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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Into the Garden

Today, my friend Deidra and I went to one of our favorite shops in OKC.
website here

I remember going here for the first time about eleven years ago when I first moved back
to Oklahoma after living in Georgia for a long time.

I was so missing all the beautiful garden stores of Atlanta and a friend suggested
I check out this one.

As soon as I stepped inside I knew I was in an oasis in the middle of the city.
The weather was absolutely perfect today.
So they had the place wide open with the big garage doors open.

This building use to be an auto repair shop years and years ago.
That is why there are two big garage doors to open the store to the outside.
A wisteria covered courtyard greets you through the gate.
This wisteria has already bloomed and gone while my wisteria at home is now in 
full bloom. But my wisteria always blooms later than many.
I'll show it tomorrow.
Fountains and larger pots fill the courtyard.
So many things I'd love to have in my garden.
Deidra wanted the little gnome but she resisted.
I'd be very happy with this fountain in my backyard.
I do wish I'd gone by when the wisteria was blooming.
They have these precious hand made cottages perfect for fairy gardens.
Now, moving inside...
Inside, looking out to the courtyard.
It smells wonderful in the store. Lots of candles and french soaps add to the aroma.
I'd love to look out at this view everyday.
The Wilshire Garden Market began fifteen years ago started by a mother and daughter team
who were unhappy with the quality of garden decor they found in Oklahoma.
They've definitely raised the bar by far.
Lots of candles and soaps and gift items here too.
Oh...I forgot to mention...you can order online through their website.
Pretty outdoor pillows
New pots that look vintage in colors I adore.
How about this for a fountain?
I want those big cement mushrooms.

There is much more to see. They have lots of pillows and outdoor furniture and outdoor rugs.
Just a lovely place to spend a spring afternoon.

After Wilshire Garden Market, we went across town to The Feathered Nest.
Deidra bought a table after saying she wasn't going to buy a thing.

Then we hit Whole Foods for a salad and then went to the new Anthropolgie. 
Deidra bought something there too after she told me not to let her buy anything.

I reminded her that I was suppose to stop her...but she got quickly hostile.
That is how it goes.
Of course as soon as we get in the car, she starts in on 
"You are such a bad influence on me." 
"I always spend so much money with you."
"I told you not to let me buy anything."

I didn't buy anything....oh I saw things I wanted but I cannot buy right now.

At the beginning of her day she said..."I didn't even bring cards or money because
I'm saving all my money to go to New Orleans next week."

"So, don't let me buy anything."

"Ok", I replied.

Then she sees a table she can't live without at Feathered Nest and I remind her she's saving her money 
for New Orleans and she has no money with her.

She snapped back, "I've got credit cards in the car!"
And off she went to get them.

Next time we shop she will remind me that I made her spend money,
and I should not let her spend any this time no matter what.
And then she'll spend some more.

It's a vicious cycle.


Tara Dillard said...

My friend & neighbor makes those little fairy cottages.

Love this store.

Their garden is fabulous & easy.

Thanks for taking me along.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

What a fabulous place with so many wonderful things.

Belinda said...

That's a great shop! I haven't been there in a long time - need to go back. I like the Cloverleaf store next door too!

Your friend sounds fun to shop with. If I don't have money to spend, I always enjoy helping a friend spend their money! :)

What did you think of Anthropologie? I haven't been there yet.

Ivy Lane said...

I love the little handmade cottage for a fairy garden! We have a new Anthropologie as well..my husband calls that store the "danger zone" when we go in...I LOVE that store!

Your story is so funny..reminds me of when I go shopping with my sister-n-law...

Have a GREAT Day!

Anonymous said...

I just love garden stores ~ we don't have many here in Ohio either but they are a great place to just wander around on a nice day ~ especially with a good friend (even if she just so happens to have no self control). : )

Olive said...

I love concrete garden stuff. It is likely I have enough and more would push me over the tacky cliff. The mushrooms were too cute. I also would love a fountain. I do run into some of this stuff thrifting. Lovely store Nita.

Zsa Zsa said...

I only find things I want when I don't bring money along. I always have a backup plan - it's happened too many times.

Mary Palumbo Collings said...

Looks like a fantastic place. Lovely blog, glad to have found you...

Brenda Pruitt said...

Well, sounds like you can't win. I would LOVE to go there. I'm headed over to their website. What I would give for a nice noisy water fountain to help drown out the college kids.

sharon said...

Reading about how hard and long you've been working, I'm glad that you had a relaxing, fun day with a special friend. A little girl- time really refreshes and re-energizes doesn't it. Your photos capture this special shop, making us all wish we were in OKC. Thanks for sharing!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh, Nita! You need some of those pretty pots for your home. They look like you!


Cindi Myers said...

I love the McCoy-like pots! and I would want the cat statue. :)
I love going to Garden places. Each summer me and my sister take a road-trip to one, it's one of my most fun things to do!
I USED to go shopping with a friend who would encourage me to fill my cart with "Great Finds" as she filled hers. Then after I went through the check-out she would start telling the cashier to put some of her stuff back, that she had changed her mind. After a few times of this I decided that it was better to shop alone than WITH her. LOVE this post.
XOXO - Cindi

Amy Chalmers said...

hhah that was so funny~so its YOUR fault right?? Deirdre feels better making you responsible for her lack of control...ok....anyway I loved looking at the shop...do you have any pics of the awing that is outside the shop that i could see in one of the pics from the inside looking out? I am wanting that for my shop...loved the cement mushrooms and the boxwoods in containers and i really liked those pots too...

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

What a pretty shop. I so want a fountain! James proposed to me in front of the famous fountain in Savannah so it's a sentimental thing. I also love to hear the water, so relaxing.
Your friend is funny. You're the kind of friend who would not judge so I could imagine this little cycle!

Roeshel said...

Oh my, it's the garden of Eden! So many beautiful things to see. Thank you so much for sharing a peek, Nita! :)

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

I'll take the liitle cottage, please. Oh, and a hunky gardener to go with it (if that's not asking for too much)

Pondside said...

What a lovely place!
When we lived in OKC in the early 80's there was nothing at all like this.

Danice G said...

What a wonderfully enchanting place, Nita. Thanks for sharing this with us :)