Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Turkey Platters

Let's Talk Turkey...
Turkey Platters...that is.

I have a thing for turkey platters. It's just not Thanksgiving without a special platter for your bird.
That said....I didn't have a turkey platter but then I've never cooked a turkey or had Thanksgiving at my house.

My Mom always did it and she has a turkey platter.
Now, I have Thanksgiving at my friend Shannon's every year...
(which may not happen this year
because she is getting a new kitchen which I will be posting about soon)
Her kitchen was suppose to be long done by now but it's not. And it may be a few more weeks.
You know how that goes. She is very stressed about it.
Surely, it will be done by Christmas.

But back to platters. I bought the one above back last February at Target on clearance for $7.
I debated buying it because ... well it was February.

But I'm glad I did now that it's November.
Pottery Barn has this similar one this year.
Yes, I do like this one better with it's worn edges. The design is better too...but it's not $7.
Look how nice the matching salad plates are.
Pottery Barn also has this one too. It's on clearance also.
So after drooling over Pottery Barn's platters....I
then decided to go see what sort of Turkey platters our friend Nancy has in stock currently at
Nancy's Daily Dish
Nancy has some superb antique examples that anyone would love to serve a turkey on.
Yes, love this one.
Oh the blue is nice.
Then she has some platters sans turkey.
I really like this brown one.
All of these would be divine on the old Thanksgiving table.

Then I checked out Ebay.
There were lots to be had on Ebay. Pages and pages of them.
This one above is not very expensive but it's one of my favorites.
Love this all brown one.
What a pretty table this sets.
Do you have a special Turkey Platter?

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Olive said...

Hi Nita, I love turkey platters too. Well all platters in general. I do not have a turkey platter. I have been looking but all are way too expensive. I was at PB Outlet and theirs was still too much. I did find a huge white platter from Limoges that will do just fine for three dollars. That will work. I am patient. xo, olive

Debra @ Common Ground said...

oh yes, I have several. most are not expensive, but I do have one really pretty vintage Johnson Bros. I gave one to each of my girls for their first "married" Thanksgiving. LOVE them!!

vintage girl at heart said...

gobble gobble.
i couldn't resist :).
Love your seven dollar deal!!!
you could always gold distress the edges like the one you liked.
love the brown transferware ones.
i have many old plain ironstone platters and some shabby ones that i have picked up for a song at yard sales but no turkey ones.
i do have a brown transferware one but it usually holds ham as it is not large enough for turkey.
i love your posts!
happy november seventh!!
happy wonderful weather!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Hi Nita,

I love turkey platters. Every year I seem to use whichever one I have left in stock. I recently sold my favorite one, that I always think I'm going to keep. I sort of had wished I'd not sold it and then I got a big shipment from England and guess what? There was a turkey platter in there like the one I'd just sold.

Thanks so much for shout out! I didn't expect that when I popped over here!


Dewena Callis said...

Nita, I love them all, especially the one with gold edges and the blue one. Not a single turkey platter in all my platters. We used to use a large Blue Willow platter but can't risk carving on it as it's well over 100 years old. Mostly we have carved it before serving but then you don't get that sentimental Norman Rockwell look. Whatever happened to the head of the house sitting at the end of the table and carving a particular favorite piece for everyone at the table from the whole turkey, passing the plate down? Does anyone still do this?

Thank you for these turkey platters to add to my wish list....haven't seen any of them at Goodwill!

Staci said...

My mom has a turkey platter that she HAS to use every year. The problem is that it's too big. We all hate the thing. It was a gift from a sibling that NEVER comes home for the holidays so I'm not sure why the thing comes out...

It was a very wide rim around the edge, and it doesn't fit in the middle of the table unless we don't have anything else there. And who wants Thanksgiving dinner without all the sides?!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Some years ago I got a very pretty blue transferware platter at a garage sale. I know I did not pay much for it but I use it every time I have Thanksgiving at my house. I loved your "slideshow" of different types of platters. Mine doesn't have a turkey on it...I liked the turkey ones! ~xo, Patti

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your turkey platter is lovely, Nita. I don't have a turkey platter, but I very much liked the ones that you showed in the post today!

Shelia said...

I love your turkey platters. I have one with a teal edging like your favorite.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

I must have missed this post...but I wanted to say I am always on the lookout for a purple transferware turkey platter. As luck would have it this year when i was in the auction house I noticed a dealer had a gigantic platter that was gorgeous...not a turkey one, but big enough for has a petite rose and lace pattern with gold rim around the edge and a small center floral pattern, on a mostly off white base. So I scooped it up for only $20 and we put our turkey on that. Still looking for a ourple turkey tho...

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