Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Painted Paneling

The Paneling Got a Reprieve
So, after yesterday's unanimous decision for keeping the paneling and painting it....
I'm happy to tell you the paneling still stands much to the chagrin of the contractor.
Turns out he showed up with his drywall guy all set to tear it out and put up sheetrock.
Shannon, who had not really decided and who had not seen all my photos yet...
threw them out of her house.
I'd like to say it was because she wanted the paneling painted but it was more 
because she hadn't decided and he started talking about tearing out not only the paneling
but the woodwork, trim and quarter round too.
He then said the beams would have to be recovered with different wood and made beefer.
She could see this turning into another huge project when they are still trying to finish up the kitchen.
She just cannot take living in a construction zone any more.

So she told him to get out of her house and come back the next day to only do what she'd approved.

So thank goodness the paneling still stands.
This way she can live with it and decide.
I say go ahead and paint it...if she doesn't like it....then she can tear it out.
But I know she will like it.
I thought we needed a few more photos of how great it looks.
This way...she can come by my blog and be reminded.
This ceiling has beams much like her's. I don't think she wants the walls dark like this....
but I think painting the ceiling dark between the beams makes the ceiling seem taller.
Of course I really love these walls painted a sea foam color.
But creamy white is so classic.
Yes, classic.
As for painting her brick....I've suggested this for ages but she likes her original brick color.
She likes things more rustic than I the brick goes with her stuff.
She does have a nice color of brick unlike many ranch houses I've seen.

Thanks for chiming in yesterday on this topic. 
I knew you all would agree but I think she needed convincing.


Debby said...

So glad that she didn't cave.
A couple years ago we were listing our home. We had paneling in our entire downstairs from the 70's. I painted it a tea light color....very mellow yellow. I didn't prime it but it only took 2 coats. It made the world of difference. Since it was the lower level of a bi-level, it made it so much brighter. Like you said they can paint it and live with it and can later change it if they want. What a mess that would have been if the contractor had gotten his way. Sounds like he was making all the decisions. Hmmmmmm, wouldn't trust that one for sure.

Dewena Callis said...

Way to go, Nita's friend! Who's writing the checks here?

Patty said...

Well!! I may have been right in my comment yesterday....he was anxious to separate your friend from her $$. I question his ethics. Glad she stood her ground. You are a good friend to her, and you found some really good pics to inspire her. I agree if she hates it painted, she can tear it out later...but, give it a try!

Cynthia Myers said...

These photos are killing me!
Remember that house that I wanted so badly? It had paneling in the downstairs and.....sigh.
Oh, how I hope she stays with the paneling. It has so much character!

Cyndia said...

My husband may kill you and me! The more of the pics I see, the more convinced I am that I want to put this wonderful paneling in my basement and paint it. I've tried to convince him for ages but so far he's not convinced. Why oh why don't they just HUSH and let us make these decisions?
It took me over ten years to convince him to paint the brick exterior. Now he loves it and can't believe he held out so long! I WILL get my way on this!

Curtains in My Tree said...

My sister had her 1897 house entirely redone and in 4 rooms where the previous owners in 1970 added paneling, well my sister had them paint all the paneling and it looks like it was meant to be. you would never know it was darn brown panel sheets.
my laundry room still have paneling and I need to get it painted before I put my house on the market

Kit said...

I am so glad you posted these photos. Hubby and I have been discusing painting the paneling in the bathroom. This convinces me! Bring on the paint! Kit

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