirts provide support for the sink.
Plank shelves above are an easy install.
The island appears to be a junked work bench.
Add some vintage knick knacks and this kitchen is over the top gorgeous.
 style those shelves
Again...here's a kitchen that is way pretty but its parts are simple.
The most expensive thing  about this kitchen is the wall of large subway tile but you could 
easily do beadboard instead for a similar and less expensive look.
It's the rough wood shelves styled perfecting that make this kitchen sing.
 Add freestanding unmatched thrifted cabinets
This little kitchen is super creative in its cheap ways.
It's made of of all stand alone pieces, open shelving, skirts, and mix and match stuff.
and it is precious! 

Kitchens like these make me wish my kitchen was just a plain room with no cabinets 
and that I could just salvage all that goes in to it.
 Start from scratch and build it all from thrifted items.
Vanessa of Vintage Whites Market ripped out all the cabinets in her house and
filled it will all salvaged pieces. I don't know that I would have had the courage to do that.
But it looks wonderful! I love the vibe of this kitchen.

For my own kitchen....I said taking the doors off two of my cabinets made a huge change.
Covering the black tiles in my backsplash with white vinyl made the biggest transformation.
Adding a skirt over the existing cabinet under the sink...added charm.
And adding vintage knick knacks here and there have made me love it more.
 Add brackets below your upper cabinets
 I added iron painted brackets under portions of my upper cabinets to make this section feel more like a hutch.
 cover up rather than remove tile you hate
 I hated my kitchen before I covered the black tiles with white vinyl.
See how I covered my ugly black tiles with vinyl here.
Add lots of silver stuff
 I have a weird box thing over my stove top. Lately...I'm debating ripping it out.
It's original to the house. A previous homeowner installed the stove hood.
It has a shelf on top that I display things on.
A silver tray is always good as a backsplash behind a stove.
 Style your open cabinets
I tried to use this open cabinet for actual every day storage at first.
That was not for me. I needed some pretty in the room not just stacks
of dishes waiting to be used.
These shelves have had more added to them since this photo was shot, can you believe?
Lots more white china and cutting boards in the basket.
I'll show soon.
A small thing that really made me love my kitchen more was the adding of this
silver spice rack I made.
You can read here how I made it.
Next up?
new drawer pulls, a new faucet, an island, bits of white marble, moldings, paint

all small ways to update your kitchen and make it one you'll love

All these photos from different blogs see my Kitchens Pinterest board for sources.


Miss Kitty said...

SUCH lovely inspiration photos, Nita! PLUS your own kitchen is darling too.
We painted the tile backsplash in our kitchen 10 years ago when we moved in telling ourselves that we would redo it "later"...it is still there! Now we tell ourselves that who ever buys the house after we die will change it out.

Stacey said...

You have such a pretty kitchen, Nita. Great advice!

Debra@CommonGround said...

those silver "spice rack" chafing dishes were such a fab idea. LOVE your kitchen, especially your wonderful chandy!


Lovely, cozy and pretty kitchen Nita. You did such great things to it with such ingenuity like the spice rack and the winner...how you covered your tiles with vinyl..wow!
Thanks for sharing.
Happy Valentine's,

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

I've got many of those same kitchens on my boards, Nita. I love the look of salvaged pieces in a kitchen, but I don't know if I'd have the courage to do it either. Your kitchen is charming! I'd like to add crown molding to our kitchen, too, but I'm afraid I'd have to hire out for that!

Rebecca said...

"Embrace the quirkiness" for SURE! I'm so tired of cookie-cutter kitchens :) Anybody with $$ can do that....

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

You've already added so much charm to your kitchen. I love all the pictures of it.

Sonny G said...

I really like the way you styled your open cabinet..
I also took the doors off mine when we painted but am not yet happy with the way I have them styled.

Cindi Myers said...

LOVE this post!
Jammed full of great ideas.
I'm kinda sick of those perfect kitchens too and that's a good thing because mine will never be perfect.
I'm actually thinking of using strips of old boards in various tones of brown and also a bit of turquoise and making them the backsplash. I think it like balance out the big huge cubbie cabinet on the opposite wall.
Yep, someday I'll do it and post it.
Thanks again for this post.

CeCe said...

Such a fun, enjoyable post. Maybe even more so for me as we are in the process of revamping our kitchen and lots of other areas. Have lived here 29 years! Anyway, wanted to let you know about the grey paints we have used here in AZ and in our condo in Fl. In FL we used Benjamin Moore Edgemont Grey. I love it. One of those that goes with everything. It looks white, in the can, but let it dry and yum! Now, here in AZ I have had quite the challenge with picking the right paint. We painted the kitchen and a huge room with a paint that turned lavender in certain lights. I hated it. I have bought probably 30 paint samples. Ended up using Repose Grey in the Lavendar looking area and everywhere else....this... Mixed half and half Paris Grey and White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint... painted it on a white piece of paper and had it color matched with Behr's new one coat paint. I also had them do ithe color 75% less . Actually, at the time, I had them do full strength, 25% less, 50% less and also75% less. The 75% less is a beautiful, very light, but very noticeable grey. It looks white when first painted but there is no mistaking it is not grey once it dries. Anyway, my experience made me realize how difficult greys can be. Again, loved this post. You never disappoint. Voted for you, BTW!

Pondside said...

Lots of good ideas here but I like your silver tray spice rack best of all.

Jillybarb said...

Your spice racks are absolutely the best I've ever seen. I'm in love with them! I'm wondering where on earth I will be able to fins the vintage casserole dishes. Using salt shakers is a great idea. I am crazy for adding touches of vintage silver around my house, with a touch of tarnish, of course. I always look forward to your postings. Happy V Day!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

I have added moldings to several projects...the kitchen, media/library room and powder room. It is super easy to do and so inexpensive but makes a staggering difference in the appearance of a room.

I have a power saw but you can do it with a miter-box. I also have a pin nailer from Harbor-Fright, cheap and so, so handy. Try it!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the kitchens! We will be ready to do some house hunting in the summer and this gives me so many ideas incase I don't find the kitchen of my dreams. Thank you for this post!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

I think I have all these kitchens on my kitchen pin board. They are my kind of kitchen!

Debra Newman said...

I love the idea of switching things out like knobs and other kitchen accessories. I have done the same thing in my home and it has added a ton to the look. I would really love to take the counters I have now and replace them with granite as it would add to the look.

Debra Newman @ Unique Stone Concepts