Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pink Christmas

On to Christmas
Thanksgivings over and Black Friday and we can now concentrate on Christmas.
I really really don't care for Black Friday and I REALLY hate it that
everyone is opening now on Thanksgiving night for it.
That is just wrong. Everyone says..."Oh...only those that want to work have to."
But that is not true....from my experience EVERYONE is required to work because 
its so darn busy.

My opinion on this is that it's the HAVE's deciding the HAVE NOT's should
spend their Holiday servicing the HAVE's.
What do you think?
Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting all my Christmas stuff out.
I didn't decorate last year for the first time ever and I'm ready to get to it this year.
I'm digging these pink Christmas trees.
I actually have one like this that I've had for several years and its never been out of the box.
It will be going up this year for sure.
I'm afraid I'm a bit of a grinch when it comes to the maddening crowds that are clammering to 
buy stuff this Black Friday weekend.
My mood is bound to improve once all that madness subsides.
I actually kind of like to shop on Christmas Eve everyone is so's funny.

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"Create Beauty" said...

Pretty pink inspiration!

I did not venture out at all today, not wanting to deal with the "black Friday' crowds. And I don't like how that term has taken over the day after Thanksgiving! I am trying to get inspired to get out the Christmas decor. Spent part of today cleaning out the turkey juices and grease that attacked our oven yesterday (a rebellious bird)

Enjoy your weekend! Give those doggies a hug from me,
~ Violet

Shannon Fox said...

I adore that pink wreath Nita! I can never commit to using my vintage bulbs to make one though. I started decorating today. I spent all night going through my totes. The hardest part for me is narrowing it down to a cohesive look. I like everything, but I know I can't use it all at once. So hard to choose!

Traci said...

I love the wreath made out of all the vintige ornaments. I didn't know that they made pink ornaments back them. I can't wait to see all your decorations.
I am feeling inspired to up mine up too. My niece was in her first real play tonight and the subject was of course Christmas. She was great in a part written just for her and it has started the holiday season rolling.
I am feeling quite thankful for the wonderful thinks in my life today too.

awal.ny said...

I have to agree, it is not fair for those who have to work Thanksgiving night, but if you think about it, many already have been. Many restaurants have always been open, that is where some get their Thanksgiving feast. As for the shopping, I do blame it on the stores, the shoppers will shop when it is open whether it is Thursday or Friday, they will wait.

Anonymous said...

wow you hit the nail on the head! black friday is for the haves and should be outlawed. the way people act and treat one another is horrible. the news just dramatizes it even more!
on a happier note...i love these images and am looking forward to your Christmas decor this year!!
happy pink saturday!

ThrifterSisters said...

I totally agree with everything you said about Black Friday! I prefer to do my shopping online. I am so in love with that pink wreath and am very inspired to try to do one myself. I am also on the lookout for a pink tree. I can't wait to see what you do with yours!

Happy Holidays & Pink Saturday,


Lady of the Woods said...

Yes, your statement about the have-nots serving the haves is accurate and it is totally ok to be pissed about this, it is disgusting actually. I learned what black friday is only last year, I stay away from marketing society in general and when I learned and saw it filmed on tv I got really disgusted. I dont' understand, the greed of have not people feeds the greed of the haves people it seems. Its a GREED frenzy for both sides. But your wreath is magical and I just looked at your furniture too, going white! that is the process I'm in now, painting all White and when I get off this pc now I will pick up a brush to begin a Queen Anne Console in ASCP Old White. Blessings of beauty and peace to your holidays. lady

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think about Black Friday! Black Friday is for amateurs. Real women shop all of the time. To take the Grinchiness out of your Christmas, focus on the true meaning, the birth of Christ!


Carolyn Robbins said...

I love your post and the grinch is wonderful! I am with you, I stayed home yesterday!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

LOVE the pink. The only time I went out yesterday was to pick Abby up from work, and the traffic and craziness sent me right back home! I mostly do handmades and gift cards for gifts though, so I don't really have to shop. Can't wait to see the pink tree :)

Squeak said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Black Friday! I live in Canada where it hasn't caught on quite as much as it has in the U.S., but this year many Canadian retailers decided they were fed up with Canadian shoppers heading to the U.S. on Black Friday. So they decided to have "big" sales, too. As far as I can tell from what I saw online, it's mostly about 20-something guys lining up at 4:00 a.m. to buy 60" TVs. What's that all about!?

I hate shopping in chain stores and at malls. For the most part, they all have the same merchandise - none of it particularly appealing. I love shopping in the one-of-a-kind stores in my city and in neighbouring cities. These are the stores we should be supporting, not the bland, boring superstores.

Shelia said...

Love your pinks and that wreath is beautiful! I don't want to fight those crowds and love my shopping uncrowded! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Heather said...

Love the wreath!! I am have a pink tree like the first one you posted :0) I put it in one of the corners of my dining room :0)
Happy pink Saturday!

I think the stores should stay closed Thanksgiving..and leave the shopping till Friday :0)

Elizabeth Nott said...

Love the wreath!! So gorgeous! <3

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I used to love to shop when the stores open on Black Friday (and that was 6 am), but changed my mine once I had to work it. Some people are so competitive that they are down right mean and dangerous. The Macy's Lady

Annesphamily said...

Your wreath is so gorgeous! But I am loving that pink Grinch too! What a delightful post today! Have a terrific weekend!

Olive said...

I under stood having to work on Thanksgiving when I had a job as an RN but stores being open for sales is a different kettle of fish. It's ridiculous. I have never been shopping on Black Friday. We did go to Lowes (to buy a flash light) but it was at 4 PM. I a convinced that is why my kiddo could not get a job at college. She told everyone she was coming home for break and they did not hire her.

Cynthia Myers said...

At first I thought, Oh NO! If Nita's doing Christmas, it's definitely officially Christmas time. :)
I must say this post does make me want to decorate! Especially that pink tree in the Mod setting.
Love it!
I have always worked Holidays.
When I was young it was waitressing or bartending jobs and now it's taking care of other people's pets. Luckily I got the owner to pay double time so my young workers really want to work the hours. I still split the hours to 4 hour shifts so that they can plan their Holidays...I know what it's like to have your whole Holiday ruined.
And yes, you are right. The Haves make the have-nots work to make THEM richer. Though, oddly I noticed on the local news it appears that there are a lot of have-nots were in line too. Hmmm.

sheri said...

I think it's sad that stores open on Thanksgiving. We had a store open at 9 PM and Midnight openings are insane. Why can't stores have sales during normal hours? Life is so hectic, pretty soon there will be no "down time" for people to relax. I remember when Sundays were quiet and peaceful. No stores were open and it was nice. Impossible now, I know, people are so busy and need to shop on Sundays, but let's have a few Holidays where people can kick back and enjoy a nice, quiet day now and then.

Femme Fatale Hunter said...

I am with you on Black Friday and now "Gray Thursday." And it's so much fun to shop "last minute." Everyone has such a warm and happy spirit. I'm also sorry that my former students fall into the "have-nots" and have to work for the "haves" when everyone should be off for the holidays! Love your blog! Happy holidays!

Cottage and Broome said...

I love all the pink, it is perfect for the holidays! I'm going to get my pink out this week. Laura

romance-of-roses said...

Hello, visiting from Pink Saturday. Love the wreath and all the pinks and totally agree about Black Friday. I don't like it either and do not go shopping, I always shop on line anyway. Folks should be with their families not having to work. Love your blog. Hugs...Lu

Pam @ Frippery said...

Hi Nita, Just read your post as I had two vendor shows to do this weekend. I never shop retail on The week after Thanksgiving. I actually haven't stepped into a mall to Christmas shop at all for the past several years. I don't really know about tha Haves and Have Nots. I see people from all income strata acting frenzied over the stupid sales. I do think being open on Thanksgiving is ridiculous. I remember back in the Stone Age when I was young, nothing opened on Sundays period, much less any holiday. Why is it necessary to have shopping access every day of the week?
That said, thank goodness for online shopping as well as having grown children who understand Christmas is about anything BUT buying retail. Once again you are on target with this post.

Bliss said...

You can't make me go into the stores this weekend no way no how!


Scribbler said...

I couldn't agree more -- I wrote a bit about it on my Opinion blog.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

yes I hate crowds and shopping on designated MUST SHOP FOR DEALS type of events like black Friday. Well no one got the memo at my shop as I had one sale...I guess everyone was at Walmart or Target, not my little shop...anyway thats ok with me as I have had my share of busy days helping shoppers for all the right reasons. I love a pink xmas and I would love to have one for my MD shop...don't you agree?

Anonymous said...


I've been disgusted with all the Thanksgiving turned greedy shopping for several years now. At first I used to blame it on companies but lets face it if people didn't go they wouldn't be doing it. It's like most things people complain then turn around and shop where they know everything is from China. They know its eliminated American jobs but hey it's cheap. Lets blame the other guy. It's not about rich or poor it's about I take care of me first. It's really not all that surprising this has happened. Christ has been removed from Christmas so where's my stuff? I worship stuff. Believe me it's not just the rich that fall into that category. My rant :(

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