Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jacobean Buffets or Sideboards

I'm obsessed with them.
And gosh this is a pretty display. And an especially nice example of this type of buffet, too.
When I bought my 1931 storybook cottage, one of the first things I knew I must have
was a jacobean style 1920's or 30's buffet.
I'd seen a few painted white like that example above.
Once painted,
I think all their moldings and carvings look like scrumptious icing on a fancy wedding cake.
They look equally as good in turquoise. This combo above is a stunner.
This one looks like it belongs at the beach.
I love the bulbous legs and scallops.
more yummy turquoise
A worn paint effect looks good on these also.
Even in a bold yellow these beauties shine.
Hello Sunshine! You make me happy. 
Very flattering in gray too. 
Quite elegant painted gray with white trim.
Now this at least three pieces of furniture put together.
The Frankenstein of sideboards.
Quite amazing although I'd be fearful it would all topple on me one day.
This shabby one is all done up for the holidays...which brings me to the point of this post
other than I just love looking at all these.
My own buffet has been patiently waiting to be done up for Christmas.
This will be the first time. Here it dons an every day look.
It's been done up for Easter
It got streamlined for late summer.
spookified for Halloween
and burdened with Thanksgiving's harvest earlier this month.
But it's never been decked out for the Holidays.

Soon it will be though...I'm very excited to see how it all turns out.
I really have no idea what I am putting there...but something will 
appear soon.
I'm going through all my boxes of Christmas things just as I know all of you are too
and coming up with something to delight the senses this 
Christmas Time.

I know most linky parties are starting with mantels but I kind of decorate all at once.
Well, no usually the tree first and then scatter all else about.
But I'm going to finish the mantel first this time with it subject to change as the rooms develop.

Today I met a lady that does Christmas as her business 24/7 a year.
She owns a company that decorates for large corporations, malls, big buildings, etc...
She came in the store wearing a Christmas sweater and I commented that she was
in the Christmas spirit and she said...
"I dress like this every day. It's my business."
Which led to a long discussion of exactly what was her business.
Decorating for Christmas is her business.
She says it's exhausting. I can just imagine.

Are you exhausted yet?


Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

I love Jacobean legs, as well. Thanks fo rthe drool worthy inspiration!! said...

Gorgeous!!! I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing studio1404's buffet (the one with bulbous legs and scallops). Made my day!

AntiqueChase said...

I didn't know I needed a sideboard like this until now!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

The question is, are YOU exhausted yet?!! I worked so many years of retail and I still remember how tiring it is, and I was even younger then :) Hope you are holding up OK under the holiday stress. I'm a little worn out, but I'm getting over a cold. And I'm already rethinking some of the over-commitment that I have done, and some of it may have to go away. Can't wait to see your holiday decor! I wish you would get done first so I can copy you :)))
xo, Andrea

Dewena Callis said...

I love all the looks of your sideboard and will be watching for it in Christmas finery.

Anonymous said...

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Jennie@gotmyreservations said...

I love every one of these sideboards. I can't wait to see what you do with yours.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I look forward to seeing how you decorate your sideboard, Nita! I hope it involves Shiny Brite ornaments. :D

chateau chic said...

Your inspirational sideboards are beautiful. Love all the detail on each one. Your own is lovely as well, a great piece to dress up each season.
Mary Alice

Bliss said...

I love 'em too. I see them on craigslist here from time to time for such good prices, but I have no where to put one.


Tamara said...

Oh, that turquoise and brown one! Oh my!!! I can't wait to see what you do. And I love that cockatoo figurine you have. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Jane said...

Love the sneak peek of the living room in your picture. Your home is soooo pretty!

CeCe said...

I have never commented, ( I don't think ) so I thought it was time, to take the time, to tell you I love your blog and your style. It is a favorite read. You bring joy to my every day living! Thank You, CeCe

Rooms by Ann said...

Beautiful pics, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

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Pam @ Frippery said...

Your house is just so charming. I can't wait to see your Christmas display.

Herbert said...

And an especially nice example of this type of buffet, too. via. When I bought ...

Christian said...

Reading Idea For Today: Antique Shops & Designers. 8 hours ago ...

Roland said...

And an especially nice example of this type of buffet, too. via ...

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