Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Mantel 2010 - your questions

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Several of you had questions about my Christmas Mantel.
So I thought I'd answer in a post so all could read.
I was asked where the trees came from.
I bought them a few years ago from a fellow blogging friend,
Denise of Bella Dreams
She has a great blog and actually it was one of the first blogs I know...
I think it was the first and I found lots of other great ones through her blog roll. 
(you should check out her blog...if you haven't...its one of my favorites)
She had a store in town called Basiques.
It was my most favorite in OKC.
She has a great eye and is very creative and her displays are to die for.
She and her daughter ran this store which was next door to Michael's on May Avenue.

I had a hard time getting by there as much as I would have liked because it closed at 6 
and I made most of my shopping trips after 6 because of work.
But when I did go in...there was always something I wanted.
They had a fantastic mix of french and shabby and well....everything I love.
I still remember things that were in that store I wanted but did not buy....because of lack of funds.
But that tells you how good it was...that I still remember those purchases I didn't make.

So one year at Christmas they had these little blue trees and I bought as many of them as they 
had in that color. 
They also had silver, maybe pink too.

I had just finished building the fireplace in my house and knew these trees would look great on it.
I think I bought 8 the first day and then went back and bought two more...which was all they had.
The next year I found two more in another favorite store of mine, The Cloverleaf Boutique.
Sadly...Basiques is no longer around but 
Denise has a booth full of great vintage and new stuff at 

If I was looking for a cool piece of vintage furniture at a good price...The Rink is the first place I'd go.
Its big and full of dealers.
Last time I was there, I saw lots of pretty painted furniture at a price that would make it foolish 
for you to buy your own unfinished furniture and paint. The dealers have already done the hard stuff. 
You can just put in your home and enjoy.

I have not seen these little trees anywhere else...because if I did...I'd snap some more up.
I have twelve now...and all are used for the forest on the mantel. 
I'd love to scatter them about the house too. So let me know if you see them somewhere.

Next someone asked about the Winter Frolic glitter letters garland. 
I bought this that same year at 
2825 W. Wilshire - Oklahoma City

It's a Bethany Lowe design and I just did a search and found it online
I doubt this is still in probably not many left.
But easy enough make a similar one yourself.

A little about the Cloverleaf..if you love feminine and glitter and need to go to the 
Cloverleaf immediately.
They have cute clothes there too.

Let's see the mirror came from
Mockingbird Manor
on Western.

This is just about my favorite antique store in OKC.
So many beautiful things there.
Actually, that makes me think...
I need to hit it tomorrow and see if they have more vintage ornaments to add to my collection. 
They usually do have a good mix.

Someone else asked about the bottle brush trees in my banner.
I found those on ebay. They are vintage. 
But you can find new ones at either 
The Clover Leaf or Mockingbird Manor
I made a few of my own last year by adding vintage ornaments and globs of white paint and 
glitter and snow to new bottle brush trees. 
You'll see soon. 
I'm thinking I need to make some more...I've got vintage ones too that I'll be showing.

Ms. Bingles makes some fantastical ones that she sells on Ebay.
Hurry...I think she just posted the last of them she created for this year.
But you still have a chance to bid.

I think that's it. More Christmas to come shortly.


Unknown said...

those lil silver trees are fabulous!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

So pretty, Nita. And I love your Christmas header, too!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for mentioning us Nita. It's the wonderful customers like you that we really really miss about our shop. Those little trees are just the cutest things, aren't they? We sold TONS of them, two years in a row. Your mantel looks so pretty with all of your little trees. Can't wait to see more.

Jennifer said...

I am searching thrift stores far and wide for a good, cheap shelf that I think I can christmasy up nicely. I haven't found one yet and I was starting to despair, but after my mantel round up post I've decided to modify a picture frame I have to hold my stockings for now. I'm hoping to post some pictures within the next day or two. I have the same problem you did-- I rent, and I'll probably be renting for a long time (and places with fireplaces are not cheap!). Thanks for the inspiring stories, and for following! :)

Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, Thanks for answering the questions we had about your mantel elements. I ordered my garland banner and plan to put it in my dining room across a pretty mirror I have in there. I like it 'cause it can stay long after Christmas...I wish I could run across some pink tinsel trees!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I am loving your mantel dressed so pretty for Christmas! I enjoyed reading about how you designed too. Great blog!


The House of Healy said...

This is so fab!

Staci said...

Do you have a post about building your fireplace? I love it!