Sunday, November 11, 2012

Open House Sunday

In My Neighborhood
A few streets south of me is this cute tudor.
Built 1930
I just hate tv's over the fireplace...don't you?
I am not sure what this is in front of the fireplace but it should be removed immediately.
Larger lamps needed here.
Very mod wallpaper in the dining room. It's so wrong for this house.
Love the tulip table, of course.
Wow! This is a bold black and white bath. I do love the original everything.
A mid century nursery
More mid century....what do you think about having three rugs layered. 
I would think I'd hate this...but it's kind of interesting.
Nice backyard.
See the full listing here.


Cindi Myers said...

I have to think about this one.
I mean, well..they have a good collection of mod vintage pieces but they need to drag them around to different rooms. The layer rug thing immediately made me think they were covering up some awful stain. Hated the dead thing on the bed. Ick.
BUT I loved the bathroom.
Actually the house itself is VERY nice. They just need a good stager (like YOU) to help them and it could be Fabulous.
:) - Cindi

Lottie said...

Yes, the bathroom was fantastic! The rest of the house was cute, but I would have gone with more style(?). Everything seemed awkward and not very cozy. But I really liked the house itself. Three rugs are just tacky.

Kendra Quilts said...

I really love this home. But NO tv over the fireplace. I want to focus on the fireplace or the tv but not both. love the kitchen too. Thanks!!

Holly Diane said...

Neat house but it does appear they have some decorating challenges...

Debra@CommonGround said...

Love this style, but the dark dining room paint makes it look like a cave. one rug too many, and sorry, just not into mid century. I've already lived thru it, don't wanna go back...eck.

Unknown said...

The house is lovely but these people need to find their grown up lamps and accessories. Their current things look like the baby versions.
I agree with you and the tv issue. You want to look at the huge black screen when it is not in use.
I hope the next owners embrace the time period in which that home was built.
Loved the tour as usual.

Susie said...

I loved the coved ceilings, the arched doorway and window, the original bath fixtures. I like eclectic....but some aspects of this house borderline bizarre. Well for me. Smiles, Susie
p.s. the neighborhood is nice.

Brenda Pruitt said...

An interesting house. But everything looks, well, not well thought out. Know what I mean?

Karena said...

Hi Nita,
I don't think this home is ready to show. They really need to get it more appealing to sell. That bench in front of the fireplace, the lamps those layered rugs will take the attention from the bones of this home.

The exterior has curb appeal..

Art by Karena

Diane said...

The thing in front of the fireplace is to keep that baby out of that black hole. Otherwise, I can't agree with too many of the decorating decisions. I assume the homeowners are young and working toward a harmonious style. The furnishings are better suited to a midcentury home.

Scribbler said...

I think I saved the exterior of this house from those listings you sent me.
Hoever, this interior is just sad. There is nothing I like, nothing at all.

Anonymous said...

Not staged well, but it would not deter me from seeing the potential.

The bath is great.

The 3 stacked rugs make me think they are storing them, or they are "for sale.".