Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ready for Christmas?

I'm as ready as I will ever be.

I know this room doesn't look like it.
But it's a very scaled down Christmas for me this year.
Since I am unemployed and most everyone I know, had a financially rough year...
We all agreed to not exchange gifts. 
I did not buy one single gift.
(well one tiny one for my sister)

Do you know what? 
Christmas is coming whether there are gifts or not.
Of course I think all children need lots and lots of presents from Santa,
but we adults? We really don't. 
Really, really, we don't.
We get so much every single day. 
I know it would send the economy into a tailspin if everyone 
practiced what I am doing.
But really, Christmas is not about presents.
It's about pretty lights, love, joy and spending time with friends and family and remembering
how good we all have it.

So even though there will not be a single gift under my tree,
I do not feel I'll miss out on Christmas one bit.
And actually, I've enjoyed myself quite a lot without the pressure of 
trying to make it through my gift list and gift budget.

You should try it next year...
No gifts.
The world will not come to an end.
You'll find the things you love most about Christmas do not come from a mall.
The best thing about Christmas costs nothing at all.


Betsy said...

It's stunningly beautiful!

Merry Christmas to you!

gena said...

AWESOME post - and so true !!!!

I got back drastically this year - only bought for the kids (ok, so they're not technically kids - but they ARE my BABIES !). Medical expenses on Lavender hill are literally in the millions and the reason behind them is the only gift I'll ever need - my son's life.

You're so right - Christmas is not even one bit about the "stuff" under the tree - it's about Him.

Merry Christmas !


Debby said...

Your room looks beautiful. I hope this year is a better year. On TV they show crowded malls and talk about so many shoppers. I see the the opposite. It has been a rough year. So sorry about your job.
Have a Peaceful Christmas. (((((HUGS))))

Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with you!! People can get so caught up in the "gifting" part of Christmas, they feel rushed, irritated, not happy....why display that to children, that certainly is not what Christmas is...Joy Peace Love Hope Thankful that's what comes to mind! Your home is so beautiful! Xoxoxo

Court&Drew Ennis said...

i think its easy to to get caught up in the gifts... personally i like to focus on why we celebrate christmas and focus on Christ and the gift he gave us all. PLUS my family every year fills a mason jar with change collect threw the year. Everytime you have change you throw it in the jar... come christmas... you drop the jar off to someone in need...maybe someone you know... maybe you dont know... but its all in secret.. its the best present of all... sometimes its a lot... somtimes not much... but its a true selfless gift no matter how much or little will help ppl in a BIG way!!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Nita, what a thoughtful post. I'm Jewish so we don't celebrate Christmas, but I love the joy in the air, the decor, festivities, etc. that Christmas brings.

I totally agree with you about the gift giving. The gifts are with your family and friends. Merry Christmas to you!

Modern Country Lady said...

My Christmas gift to you is my affection for you and your lovely dogs , my respect for your awesome talents and my gratefulness for your lovely blog .Three gifts - it's all I can send this year.Meryy Christmas!! XXX Who cares about real presents!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Well said Nita. Say a prayer for my dad please, he went to the hospital last night. Wishing you a lovely christmas friend.

The DIY Show Off said...

Beautifully said.

Merry Christmas, Nita!


JoAnn S. said...

Nita, all you need is the holiday spirit and it looks like you do have that. I sent a small sum of money to grandkids and hubby and I decided to save our cash as economy is still in the pits, Your house looks beautiful,just beautiful,it doesnt need a bunch of presents. all our kids and grandkids are away, far away so we get phone calls and photos and thats a good thing. I hope you have a prosperous,happy healthy Christmas and New Year...hugs and love JoAnn

Shannon said...

I'd rather have the all the warm fuzzy feelings of Christmastime then gifts under the tree. The decorations, the lights, baking, school programs, time of from school (if you've got school age ones) and of course, seeing friends and family. We did very little present buying this year. My husband and I are not exchanging. We got gifts for our son and did a single gift exchange with his side of the family. That's it. Well, we did send a box to Afghanistan to a service member I went to high school with (the least we could do). It feels just as much like Christmas as any other year to me. We will have a get together with food and games on Christmas day. Sending much warmth and holiday wishes to your magical Christmas home ! It is festive & lovely and I am so happy to get to peek =)

Anonymous said...

Without the birth of Jesus, there wouldn't even be a "Christmas", that is a gift for everyone!

Merry Christmas!


Rachel Knoblich said...

I just love your blog and I love, love, love your house. It reminds me of my old house back in Minnesota. I now live in a newer home and it's just not the same. I have done my best to make it my cottage...but there is just something to be said about the charm of an old one. I love your blog...did I say that already? LOL

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Your home looks lovely, I especially like the chandelier decorated.

We only buy for our kids and each other and send the families on both sides family photos...this yr they are getting spoilt because in trade for a family portrait sitting, I built a local photographer a website...So I guess that would technically make their gifts "homemade" lol

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed and joy filled Christmas and New year

Blessings Kelsie

spookyrach said...


My side of the family tried that this year. My parents have downsized to a small apartment, and I'm trying to sell a house and no one, NO ONE, needs more STUFF.

It was wonderful. Really saved the holiday for me.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Garden Girl said...

Your living room is swoon worthy! Absolutely gorgeous! I don't have enough new adjectives to describe that chandelier with the glass ornaments. Stunning, just stunning!

Anonymous said...

My aunt/uncle do a "blow-out" year every other year. This happened to be the year. We participated and gave/received a lot of gifts this year. Too many, actually. But I really appreciate them all. Next year is the "off" year, so they won't do gifts...just watch movies all day. I'm actually considering this idea for next year.

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