Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanksgiving Tables

Are you getting your plans pulled together for Thanksgiving Day?
These tables are super inspiring.


the gardener's cottage said...

yes they are inspiring nita. thanks for sharing. my table will be super simple but i am decorating a friends house for thanksgiving so i really need this. xo janet

Dewena Callis said...

Love the butternut squash used in abundance on one table and then am drawn to the simple elegant one with the sheaf of wheat. You've given me opposites here, Nita. Why do I love both of them?

Anonymous said...

Outstanding, warm table settings! Thank you for the inspiration.


Cynthia Myers said...

All of them are beautiful but the fifth one down is something that my sister would do and that's where I'm going for Thanksgiving. She is always bringing in branches and things from her garden to decorate her home.
That table would be perfect for her.

Kit said...

Very lovely! I think I like the last one the best. :) Kit

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