Sunday, June 17, 2012

Open House Sunday

A Jewel
built 1924
What a delightful front walkway.
That window is amazing.
I've never seen anything like this gate with the built in lanterns.
The driveway has a matching pattern to the front walk.
Torches for lights
gorgeous gate
Now we go inside.
It's lovely...but I don't know that I could live surrounded by all that wood tone.
I'd be awfully tempted to paint it white.
It is so pretty though.
An intimate dining room.
An obviously redone kitchen with all the best finishes.
Do you like the grey cabinets?
Notice the subway tile goes all the way up the wall in the room.
It's a very elegant kitchen.
Banquet and ghost chairs in a breakfast nook. 
First time I've seen this and it is very pretty.
Whoever did this house has beautiful taste.
Love this bedroom with it's blue walls and view out to the courtyard.
That courtyard makes this room special.
The bathroom is too modern for my taste but you must admit its top notch.
Another bedroom that opens to the courtyard. That is really something for a house to have.
I'de love to sit in this spot and read.
And this is the special courtyard that the house wraps around. 
I think my favorite room is this garage conversion!
I'm surprised this room is decorated so formally.
You'd kind of expect it to be a relaxed room off the yard.
Once inside, you'd never think this used to be a garage.
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An Urban Cottage said...

I think this is the nicest house you've had in the Open House series. I'd obviously change some of the furnishings and perhaps paint the wood ceilings white, but everything is really beautifully done.

I'd like to put my name in to win it. This is a giveaway, right?

Sharon Rexroad's Bringing Creativity 2 Life said...

For fun, I put into the mortgage calculator what I could afford for a down payment on this wonderful home (thank you, Nita, for providing my fantasy life with weekly fuel). Anyway, after the mortgage calculator stopped laughing at my paltry down payment, it said I could have this home for just under $10,000 a month! If we figure mortgage as 20% of monthly income, you can come visit me as soon as I make $600,000 a year! See you in 2013, right?

Cindi Myers said...

I agree about the wood. I would prefer White.
I do love the bathroom but I'm more into Modern.
Love everything else.
I also agree about the garage.
Too formal for me but still lovely.

Ricki Treleaven said...

Oh, WOW! This house is so stunning....I love everything about it! I do like that they have lots of white in the rooms with the wood panelling. I think I would place really large stark white shabby chic sofas and chairs in the living room and not have any wood furniture at all...I would replace the coffee table with a huge white ottoman.

The kitchen is my least favorite room in the house....just not my taste.

Super Open House Sunday, Nita. Thanks!!!


Brenda Pruitt said...

It's beautiful. Not crazy about all the "wood." Love the converted garage. Converted sounds too mundane for something like this! Love the courtyard. I think every master bedroom deserves a courtyard. Wish I had one!

ANNE said...

holy wood! I agree with the paint it out comments, it would weigh me down after a very short time. Love the bedrooms opening to the outside, love the garage conversion (paint it, paint it, paint it!!!), love the bathroom layout but not the tile on every surface, love the kitchen finishes and that courtyard is to die for. I love this house layout - only the galley kitchen is a downer for me. Lovely home, thanks for sharing it!

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

Beautiful! Love the outdoor space as well as the kitchen.

Unknown said...

Nita, you always find the most interesting houses and this one is no exception. The woodwork is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

MuseBootsi said...

Gorgeous home! I agree about the bathroom. It's like they worked out so many details in the rest of the house, got to the bathroom and then said, "I don't know...let's just cover it in marble. People like marble, right?"

Well, I guess I won't buy it now...:)

Linda Hartong said...

Gorgeous house. Thanks for the tour

Pam @ Frippery said...

Absolutely unbelievable dream house. Love the story book quality. Thank you for sharing this one. However my math comes in at just under $10,000 a square foot. Yikes! Guess I will just have to stick with my Ohio farmhouse. At Cali prices I would be sitting on a gold mine haha.

melissa @ said...

Such a beautiful cottage! They would not want me to get a hold of all of that wood paneling with my paint! Painted white. . . lightly distressed. . . Wow!

Adam Hazlett said...

I just don't see the point of having another formal sitting room in the garage.
It's not even a guest cottage or personal office, just another formal place to sit.
Very odd. I guess you can sit in there with your glass of wine and your garage door open and wave to your neighbors through the gate and down the driveway.