Monday, December 20, 2010

Making Christmas Memories

Vintage Ornaments
I bought these yesterday at Antique Avenue. 
I was so happy to find some good ones and snapped this photo before 
I gingerly placed them on my tree.
It was difficult...trying not to disturb the icicles and sparkling snow on it.
But I managed.

Last week I said to my best friend Shelly,
"Hey, I'll come over and help you with your tree, if you want.
We could go get some new ornaments to color coordinate with your new 
wall paint color."

She said, "Well, all of our ornaments are kind of important to us. They all have special meaning.
Some the kids made. Some my Mother gave us throughout my childhood. Some I bought with my husband. So really I don't want new ornaments".

I had really meant to get just a bunch of balls to add to it, to bring a common color throughout the tree.
Her walls are pale apple green and I thought it would be pretty to add apple green and red balls.

I said, "I know I understand...I meant to add to the existing ones. Of course I understand. I have ornaments on my tree with 
special meaning to me too. I remember when I bought this one on Ebay and which
antique store I got that one at"...laughing because my Christmas memories of my ornaments do 
not involve another person, just me shopping.

But yesterday I went out with friends to brunch at "La Baguette" which was fabulous and then 
we went shopping, visiting different boutiques and shops around town. The last stop
was a favorite antique mall of mine - "Antique Avenue" where I found the ornaments pictured above.
We browsed the entire store going from booth to booth..with everyone looking for ornaments for me.
"Here's one!"

"How about this one?"

It took them awhile to get it that I only wanted tarnished pastels. But by the time we'd gone through the entire mall...I had a handful. And this handful of ornaments will have a special spot in my heart because I'll always remember the afternoon with Deidra, Toni and Alice. 

Alice even surprised me with a fantastic ring too that she'd seen me admire at another shop.

It was the best day and a new nice Christmas memory.

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Cindi Myers said...

It's so nice that you realized that you and your friends were creating a happy memory. I think that sometimes we don't realize until years later how special some seemingly ordinary events are.
Your vintage ornaments are SO pretty, and I had to smile when you talked about getting coordinating ornaments...some people just don't get your (and my)desire to make everything look "just right"!
I'm so glad you had a HAPPY Fun day!
:) - Cindi

Ames said...

Fantastic score on the ornaments. You are very lucky to have so many friends in your life in one place. Mine are scattered.~Ames

Beth said...

I have my own collection of vintage Christmas balls. I especially love the tarnished imperfect ones. I fill bowls with them. Your Christmas decorating is beautiful!

Unknown said...

I wish you could come help me decorate my tree. I have a ton of special ornaments and I really like the idea of adding something to tie them all together. I started with gold balls, yuck. Now I am stuck. Have any suggestions on the process?

Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, I had the same Merry Christmas ball forever from childhood and it perished in my last year's tree topple! I have a light blue one like it. I think you are right about adding a color to tie the tree together for you pal. Sounds like a perfect day shopping in booths on a hunt with a mission with good friends and a surprise at the end. Love the new additions to your tree!

JoAnn S. said...

why does she only have ONE tree? lol I have one with stuff my kids made and then I have one with special stuff!!! I like your idea, apple green and red!!! hugs JoAnn I have that same hot pink ornament from a vintage shop. would love to have more, but no time...

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Nita, what a fun and special day with friends. A lot of my ornaments I remember from shopping, too and then the ones made by my kids. Thanks so much for joining the party. Would you mind adding a link to my party so others can find it and join in if they want. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Antique Avenue sounds like a place where you need a whole day to browse!

Anonymous said...

Nita, in my parent's Christmas ornament collection is that very "Merry Christmas" ornament in that exact color. I love looking at your choice of ornaments and decor; they bring back some wonderful memories.

"Have yourself a merry little Christmas."