Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Thanksgiving Decor 2012

Here's what I did on my fireplace mantel this year for Thanksgiving.
I knew I wanted to do something with a silver tray, ribbon, florals, glitter leaves
and my mercury glass acorn ornaments.
But a couple of weeks ago when I went to put this together I was stalled by how to hang it
over the mirror.

Then last week, I was in Michael's and I saw a box of frames with a sign that read - 
$2 Grab Bag!
I asked to clarify if this was true....were the frames indeed $2?
Yes, they were and I snapped up this gold frame that I knew would be perfect to 
attach my Thanksgiving wreath to.
Those mercury glass acorns I bought on sale a couple of years ago at Walmart.
They are real glass. Walmart had pretty things that year.
My Mom and sister hit their Walmarts too and bought me as many silver ones as they could find.
Glitter leaves came from Target several Xmas's ago.
Center of the display is my turkey platter bought last February at Target for $7.
Oh...yes I love a bargain.
I bought this kubu wicker basket at Hobby Lobby end of summer and it's just the perfect thing to group items together on the table.
Snapped up the white dinner platter this week at Pier 1 on sale. We have matching dishes and everything to this...but they aren't on sale yet...just the platter. 
I don't need dishes...but a person can always use another platter.
More of the mercury glass acorns scattered about.
People have been coming in to Pier 1 the last few days frantic for last minute
Thanksgiving placemats, chargers and napkin rings...not to mention dining tables and chairs.
I've sold a bunch of dining chairs.
I guess everyone decides to get their act together only when they know lots of people are showing up at their house.


I had some excitement here at the house last night.
I was on the phone with a friend when the dogs started barking in a weird way back in the kitchen
and breakfast nook.
I realized it was strange immediately for them to be barking like that in the house.
So I go back to check and Violet, Franklin and Harvey have a opossum surrounded in the corner
under a table in the breakfast nook.
He was hissing like crazy.
This is what he looked like!

Since I'd already been through one encounter with one of my dogs and a opossum...
I stayed relatively calm.
All three dogs were surrounding him and were barking and had their noses right where he
could have easily bit them.
They were not backing down and neither was he.
I had to pick each one up and carry them into another room so I could get at him.
Didn't have to pick up Sally...she was hid under the bed which is what she does whenever there is a
big commotion.
I took each dog into the hall and shut the door....Franklin was the last
and he managed to open a door and jump a baby gate and was right back in the middle of it in two seconds.
I put him back over the gate then shoo'd the opossum out using a broom handle.
He actually went pretty easily. I didn't want to traumatize him any more than he I was just
nudging him and he went right back out the door.
A reminder of what I was dealing with.
Yikes! Those teeth...thank goodness he was too scared to bite.

My friend who was still on the phone...I'd thrown it aside...said...
"It's like you live in the country over there."

I am very thankful it was a opossum and not a raccoon.
I think that would have been much harder to deal with, don't you?

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Heidi said...

Yikes, I couldn't deal! (With the opossum, that is.) Your Thanksgiving decor, on the other hand, I could easily live with! :)

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Omigosh, Nita! I was scrolling through your pretty Thanksgiving photos and then WOW! Look at those teeth! I showed the possum pics to my hubby and he said he encountered one looking like that in one of our garbage cans the other day. Animals are funny creatures!

Dewena Callis said...

I just changed my mind about wanting a doggie door. You were a trooper to handle that situation. I'm so glad the weenies didn't get bit. Your Thanksgiving decor is amazing, as to be expected coming from you. But that arrangement you did over the mantel is prize-worthy. Really going to pin that, as soon as Pinterest gets over its case of hiccups.

Happy Thanksgiving, Nita & Weenies!

Olive said...

Hi Nita, I love those acorns and bought as many as I could that same year. Your fall wreath is lovely. Mine only made it into a bowl I think. Possums are pests and we get them in our yard here often. Happy Thanksgiving, Olive

Katie @ Wildwood Creek said...

Beautiful Thanksgiving vignettes! The mantel display is gorgeous!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

I'm not sure if I like the display or the possum story more :) It's only a matter of time before we have the same situation, the way we feed everyone around here! One of these days a squirrel is going to walk right in and help himself to dinner out of the basket of nuts. LOVE the Thanksgiving mantel and table, it's just so elegant and so you. You can glam up a vignette like no one I have ever seen, girl! Have a wonderful time at your friend's house, and I'll email and let you know how much it costs me to get out of Pier 1 :))))
Luv, Andrea

craftyles said...

The vignettes are beautiful. The possum looks super scary. WE had one in out garage once-it was pretty scary trying to get him out.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Very Pretty! Happy Thanksgiving! Looking forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas! I would love for you to see my centerpiece at my Thanksgiving table :) I am visiting you from Savvy Southern Style!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Goodness that opossum looks fierce! You really handled getting rid of him very calmly... and your dogs were so protective!!!
Now on to your mantle. What a brilliant idea... using a silver tray! I just love that!!!! Very inspiring!
Glad humans and dogs are okay!

Anonymous said...

Your styling is so lovely. I really enjoy your blog, and the weenie adventures are a bonus!

Cyndia said...

Yikes, that possum is scary! We occasionally have them trying to get in, but my border collie is very vigilant and so far has kept them at bay!

maureen said...

when i saw those teeth, i wondered what they ate. apparently the are opportunistic omnivores. and they are flea bags! check your dogs and house for fleas!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed by your bargain skills as well as your amazing styling skills! Your post is gorgeous and inspiring. Keep blogging!


DreamgirlLisa said...

Oh my! I did not realize they had such large teeth!! I have those critters at my place too, and lots of racoons, who I am not too fond of. Your house looks gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Shannon Fox said...

Oh my! I can just picture the calamity! hahaha. They are so ugly. I know that's mean.. but yikes.

We get Raccoons. Lots. At the old house, they used to come running when I called my cats. Even tried to come in the house! Crazy things.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Trisha Brink Design said...

Hello Miss Nita! I just wanted to stop by on my rounds today to say how thankful I am for wonderful you! I have been inspired by all that you do and share here on your blog...and since it's my week to give shout outs to those I'm thankful for (Thanksgiving here in the USA tomorrow!) I thought I'd stop by and let you know.

Cheers for a great Christmas Season, may you be blessed beyond measure!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

too bad that opossum just didn't lay down and play dead! And back to decor, your mantel is just wonderful, love that white turkey platter!

Paulette Kinney/Paper Nosh said...

Well we have them here that come up onto the deck for dog food and water...but they would never attack back...usually they roll over and play dead...I thought one was dead one time until I bent over to talk to him and then lightly touched him....he jumped up and waddled off of the deck as soon as he could before our Pony Boy ran at him again....we were restraining Pony, but it was great fun for a Lab, quelled as it was ( I wouldn't of wanted him to be hurt or the possum). They are usually gentle creatures.

Debby said...

Oh my gosh. I don't know what I would have done.
My mom let her yorkie outside one spring morning. She didn't come back. Mom went outside to find a racoon on top of her dog. Of course not thinking, she reached for the dog and then the racoon started attacker her hands. She had to get rabies shots. They dropped the dog off at the vets on the way to the ER with mom. Both were okay after awhile. Oh, my dad hit the racoon with a shovel and he ran away. Scary stuff.

Cynthia Myers said...

OH god that possum is scary! You are one brave woman, calmly handling the situation. I think I would have done a lot of screaming.
A co-worker went home the other night to discover a dead snake upstairs! Apparently it came in and her cat got it, killed it and then took it upstairs to show everyone. I asked her when she was moving! I would! :)

Love love LOVE your Thanksgiving Decor, and it's so cool that everything was a bargain yet it looks so fabulously elegant. You are so talented.
Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving my friend! When I give thanks tomorrow you will be on my list!
XOXO - Cindi

Alycia Nichols said...

I'm kinda thinking this post should have come with a warning label! I was SO freaked out when I saw that thing toward the end!!!! Oh, my goodness!!! I mean, that was just...freaky!!! The teeth on that sucker were enough to send a person into shock, not to mention that weird-lookin' nose! I would hate to have those teeth clamped down on my body!!! SO glad your dogs weren't harmed in the melee! That could have gotten real serious real fast! Whew! OK...I'm recovering now. BEAUTIFUL buffet! I love the creamy whites with the infusion of color from the pumpkins and the shine from the silvery acorns. You are SO lucky to work at Pier 1!!! I'm sure you must love it! I spend a lot of time (and $$$!) in that place. We have several of them in the Greater Kansas City area. I think there are 7 or 8 within a 25-mile driving distance of our home. I hit 'em all! Pier 1 is one of those places I just go in to get inspiration when I need to clean my house or do some organizing. I bought a ton of oversized acorns from Pier 1 a few years ago, and seeing yours makes me want to gild a few of them for a different look. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Traci said...

OMG, How did the opposum get into the house? That is so scary I would have had to call 911. In fact I am scared just reading about it and now I can't remember what the first part of your post was about.
Oh yes, it was your Thanksgiving decor. Love the silver tray with the swag in front of it. I can see why you wanted the Walmart ornaments they are beautiful.
I am glad you are thankful for all that is in your life.

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