Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After Christmas Sales

After Christmas Fun!
Monday, after Christmas, Shannon, Heather and I hit the after Christmas sales. 
First stop was "The Clover Leaf".
Remember how I said, I never get up early to shop?
Well, Shannon gave me a gift certificate to "The Clover Leaf" and 
she said I must be there first thing Monday morning to get the good stuff at 50% off.
I never do this.
But armed with my gift certificate given to me by Shannon...I really had a good time.
First I picked up this Bethany Lowe house. 
It goes very well with my pink church.
Then I picked up another bottle brush tree.
The new one is the blue one on the left.
And this sweet little glittered bird that will stay out most likely through Easter.
 Then it was off to "The Market" where Shannon added lots more to her Christmas decor.
Because you know from seeing photos of her house in a previous post...
she did not have enough.

Have you hit the 1/2 off Christmas stuff?


Lisa ~Suburban Retreat~ said...

I cannot find it in myself to drag my tired body out to a store for at least another couple of weeks! Love your new treasures!

JoAnn S. said...

too tired to shop but it looks like you had a great time. I have sold one of a kind pieces to Cloverleaf they have a great store. hugs JoAnn said...

I must confess I went out the morning of the 26th and bought some crystaly sprigs for my new year's dinner table. I had spotted them before Christmas but I couldn't justify on the 23rd, but certainly could on the 26th!! I love your purchases so much!

Karena said...

Nita I never feel like going out the day after, there are still some good buys though!

Art by Karena

Victoria said...

My MIL and I went to a couple of stores but I just can't get myself motivated to buy Christmas stuff when the actual day has passed. Then the following year I always regret that I didn't:( Your finds are lovely!

Anonymous said...

Lovely new treasures! Xoxoxo

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Love your finds!!!!
I always take a look at the x-mas sales, that is the only time I buy. This year I was good, nothing caught my eye so I didn't buy :)
Happy new year to you!

Cindi Myers said...

I have to agree with some of the others. I just can't get motivated to go look at stuff. I, along with Victoria LOL! will regret it next year but once it's over I've just lost the feeling for it. That and the fact that we are still crazy busy at work right now and I just go home and CRASH!
But I love your bargains! Fabulous!

Amy Chalmers said...

Nita, the only thing I bought was that merry christmas ornament you told me about on Etsy. I have yet to go after xmas shopping for decor stuff, I did go to the outlets with my boys and they spent their xmas cash. Its a new tradition, this way they get stuff on sale, and they get the stuff they like instead of me guessing and paying full price!
I love the house it is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Nita!!! Easter is my absolute favorite holiday ever! I bought the last tea light holder, hopefully I will be buying some of the larger candle holders! Xoxoxo

Allison said...

I love the glittered bird! I received my Bethany Lowe snowman on Christmas Eve that you found on Ebay for me. I love her! I haven't done any after Christmas shopping this year. I might take a peek and see if there is anything left this weekend. Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

I would totally get half off Christmas stuff, if I had a store like that to go to! We don't have anything like that around here. I love the stuff you got, though!

Oh, I did hit the Barnes and Noble 50% off some good stuff!

Laura Everyday Edits said...

hi there_ i'm your newest follower. great site. You have a great blog and projects. Would love the follow back when you get a chance.. laura