Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

It's All About Me!!!!
Last week I received this
from Sue at

I am now suppose to tell eight things about me and pass this award on to eight other bloggers. 
Well, I've done this twice before....so feel I've really told an awful lot about myself already...
probably much more than anyone wants to know....
you can read those posts
But a few things have changed since I listed things about myself,
so I thought I'd take this as an opportunity to do a post all about me.
Not that this blog isn't all about me every day but this time I thought I'd share a few things I've learned.

Things I've Learned
- No. 1-
The only thing it seems that I can always count on 
in this life is my own ability to make stuff. 
(click on the logo to view my design website)

I just updated my design website...and you may view it here
I got layed off from my job last summer and have been freelancing but 
I'm still looking for the perfect full time gig....or if I had enough people wanting logos 
designed by me....I could forget about the full time imprisonment (I mean employment).

- No. 2 -
Never jostle a sick dog.
Seems obvious...but I had to learn the hard way.
Once Violet was very sick...and my Father and I took her to the emergency vet where we got this pink
liquid that she was suppose to take every four hours.
We brought her home and she was feeling better.
I sat across from my Dad in the den, us talking back and forth with Violet in my lap, sitting there upright
and without realizing it, I was bouncing her on my lap by moving my leg up and down.
You know as you would a toddler and something I did often with her.
All of a sudden she projectile vomited pink stuff 
across the room at my Dad!
His eyes were big and round with shock.
I was surprised too - to see pink stuff flying across at him and all over the room.
We both sat awestruck for a moment.
And then we laughed and laughed and then felt awfully bad for Violet. 
Of course I shouldn't have been bouncing a sick 
dog on my knee. A mistake I won't make again.
After we laughed...my Dad excused himself and said...
"Clean that all up!"
Suddenly, she was my dog only, even though she loved him best.

- No. 3 -
Never Pinch a Policeman
Again...seems obvious...but I had to learn this one the hard way too.
Bad ending to a great night out on the town....It ended with my court appointed counselor writing me
a thank you note, thanking me for the materials I'd provided for his program 
and telling me that I was the most delightful person he'd ever counseled.
And that after speaking to me over the weeks, he realized I really was
in the wrong place at the wrong time.
No...wrong boyfriend...wrong time.
Lesson learned...
If your boyfriend starts a fight in a bar and refuses to leave...do not get upset and grab your purse 
to leave which might accidently brush - a police officer causing him to think you meant to 
touch him and when said police officer grabs you...do not pinch him in response.
They call that battery against a police officer. 
Yep...that's what pinching a police officer will get you 
if he grabs your person.
That and screaming for all that can hear -
"I can't believe this can happen in the United States of America"! as he pushed me into the paddy wagon.
It went from bad to worse from that point.
Boyfriend ended up having to post bond for me.
When he was the one that started the whole thing.
I should have broken up with him that very minute but no...
I did quit going to bars with him.

Oh...I was sober, by the way.

- No. 4 -
Dog Medicine Works Just Fine on People

This one I learned just today!
Yesterday, I raked leaves in my yard. 
There were lots and lots of leaves.
My neighbors came over and helped, thank goodness.
So I was afraid my shoulder would hurt from the repeated act of stooping and picking up handfuls 
of leaves. When I went to bed, I was like wow...no pain...
Then it hit....my shoulder hurt - pain was running all down my arm.
I would have thought I was having a heart attack but I've had this pain before
after planting a tree or a bunch of bushes.
I tried to go to sleep but it was impossible.
I finally fell asleep about 6 am only to be awoken an hour later by the pain.
I didn't have any aspirin or tylenol in the house...
The only thing I had were pain pills the vet gave me for Newman this past summer.
They made him sick to his stomach, so he only took a few.
I know you shouldn't take medication prescribed for others but I was desperate.
I took two and within 15 minutes the pain was gone 
and I slept. So dog pills work fine on people.
I awoke 8 hours later...with no pain and still have no pain.
Good to know.

- No. 5 -
Bloggers Are The Best #1
The light isn't very good in this photo...sorry...it was cloudy outside.
A couple of weeks ago...I happened upon a blog I hadn't been to before.
I saw photos of Debra's bedroom which had this pretty quilt on it.
I made the comment that I loved that quilt and asked her where she got it.
She said that she got it from a wholesaler and she could order me one if I liked.
So she did and it arrived today.
I'm going to redo my whole bedroom around this aqua and cream quilt.
This is it shown in Debra's bedroom in her little cottage. 
She is going to paint the walls white soon.
Check out her blog.

- No. 6 -
Bloggers Are The Best #2
A couple of months ago Marie had a giveaway on her blog -
  She gave away several special gifts to followers of her blog.
I won this french antique jar of sea shells from the beach near her cottage in California.
Nothing could be better.
I was thrilled to receive them from my dear blogging friend.
And from now on when I look at it...I'll think of the ocean near her home and her lovely little cottage.

- No. 7 -
Random Strangers Can Be New Friends
Tonight I ordered Papa John's pizza for dinner. 
Something I don't do often...but just didn't want to go out in search of food tonight. 
So I ordered online...
The delivery guy was a man in his 40's...I'd guess.
He greeted me at the door with a "Hi Nita! 
(I guess he read my name on the order)
He didn't ring the doorbell because he knew I'd been alerted to his presence
because Newman was standing in the window watching him after barking to 
let me know he was here.
Funny...how dogs absolutely hate the mailman...but have an affection for any pizza delivery man.
Anyway...he immediately started telling me how he liked my house and my bronze 
plaque by the door telling of the historic registration of my home.
He said he was working on restoring a home of his own not far from me.
An instant friend.
We could have talked all night about old house projects...but of course he, Devon..needed to 
get on with his deliveries.
I invited him in to see things but he said that was against the rules.
So I told him about my blog and wrote down the address so maybe we'll be seeing him 
around here soon. 
He says he writes so maybe he'll start his own blog about his house renovations.
I closed the door thinking...I meet the nicest people all the time...isn't that so wonderful and amazing?

- No. 8 -
Appreciate Everyone and Everything
I've learned to let the people in my life know how I feel about them...
because you never know how long you'll have them. 
and that really is 
Bloggers Are The Best #3.
I'm letting you know how much you mean to me...some of you I've spoken to extensively 
through emails...you know who you are and I want you to know that I appreciate all of you so much...
not only those that I've written long emails to but all of you.
In my life sometimes I've felt frustrated that no one gets it how important making things look good 
is to me. You all get it.
But it's more than that, life is full of ups and downs 
and to have a place to go where its mostly ice cream and little fluffy puppy dogs is amazing 
and keeps me sane.
Here's a few blogs I'd like to pass this award on to...

Ok...that's more than eight...but I couldn't stop at eight.
Each worthy of the award.


Unknown said...

What a great feel good post. I loved reading it so much I am breaking my "no posting after pain meds" rule.

An Urban Cottage said...

OMG, Nita, this was such a joy to read. I'll have to come back a read it again when I have more time. Thank you for the award! I think you have great style so getting a nod from you is quite an honor! Steve

Tammy @BeatriceBanks said...

That was such a delightful read! You have an awesome way of conveying things. I'm honored to receive the award. Now what to write! I normally try to be an award free blog but for you, I"ll make an exception. On my way to work, you know the dreaded thing we talked about. So, I'll work on this tonight. Have a beautiful day Nita!

Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, Tammy is right, as I told you, you should write a book because your ability to convey feelings and a place with the written word is huge. You could become a famous author Nita! Remember I told you so...I too am "award free" but echo Tammy again by saying it is with pleasure I take this award from you sweetie. You give me such pleasure reading your blog and looking at your posts!! Keep it up. And I will remember I can take my dog's pills when needed!

"Create Beauty" said...

Nita, I am honored, thank you for the award!!! It may take a while for me to think of what to write, especially after being so entertained by your post!!! I love how you see things, and to top it off you can laugh at yourself, I like that in a person! (and in a dog)

~ Violet

the cape on the corner said...

thank you, darlin', that is so sweet! i truly appreciate the award, and actually have a post that i can add it to quickly.

i laughed out loud about your pinching a policeman-i can't believe that was your natural reaction! also, i can't believe you took dog pain reliever. hey, if it works, it works.

thanks again, and i truly enjoyed reading this and getting to know more about you!

The Brick Cottage said...

Thank you, Nita! You're so kind! When I was in college, I delivered pizzas for Papa John's. I never turned down an invite for a house tour (with caution, of course)--I'm shocked at his restraint!

Debra @ Life in a 320 square foot home said...

Wow, Nita, I feel so privileged to have stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago, and now THIS? Thank you SO much! I was in such a hurry this morning when I e-mailed you, and now finally have time to see what you have done. You are a great blog friend!



Olive said...

Nita, you are the best blogging friend and this post is so sweet. In Georgia if you pinched a policeman terrible things would have happened indeed. Most people do not realize how simple it is to get arrested. Thank you for giving me an award...my stars I do not quite know what to do. It is the understanding we have for each other and the conversations we have that are timeless I think. ♥O

Nita Stacy said...

Olive -
You know...I was indeed in Georgia when this happened. It was a very strange situation. My boyfriend actually was not really causing trouble...he was mouthing off to a fellow patron and the girl bartender called in the policeman who was watching the parking lot/street outside.

This was just before the Olympics started and they were having lots of police out on the streets. My boyfriend refused to get up. He said he'd leave when he finished his beer. In hindsight...I think the policeman was trying to impress the female bartender....because it was weird.

I didn't know what to do because my boyfriend would not get up. And this was not a rough bar...it was a semi upscale place in Buckhead. I finally in so much frustration at not being able to get my boyfriend to move said "Fine" - grabbed my purse and brusquely walked past the policeman the next thing I new he grabbed me towards the door. I was like three feet from going out the door when he grabbed me. I think my purse which was a hard boxy one must have brushed him or maybe not...I also think he grabbed me to make my boyfriend get up.

But I went into defense mode...and pinched him. He pulled me outside and made me spread em and the whole business. By then a crowd had gathered and I was screaming..."I can't believe this can happen in the United States of America" I was so naive.

By then boyfriend was up and telling me to just shut up. I was still spouting off as they pushed me into the van with a bunch of drunk men. Did you know there are no seat belts in those things? And they drive like madmen. So that you are being jumbled all around. Still naive...I was like "Hey, no seatbelts"!

When I got to the Fulton County Jail, the woman that checked me in said, "Oh...my what are you doing here? You aren't even drunk".

Note to anyone in this situation it really pisses them off when you smile in your mug shot. I was there for like 14 hours. I was one of the last released on a holiday weekend. I was in a holding room with like 400 men and a few women. I kept getting phone numbers passed to me from the men and motions of "Call me". I tried to make the most of it. Of course I didn't call any of them.

I pretended like I was just fine...because I didn't want them to think they were getting to me...which of course is why they made me stay in there so long.

It all worked out...the judge thought it ridiculous...but still made me go to counseling. Which I was supposed to do for 6 months but the counselor quickly saw that it was stupid and I only had to go three times and he did send me a thank you note that I was the only bright spot in his job the past year. ha!!!

I did learn...that you have no say...once you are in the legal system. It didn't matter whether I'd done anything or not. It was very scary and even though I pretended like I was fine...I fell apart once I got out of there. And that boyfriend....he took no responsibility for it and said it had been all my fault for not sitting still like he said.

That policeman would have drug me out if I'd sat there. Whatever...that boyfriend was such a jerk. Truly. I feel sorry for the wife he has now...because he only cares about himself.